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  1. Lotus Esprit (1990) Date Added: 20 October 2009 - 04:03 PM Owner:'>gbleaves Short Description: Poor overall condition - bought as a 'rolling restoration' project car -Rear tyres not good! Car was exported to Gurnsey in Oct 1995, now has regained original UK plates it was exported as... low mileage for a 20 year old car! can you beat it with yours? NOW SOLD !!!'>View Vehicle
  2. Hi Folks, I have fitted Protech front shocks & springs, my problem has been in trying to wind up the pre-load on the springs, the adjsuters are on a fairly coarse thread - they are very difficult to wind up even when jacked up, the aluminium rings drag on the springs badly. Any Ideas?
  3. Hi Chaps, I had the same issue with my SE, I found a 'puffer' tool sold by Maplin shops and other cheap tool shops only 2.00 -3.00 quid - remove the brass ferrule in the end and push it over the pipe end piece on the seats. The release tap [to release the lumbar air] was still where (I trust your's too?) Worked fine for me!
  4. Nice one chap- I was not looking for one - but good to have a spare... Steve
  5. Lotus [Red] Esprit Turbo SE 1990

  6. Hi Chap, The QED system is specifically for the twin-cam engine not our 912/910 engine. (perhaps if modified..)
  7. Hi Dave, Sorry to here about your back, I am having a few pains in the same spot at the moment! I am interested in the 'engine out' party when you are up and kicking again!! [hopefully when it's a little warmer!] I have a set of disc upgrades 310mm PNM & 4 pot calipers go on mine at some point too...? Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Folks, I am a former electronics engineer by trade, so I am not speaking 'bindly' The point is that the OEM leads (which 'low cost' the ones I am referring to are supposed to be!) These are based on nylon strands or filiments that are carbon coated. These go steadily higher and higher in resistance over time. The original leads that are 10 plus years old will eventually go so high in resistance that the spark will be progressivly weaker and weaker. Until you get erratic idiling and misfire under heavy pressures [such as acceleration with turbo pressures] With that the High voltages from the coil packs will not be dissapated, which can then lead to sparking/tracking across the plug or the coil packs themselves. This means the coil packs themselves could fail as a result. I experienced misfiring, checked my original leads, found them to be bad & replaced them as a 'temporary measure' with copper leads and resistor [motorcycle type] plug caps. This has been working fine for the last 2-3000 miles without any issue. Provided the spark gets to the plugs and provides a good 'juicy' spark, it does not matter what wonderful colour they are -does it?
  9. Hi Bibs, they are good quality 8mm leads not 'tat' but 1/4 the price of the ones you mention! [ RU on comission? cos i'm not] Just trying to save our members $$$$ and get their engines running on all cylinders! Hi Folks, just to add [cos the web site posted before I was ready --- again ] The leads on e-bay are for the coil distributer 5 leads carb'd / turbo, but they have the SE/S4 Delco injection for 25 pounds. Steve
  10. Hi Folks, I recently bought for my Lotus Esprit SE a set of new plug leads from [Express Autoparts] their web site today does not appear to work. They are 8 mm good quality
  11. Hi Hilly, how's the progress on this ? I would be interested in building one up if you have some PCB's produced?? Regards Steve
  12. Hi Chris, I would suggest that you look at the HT plug leads. If they are the carbon string originals (like mine) they go hi resistance and give these type of problems [as the boost kicks in the spark voltage required for ignition goes up] bad idling i had too. But be careful, I tried to use copper leads with cheap plug caps, they arced across to the cylinder head - not helpful at all! The SE Delco ignition coil packs 'pack' a good punch! measure with a ohm meter if you have one... An 'in-line' strobe light or neon testor light is a good way to compare good to bad. [Note the coil packs are double ended - so one end bad does effect the other so 1-4 & 2-3 are related] (a so called wasted spark arrangement as used on motor bikes for years)
  13. I agree with the other posts, there was no time to get a real impression on the carriageway, i never got to use all the gears even! I noticed the transmission whine, but perhaps as everything else was fairly silent? The aluminium dash panel - looks OK - but the buttons are non-tactile & no light LED feedback. I went to get out and the buzzer went off for the lights - but I did not know I had turned them on! The boot is good for keeping things warm (take aways) - so do not put your freezer stuff there (look at the exhaust shield plates from the factory pictures)! The target price I think is a little too high. I was wondering especially noting the 'modular' building style of the Evora. Perhaps - as an exclusive to Club members - could Lotus make a 'kit' Evora available cheaper? The main issue would be the 'jig' bonding of the central panels....
  14. I want my steering wheel - this big! Big boy's modelling !! Next design? -Dinky!
  15. Hi All, Some piccys of the day - including Sparky doing non-approved wire locking proceedure - but it worked!
  16. Will someone buy me a Evora for Christmas?

  17. Heyyy, you rotten deviil! but it's very overcast here in Basingstoke at the moment. Have you been washing the Lotus ?? That Always makes it rain Steve
  18. Hi Bibs, Mine is a 1990 Esprit Turbo SE Calypso Red. scc082910lha85385 - this is supposed to be -- Australia-RHD with catalyst- but was sold in the UK! She has spent the last 8-10 years in Guernsey. Cheers Steve
  19. Hi Chaps, How about sorting the reason for the bad 'fire hazard' !! For my 'Two Cents' I would recommend to fit some sort of Aluminium plate that attaches to the bottom studs of the inlet manifold, then runs down under the Dellortos (shaped to run off fuel) protecting the electrics area underneath? The carbs have NO overflow pipe for the float chambers, nothing -(take a look at most Japanese Bike carbs they all have this!) This will also have a positive side effect of keep 'heat soak' off the carbs - allowing easier starting when hot! I was going to do this on my Lotus Eclat S2 Riviera - but changed to a fuel injected Esprit SE instead! I am sure that lots of folks would appriciate a 'template' ? BTW - I have a sheet of Aluminium intended to do this still - anyone interested? Cheers Steve PS good job chap!!!
  20. Hi Folks, I will pop over Saturday, with my Red Esprit. It has had some work just done on rear quarter and bumper, but generally could do with some 'playing' with.. Regards Steve
  21. I used to have a Lotus Eclat Riviera S2 WNG45X Bought in 'stripped' form with the engine in lots of bits! Learnt on the 'go' and got it running pretty well! Exchanged for my current Esprit SE with a chap in Guernsey, who then sold it on Exported to the USA.. I have no idea where in the US now though... unless someone knows better....??
  22. Hi Folks, I was wondering if i could use the 1350 kg ? The Esprit is lighter than 1350kg but longer wheelbase by 8mm, so I sent an e-mail to LevoArtis - perhaps they could do a custom version with longer up ramps for ground clearance for Esprits?? Cheers Steve
  23. Hi Chaps, See ?? Could we use the group buy to get a better price perhaps? It seems to include the radiator hoses too? Regards Steve
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