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  1. 3 hours ago, Mctaff said:

    I fear lotus just view this as transactional, not as an ongoing relationship… which again makes me worry.

    You see that in the way they're majoring on the "direct retail channel" without considering end customers or dealers (sorry agents) and the parts they play in the ownership experience.

    And most of the senior people describe the cars as "product" now  :wallbash:

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  2. The latest reason given is they can't publish photos of cars unless they are production cars, in case the colour and build isn't to production standard 🙃

    That's presumably why they did press reviews, videos and photos with a non-production colour 🙄

    The latest estimate for publishing photos is "soon" - LOTUS = Lotus Often Tell Us "Soon" or Let's Optimistically Target Update "Soon" ;) 


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  3. Time for another Sunday breakfast gathering for some of the finest bacon rolls around.  This is our regular third Sunday of the month event, a chance to gather with like-minded enthusiasts and a cross section of Lotus models.  Everyone welcome and we look forward to attendees from The Lotus Forums, SELOC, Lotus Drivers Club and Club Lotus.

    An informal gathering with no particular runs in or out organised, just a chance to chat, look at cars and take in the view.  Join from 9.00 when the café opens for bacon rolls.  We'll probably be around until 10.00/10.30.

    Location map for Newlands Corner here

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  4. Same email.  Very frustrated about the delay without an explanation and continuing poor comms (photos of colours anyone?).

    For me that’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, GRRC Members Breakfast Club and Lotus in the Peak impacted and three missed opportunities for Lotus to have an Emira on show.  I guess I shouldn’t have relied on assurances I had from senior people. 

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  5. You signed up to T&Cs when you paid first deposit and again when you paid second deposit. 

    But because this is the new Lotus direct sales model, you only got to read them on the website when you paid the deposit.  They haven’t been emailed to you and you can’t now see them online. 

    Similarly, you’ve got nothing in writing from Lotus confirming what specification they’ve recorded for you.  

  6. As I said on your Facebook post, Lotus acknowledge the customer experience has been below par but have no interest in improving it.

    I’ve made my views known on this, including direct to Matt.  It’s not going to change. 

    I’ll enjoy the car and have a great (but now disillusioned) dealer … sorry agent.  Sad to see people cancelling deposits this week because they’re fed up with the broken promises. 

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  7. 19 hours ago, Mctaff said:

    Yes this doesn’t sound correct to me!

    Are they going to take my px and leave me without a car for a month??!


    I'm going off what Lotus Customer Care told me when I finalised my order and then confirmed last month when I checked about the process.  Final balance is payable 30 days before delivery.

    I didn't ask how PX works as I'm not doing it, but I'd assume the "final balance" would be the part without the PX value.

    Whether this is "normal practice" I don't know, it's the new Lotus direct sales model.  It's not a concern for me.  I've bought several cars where I had to send funds a few days beforehand so the receipt of funds could be confirmed before collection.

  8. The deposit holder will have to pay the full balance 30 days before delivery.

    So unless he’s got £70k spare cash for 30 days (£80k OTR less £10k deposit from purchaser) he’ll be trying to get the £70k from the buyer before he physically has the car.  Good luck with that!

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  9. Black Pack includes black roof, A-pillars, cantrails, mirror housings, exhaust finishers and rear LOTUS badge.  This car has a mixture, as it has most of the BP elements but has silver (non-BP) finishers and badge. 

    The rear looks like this with BP:


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  10. But don't they only get the fee for cars delivered via the agent?  So if someone test drives then orders online and elects to pick up from another agent, collect from Hethel or get delivered to their home then the test drive agent gets nothing?

  11. 5 hours ago, simonb said:

    How does that incentivise the agents?  deprioritise anyone coming in waiving cash

    Agents don't get commission on sales, so they basically don't care about selling or conversion ratios or any of that old-fashioned stuff ;) 

  12. 2 hours ago, freefall_junkie said:

    Any idea what the something else might be - perhaps some kind of roadshow for June delivery folks? I had resigned myself to not being able to drive the car before delivery, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I could. 

    I'd heard it might involve an invitation to the factory to drive cars there, or possibly at other closed roads/circuits around the UK.  I think they're mindful the timing of approvals could mean June delivery people may not be able to drive a demo car at a dealer (agent!) before the D-30 date for final payment.  The nervousness at Hethel is this may result in some people asking to defer to July or even cancel.

    I gather agents are being asked to prioritise demo drives for existing deposit holders in delivery month order, so June people should get first drives, then July etc.

  13. Never mind being acknowledged as a ”premium” customer - even just being treated as a customer.  One spending £80k and for many the largest single purchase apart from a house.

    A large cluster of Emira deposit holders have had only 2 emails from Lotus and no dealer contact in 9 months and broken promises about when next info and contact will happen. Lots of other examples of poor customer experience.

    The new direct sales channel needs significant improvement if they want to sell 50,000 per year of a £100k+ premium SUV.

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  14. Each UK dealer will probably only have two cars initially, one static for showroom and one for test drives.  I assume i4 dealer cars won’t be until end of the year.

    I’d also heard May/June.

    I’ve also been told Lotus are trying to sort out something else so June delivery people can get a test drive before having to commit their order in May.

  15. Yes, tracker is up from £469 to £550.  They asked us to lock in a configuration months ago, but apparently didn't lock in the previously-quoted price with Scorpion based on that info.  Deposit T&Cs allow them to vary prices up to order commitment, ie 30 days prior to delivery.

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