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  1. Testing this week - will keep you updated on how it runs. And promise to do a full report on the process
  2. Thanks! It is being returned to the livery raced in the 79 season. We are looking to race in the Peter Auto Classic Endurance Race Series. It may make its debut at the end of this season, but more likely to be 2019 now. It had an entry for Le Mans in 1979 but didn't make the start due to Engine troubles. It would be a dream to get it there, but the ACO are notoriously difficult to persuade, so we'll see after a season of racing what they say. Luckily we have a whole pile of period decals and sponsors items that Richard had spare which makes life a lot easier, missing ones we'll have re-made
  3. Yes Lotus. It had a re-worked 907 unit, Cosworth top end and a proprietary fuel injection system. Pic enclosed as found in Richard's garage, and in period!!
  4. Similar I guess, the Jenvey car was essentially an Esprit front end, March F1/2 rear end. It too ran a Hewland FG400 like that car in the advert. The gearbox themselves are £20k if you can find one - so if that comes with the car then its worth buying just for that!
  5. Actually a body and chassis and a bit more. The body was originally silver according to Richard. Anyway I’ll do a full full write up in due course. The car was acquired almost 5 years ago believe it or not and the restoration is almost complete.
  6. Boom. We have a winner
  7. Getting cigar yet though
  8. Can’t show those yet - that would definitely be game up!
  9. This next one must almost certainly give it away.....
  10. I’ll post some more if no-one figures it out!
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