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  1. A funny video featuring my 89 Esprit Turbo 😀
  2. Count me in for a 1989 Stevens carb turbo. Ship to Istanbul, Turkey please.
  3. Under acceleration my car makes a hesitation, around 5500 rpm, tachometer needle starts to fluctuate between 5000 and 6000 with a hesitation of acceleration. But if no hesitation occurs, it will go upto 7000 rpm without any problems. Both of the carburetors are brand new. Should this issue could be related with an igniton issue. Where should I start? Plugs, plug wires or distributor i any ideas?
  4. What should be the ignition timing specs for a 89 carburated Esprit Turbo ?
  5. I'm planning to use a Lotus ECU and all other Lotus parts from a EFI Esprit.
  6. I've got some questions related with EFI conversion; 1) Considering that my speedometer is already working in its current condition, will I need the wheel sensor? 2) According to Hugh Kemp some dimensional changes were made in the efi engines' block, material strengths were altered and an extra boss was inserted on one cylinder to install the knock sensor. So does this mean that there is no boss in carbureted engine blocks to install a knock sensor? 3) Are these engines internally balanced? What is the possibility creating balance problems after changing the flywheel?
  7. Anybody having a chargecooler from any Esprit for sale, please let me know.
  8. How complicated will it be to convert a carbureted Esprit Turbo to fuel injection if you have access to an injected Esprit engine with a damaged block. Is it a direct bolt on or injected engine blocks have differences?
  9. So is this a correct assumption? Since its carbureted its ability to adjust itself for different conditions is limited compared to a fuel injected Esprit (thats why I think that it needs a pyrometer more than the later ones). But since its max boost levels are lower than the injected engines, everything is under control. So I can keep on taking glowing turbo pictures. B)
  10. What are your thoughts about installing a pyrometer or even a wideband in order to have an idea about the temperatures and to control whats going on in the engine?
  11. After getting your approval about the glowing red manifold, I again headed for the highway and here are the glowing results for tonight
  12. Last night after a drive of 1 hour highway driving between speeds of 60 - 130 mph where most of the time engine was boosting between quarter and full boost according to the boost gauge when I stop for refuelling I noticed that the exhaust manifold was glowing red. Should I consider this normal as the engine was not on full boost during the journey? Also sometimes there is a hesitation in the engine around 6000 rpm where engine struggles and the tachometer fluctuate between 5000 and 6000 rpm and after this fluctuation revs to 7000 rpm. Should I consider the red hot manifold as a problem and what could be the reason for the hesitation around 6000 rpm? By the way the car is a carbureted 89 Lotus Esprit Turbo.
  13. It is a carburated one, at first I thought it is the fuel pump working but it has a different sound when compared to the sound of fuel pump. As the ignition is on this sound goes off and fuel pump starts to work. Anyone has a picture of the engine bay where this purge pump is clearly seen? It would really help me considering I'm a newbie
  14. Exactly where is it located in the engine and how can it be disconnected?
  15. I've just bought a 89 Esprit Turbo. After engine shut off something with a sound like the sound of an electric fuel jump starts and keeps on working for at least 30 minutes. As far as what I understand it is the purge pump working which tries to extract hot air from the air box in order to prevent easy start ups. But what should be the ideal working duration of that pump and exactly where it is located in the engine. Any advice will be greatly appreciated as my experience with this car is very limited. Safak
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