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  1. I understand Mark MacKenzie of Scotland has already done what I am in the process of doing, converting a turbo 88 to SE engine spec. I am all but done except for mating the Lucas chassis harness to the delco engine harness. I'm hoping to find an already built schematic. I am willing to pay for the time it will save me trying to sort the thing out myself. It' s relief to know someones even done it!
  2. It's to late. the engine is finished, it is virtually an SE engine now;chargecooled,fully electronic injection, timing, sensors, water cooled new turbo etc. I have an ecm,engine harness. what I need is to bridge from Lucas to Delco. Does anyone know how to contact Mark MacKenzie in Scotland? He has apparently done what I'm doing.
  3. John Welch had a look at it last winter while I was going through the engine and trany. The one he did before was an '86. The 88 is different I guess and more complex. He has been very helpfull, and does excellant work. Since I posted I saw a mention of someone in scotland who has done this. Wish I could get hold of his wiring diagram! Willing to pay!
  4. Because parts for the 88 engine and anscillaries are becoming hard to find i have converted the engine to se (ac delco) spec. I was planning on bridging from the lucas car harness to the new engine and ecm one wire at a time myself. Just wondering if anyone else has done this, or is there a ready- made harness available?
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