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  1. 6 hours ago, Techyd said:

    I'm hoping they are there as its my first time at Goodwood, so would love to look round an Emira!  I'll get plenty of pics if it is 🙂 

    There should be 2-3 Emiras there, plus an Emira GT4.  One Eletre on the stand and one in Electric Avenue, a couple of Evijas as well.

    Emira V6, GT4 and Evija running up the hill each day - some in the Supercar Run and some in the timed shootout practice sessions.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Bibs said:

    @freefall_junkie, isn't that the site where a member called one of the Lotus PR team a [email protected]?! Nice!


    Well spotted.  And within a few hours Lotus PR had jumped in unprompted to explain themselves (and the member had been contacted by admins).  Apart from that, and despite repeated requests, there's been no direct Lotus contribution over there to fill the comms and info void Lotus decided to create.  Which is why there are 1100+ members, twice as many guests and 37,000 posts of mostly on topic and friendly discussion.

    The moderators over there and on here do a great job to keep things civilised, often behind the scenes and without people realising.  Thanks to everyone on here who helps with that, I know it's often a thankless job.

  3. 1 hour ago, jerzybondov said:

    Just about as positive a review as I’ve seen Chris Harris give - really positive for the Emira given the size of the audience. Interesting there were no specific shots of the interior - clearly a pre production model and that was the condition of shooting. Anyone know if it was a tour or sport chassis?

    Touring + Goodyears 

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  4. Lotus have been saying since Jan that they were trying to find a way for people with early deliveries to get a chance to test drive before dealer demos arrive.  So I expect the focus will be the first 200-500 deposits, due to be delivered in first 2-3 months. 

    I was told 3 weeks ago that no one would have to commit until they had had a test drive, if they wanted one.

  5. Nothing much more than that.  LDA were due to start from 22 June, which would have been slightly before dealers got their demo cars, suggesting they were getting either final validation cars or the first customer-build cars.  When calling people this week they've been saying production is being prioritised for dealer and customer cars, so the LDA cars won't be built until later.  

    The seems strange, as LDA could run with pre-production cars and with non-FE specs if cosmetic parts were missing or short supply.  And it's only 5-6 cars, so not a huge impact on numbers of customer cars they can build.

    The instructors being diverted to do customer test drives may be a bigger factor.

    On type approval, I'd heard one of the reasons for the previous 1 month delay was because they'd been asked to change something that was flagged up during TA.  That suggests it only needed the one item sorted and so by now either it has got approval or they just have to re-submit with the change having been done.

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  6. 6 hours ago, hamza said:

    Bell and Colville were still optimistic for July (and had been to Lotus to drive one already). 

    Was that before or after yesterday's announcement?

    Lotus Driving Academy were contacting people yesterday who had sessions booked from 22 June to mid/late July and rescheduling them.  Delay to the LDA cars and the instructors are having to help with some sort of customer test drive programme.

  7. 3 hours ago, Leon said:

    I saw my first Emira on the road today on the M1 around 4pm heading south whilst I was on the way back from a works conference in Birmingham- AU22BVB Magma Red left hand drive. I’m assuming development car or demonstrator for Silverstone? Looked lovely 🤙

    Possible demo car or press fleet.  The recent press reviews have had cars with AU22BUx and BVx

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  8. 3 hours ago, Mctaff said:

    great to finally see some comms!

    matt said June deliveries though which is wrong!? 

    First batch was originally June and had already been delayed to July.  Now some further delays of "a few weeks for some, longer for others".  Last week I was told this general announcement was coming out this week, and that individual contact would be over the next 3 weeks for current July batch to confirm individual delivery dates.  


    I assume they're doing another re-stack of the production schedules based on latest timings on component deliveries before they can speak to each of us.  We know auto gearboxes and wheels are an issue, potentially some other things too.

  9. It depends how you look at it. If you’d gone for a V6 then you’d be in the first 500 or so cars, but by choosing i4 you’ve pushed yourself way down the list and delayed delivery by 4-5 months.  If someone with a 7th July deposit switches from V6 to i4 they’re still ahead of you, just now in Nov instead of July.  It shouldn’t push you down the overall list.

  10. You're supposed to join the i4 FE queue based on date of your first deposit.  There's a possible extra dimension, as Lotus said potentially people already in the i4 FE queue who had paid second deposit and confirmed spec would not be leap-frogged by people switching from V6 FE to i4 FE after that confirmation.  You certainly don't go to the back of the queue.

  11. You'd hope TG would want to be saying something like "we're really lucky to have the chance to be one of the first outside Lotus to drive the Emira and this is a prototype nearing finalisation..." or similar.  We'll see.

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  12. Time for another Sunday breakfast gathering for some of the finest bacon rolls around.  This is our regular third Sunday of the month event, a chance to gather with like-minded enthusiasts and a cross section of Lotus models.  Everyone welcome and we look forward to attendees from The Lotus Forums, SELOC, Lotus Drivers Club and Club Lotus.

    An informal gathering with no particular runs in or out organised, just a chance to chat, look at cars and take in the view.  Join from 9.00 when the café opens for bacon rolls.  We'll probably be around until 10.00/10.30.

    Location map for Newlands Corner here

  13. Maybe.  A lot can happen between now and November but that's what Lotus have been telling i4 FE people with early (pre-reveal) deposits over the last few weeks.

  14. 18 hours ago, Gizmo750 said:

    @TomE do you know if there will be a swap service, or drive-in / drive-out offered by your contact/dealer? I would like to get this done to mine and am ordering the car with a plain leather steering wheel on the assumption that it will be recovered in alcantara with coloured stitching.

    I don't know the details of how it gets done but it's Bell & Colvill if you want to ask them.  I'd guess your local dealer would also have access to a specialist trimmer.  Might be easiest to get the dealer to sort it between the car being delivered to them and you picking it up. 

  15. 7 hours ago, pete757 said:

    This photo makes the car look high... the wheel to fender gap is MUCH bigger that I was expecting, especially as the configurator images show a small gap. It looks almost 4WD high! Is there a difference in ride height between the Touring and the Sports suspension options? 

    No difference in ride height between Touring and Sports.  As others have said, these are all pre-prod cars so not necessarily indicative of final setup.  We've seen quite different gaps across different press and validation cars.

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