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  1. Absolutely true. I was at the Long Beach race that year with my five year old son. At one point we were walking toward the pits on practice day, and "PL Newman" (as he would enter his name when he drove) was walking right next to us. Rather than pepper him with questions and autograph requests, I pointed him out to my son and said, "see that guy. He's an Esprit driver." BTW, over the past few years, PL self-sponsored his team Champ and Indy cars with his charity, the Hole in the Wall Camps. If you would like to honor the man, consider supporting the cause. http://www.holeinthewallcamps.o
  2. I watched the sequence over and over on my DVR in real-time and in slo-mo. Hamilton gave up his speed, and gave up his position. Lewis went from Kimi's left side, behind him and passed Kimi on the right. He was only in the direct draft for a fraction of a second. Yes, Lewis catapulted from behind Kimi - but not because of aerodynamics. It was because Kimi scrubbed off speed with his "tactical moves", and because he hit the brakes before Lewis did. The bottom line is that Lewis gave up his advantage in speed and position. Any advantage due to the draft was minimal. And, yes, the car b
  3. I bought Dunlop Sport 8000 tires a few years ago (3?). I put 245-50-15s on the rear and xxx-55-15s on the front. (I can't recall the width right now.) Tire Rack still lists the 245s, but nothing that would fit the fronts.
  4. 79) Its directly related to another car that travels through time at 88 mph.
  5. My first "cool car" was a 1976 BMW 2002 with BBS wheels, Bilstein suspension and Goodyear NCTs. One day I was driving home from work on a 45 mph road when a small Japanese car drove past me going the other way - and made an immediate left hand turn across two oncoming lanes and into the curb. Looking in my rear view mirror, his ball-joint had failed. Had this happened a half second earlier, and I would have been T-boned. A full second earlier, and it would have been a head-on collision! May all of out suspensions hold together at high speeds!
  6. The proper remedy would have been a drive-through. The 10k fine won't motivate Ferrari to change their pit release procedures.
  7. Sweet interior Roger! Stunning. And if it had more molded plastic, it would look like a modern production interior. (Not that molded plastic is a good thing!)
  8. Dan, the spooling faster thing makes sense. Still, the original is tuned. Mostly, I like the spaghetti pipe look. And sure enough, the first pic IS ceramic coated. It's just an unexpected color. I had my exhaust header and turbo coated with a dark gray and had forgotten that there were many color choices. After a number of years and not all that many miles, it's still mostly gray, rather than the pure rust powder finish that the header/turbo had when I bought it. So yeah, ceramic coating won't last forever, but it sure looks better while it does. The main thing is that you have to be
  9. Yes, but don't forget to tune the exhaust header with equal length pipes... Still, a nice looking part. You might consider ceramic coating before bolting it on.
  10. What modern interior doesn't make the older Esprit interior look home built?
  11. Flat plane V8? Don't set your sights so low. The wide X24 configuration of the new Esprit will sound fantastic, and the four turbos will help keep the sound pressure levels within limits.
  12. Yes, Dave's car definitely has 40s, rather than 45s. My US parts book only covers the 45s.
  13. Oops. I had lunch with Dave yesterday, and then we realized that my parts manual is for US cars only. Dave's car is ROW (originally sold in Belgium.) Anybody got a pic of the assembly diagram for the carbs in a 1984 ROW Turbo? If so, you might PM mr50bmg. The SERVICE PARTS LIST books for ROW cars are probably beyond rare in the US.
  14. I can't get too upset about coaching methods. My Masters Swimming coach should be so lucky as to profit from his techniques, which are shared freely. FWIW, my coach broke the 50m butterfly record this year for the M70-74 age group...
  15. Hi Dave, I've got the parts manual. It includes the full range of S3s and G-Turbo Esprits. It doesn't include any descriptions, but has complete assembly drawings and lists of the associated part numbers. Let's get together sometime and I'll let you borrow the associated pages. (I don't use those pages for my HCI.)
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