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  1. I am pleased you enjoyed it Ant, best of luck with the bearings .Peter Life Cycle 1978 Lotus Elite 503 Type 75 - Drive-My Blogs - Drive.pdfLife Cycle 1978 Lotus Elite 503 Type 75 - Drive-My Blogs - Drive.pdf
  2. Life Cycle 1978 Lotus Elite 503 Type 75 - Drive-My Blogs - Drive.pdfLife Cycle 1978 Lotus Elite 503 Type 75 - Drive-My Blogs - Drive.pdf
  3. Hello Charlie ,good to here of your 504 and hope it's all coming together ,and now it's more car than a box of bits .you advised me on how many Automatic Elites were made I wonder how many are now left ,well we now there is at leased Two !!!! Mine is not a S2 as you mentioned it looks that way because a previous owner put a later spooller on it .and S2 electric "Pop up Headlights" .one day we might be able to compare ?
  4. It was so good to see my elite on film , as you said "It's Famous Now" thank you Ant for it pointing out . its also in the next "Classic Car Magazine" under the live cycle on the Lotus Elite, it's strange that I have had the car for 26 years and now people seem to like these under rated cars . I think the reason is there are not many left .I haven't got the Red 504 much further than drive it up and down the drive , it's now nearly ready for an MOT but no rush, I just enjoy owning these fine motor cars. I will be going to Castle Comb in a week or so ,but I think we will be in my yellow Evora for a change , hope to see you all there. Peter.
  5. Hello Jeremy , I have replaced my clutch cable on my 503 with a cable from a Bedford CF van (petrol )you have to modify it by cutting the outer casing down the length,the overall length is correct and end fittings . It's an easy but delicate job using a pair of side cutters and hacksaw look on Ebay . Best of luck Peter.
  6. Hi i Dion I found a boot photo of my 503 Elite if it helps
  7. Thank you Duncan ,I will keep looking
  8. Hello I am after a drivers side door mirror (right land drive) on my new purchased 1979 Elite . i would be over the moon if some one out there has one for sale.
  9. Dan , My goodness you have completed a lot of technical work on your car !!and thank you for your advise on my project . The mod I am pleased with is the headlights have been modified from vacuum to electric .
  10. I am making good progress ,I have now got it started on a temporary small fuel tank ,and driven up the drive , the off site rear brakes are sticking on hope it's not "A Diff out job" to get at the wheel cylinders, and the carburettors need cleaning out ,I haven't ever been in dellortoes carbs before so is it a big job ? I have the petrol tank out at the moment with a view to flush it out ,
  11. Thank goodness you didn't see it ,I might not of had a retirement project . I have owned it about a month , I do need a driver side door mirror if you know who has one please ?
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