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  1. Hi, Thanks to all of you. I finally drilled a hole in the fiberglass, and it is now very easy to drain the radiator... and no one can see it. I think it was the easyest way to reach this plug.
  2. Thank you Jacques. I don't have the hole for the socket to open the drain plug ( in the GRP part) Should I drill one? Regards sylba
  3. Hello, I just intented to drain the radiator on my 1990 Turbo SE, but I can't reach the draining plug without dismantling half of the car...and I don't even see the bleeding plug, which should be seen from the wheel arch! Any idea how I can do? Thanks for your help sylba
  4. Hello, I've to set the carbs on my 89 Esprit Turbo. The car was stopped for a long time, and now I think it would be good to set my carbs! I've noticed a poor accelerating from idle! Could you give me some advices to set my carbs? Many thanks
  5. Hi Vulcan Grey, Do you know where this relay is in the car?
  6. OK, I'll look after the relays. It seems also that there is something wrong with the alarm, all the turn lights are on (like the warning, it isn't!) for a few seconds...
  7. May be it is the fuel pump...
  8. Hello, I've driven my 1989 Esprit Turbo the first time this morning... Everything seems OK, but after stopping the engine, I can hear something like an electric pump that doesn't want to stop... Do you know what it is? Is there something wrong? How long should it turn? Many thanks.
  9. Great, many thanks Steve! So I'll set it on idle speed with the vacuum on.
  10. Hello, I've to check the ignition timing on my 1989 Esprit Turbo. Could anyone of you give me the timing values on idle? -10°, or less? Many thanks to you
  11. Hello, I'm working on my 1989 carbs turbo, cambelt, oil service and so I had the bad idea (!) to inspect the ignition distributor...but how do you do to reach the only distributor cap on these cars??? I've never seen in my life a car that is so unseasy to work on! I had ten Porsche 911, also a Ferrari GTB and many other cars, it was always a plaisure to service them, but my Esprit...
  12. Hello, Where could I find some red paint to repaint partially my rocker covers on the 1989 Esprit Turbo???
  13. Bips, my problem is, there is no Lotus dealer near me...
  14. Hello, I've to change the cambelt on my 89 Esprit Turbo, and therefore I've to remove the V-belts pulley...but how can I prevent the engine from turning when I loosen the bolt? Many thanks for your advices
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