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    1990 Elan SE (sold), 2004 Elise 111S (sold), MY11 Elise
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    Does taking the hardtop off count as a a mod?
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  2. Third for Kimi a week ago, second today.. Looking forward to Spa, a track which always seems to suit Kimi
  3. Agree that the 40 2.8STM is a great lens worth checking out, but if you want to match the field of view of a [email protected] frame you should perhaps consider going even wider. This will however mean some compression distortion, as a 50mm will still be a 50mm on a crop sensor, only that you're not using all of it. Since you already have a lens that goes all the way to 18mm, why not try it out at various focal lenghts to see how this matches your needs for field of view on a prime? Once you get a bit of a feel for this, there are quite few primes you could consider. Here are some suggestions (disclaimer: I currently work for Canon, but do so in their B2B division and have no interest in their camera sales. All views expressed are purely my own) My most used lens , shooting with a 30D, is my old EF35mm F2.0, which at about £250 is a real gem for use as a stanard prime on a crop body. I would however not recomend this for video as the AF is realy noisy. The lens that is perhaps closest to this, but has USM for silent focusing, is the EF28 F1.8 which is also a great lens for the price (£400). It is both sharp and has a fairly fast aperture, but might be a little wide. The 40mm 2.8 STM is already mentioned, and is great for the price, and the only realdrawback is the rather slow aperture for a prime at only F2.8 The 50mm 1.8 that Bibs has is probably the best price/performance of any Canon lens, but build quality is pure plastic and again the AF motor is very noisy so not recomended for video. The 50mm F1.4 is a real gem, both well built, razor sharp (perhaps even sharper than the 1.2) and has a hugely fast aperture of F1.4. Also, nothing looks as natural to the human eye as a 50mm, but on a crop body it might just be a little to long (field of view similar to 80mm on full frame).
  4. Yes the cars are wheighed and have to provide a 1l sample post race, but the returning to the pits under own steam rule is just for qualifying (a.k.a qualifying practice). Stopping after crossing the finish line in the race is therefore allowed. The rule in question says the following:
  5. Green light for engine upgrades has been given:
  6. So Bahar is out, and Lotus get a New COO. Will be interesring to see when and who is put in Place as New CEO..
  7. Barrie, No, but would be interesting to know more. From what I understand Etika Strategi is controlled by Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, so I guess ultimate descissions rest with him, but I'm unsure about how much detailed interest he would have of a subsidiary (Lotus) of a subsiduary (Proton) of a company (DRB-Hicom) where he controlls about 53% of the shares thourgh an investment company.
  8. Barrie, 1: Dato' Sri Haji Mohd Khamil Jamil is MD of the DRB-Hicom group, and from what I understand the statement is issued by DRB-Hicom's PR agency. 2: True, but this was issued yesterday, and while true that DRB-Hicom have not ruled a sale of Lotus at some point of time, they have now repeatedly stated that they are not actively pursuing this, so at least for the time being a sale seems to be off the cards. 3: See #1 above. Considering that Dato' Sri Haji Mohd Khamil Jamil is appointed exceutive chairman of Proton directly by the DRB-Hicom chairman, Datuk Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza, the statement seems pretty likely to be well anchored with the powers at DRB-Hicom.
  9. Well, now lists all the TM's previously held by David Hunt (aka Team Lotus Ventures) as now being registered to Group Lotus, so that confirms it. You can find some of them here:
  10. The steering wheel is just click-on-off so can't really see why they then would disassemble the whole front suspension and bulkhead for that. From what I understand the team had produced a new spec power steering rack for Kimi to this race. Looks like it wasnt quite right on the first attempt.
  11. So, second row start for Grosjean tomorrow. Shame he had a miss that lost him about half a second on his best lap, as without that he could have gotten very close to pole. Regardless, Monaco is probably the track of the year where grid position is most important and from P4 he could be in for a strong finish, and with a good car, a bit of luck and a good tyre strategy maybe even a win
  12. I think you mean 16 mph off the pace. Pole is a four-lap time of 02:38.9514 (226.484 mph) and Alesi did a four-lap time of 02:51.3516 (210.094 mph), so he's about three seconds a lap slower. Still means he will be lapped quite a few times though, so no denying he's well of the pace.
  13. Trevor, Is the engine spec basically frozen for the rest of the season or do Lotus have the possibility of developing the engine for more power? And is there any chance that the three engines could be equalized in power output at some time?
  14. Anyone know how large the power deficit of the Lotus engine compared to the other two is in terms of bhp?
  15. I like it. Got a bit of an old school Ruff Ryders feel to it.
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