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  1. I am interested. Do you still need more people to place the order?
  2. The radio antenna on my 01 Esprit needs replacement. Its just the screw on piece. Anyone know where I can get a new one?
  3. I have said this in the past. Lotus really needs to consider jumping in bed with Mazda/Alfa and make an Elan version of the latest Miata. Toyota might not like that though.
  4. Great topic Gents. This is so timely for me because I have debated selling my '01 Esprit V8 and getting into a early to mid '90s 911. Big reasons: tired of the Esprit's clunky gearbox and the flat to no apperception of these Esprits in the foreseeable future.
  5. Did you ever fix your problem? What was the cause of the issue? What was the resolution?
  6. I have a 2001 Esprit V8 and my shop is getting an error reading of Low Emission Leak. They have done two smoke tests as well as checked every sensor. Also if we reset the codes, it appears as soon as the car starts. If was an actual low leak, it should take awhile to appear not as soon as the car turns on. The car also had a voltage issue which was fixed with a new alternator/regulator. The car runs great but no one cannot figure out why this error is occurring. I would just live with the light, but in the state I live the car will not pass the annual inspection as long as an error appears. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. Holloway told me the same thing. How much was the Gearbox from GTO Racing?
  8. Does anyone in the USA have a UN1 Gearbox Upgrade Kit for sale?
  9. My rh power window got jammed coming down. I took the door panels off and found the problem. This little plastic piece snapped in half. Does anyone know where to find it?
  10. Not sure of their financial ability, but maybe Mazda would be interested in Lotus. They could build a Lotus Elan from the new Miata. Then we can dream of yet another Esprit.
  11. yes, a photo of the Esprit in question would be nice.
  12. US car industry was hurt by a lack of focus on ..... cars. They spent too much time concenrtrating trucks and built crap cars. Toyota and Honda took over the car segment in the US. FYI. I like the fact that Lotus is in racing. Now I wish they would sell their cars here.
  13. Definition of potential: possible, as opposed to actual. Future markets are great if you have the current (actual) markets covered. The US market is the missing leg in Lotus' tripod. Get the full range of cars to the US already.
  14. No Evora convertible is disappointing.
  15. i like it. but i do think #3 needs to be done with #1.
  16. New lotus plan 1. Bring back elise and exige to usa. 2. Build esprit 3. Get in bed with alfa and mazda to make a new elan 4. Make eterne or whatever it is called. 5. Make Explicit the new suv 6. Make new evora.
  17. No matter how is really responsible or what the factory could handle, the failure to maintain the Elise and Exige in the US, is on the head of DB. That was a critical mistake to the US image of the company.
  18. 1. Sales in the US and China are key. The Elise and Exige need to make a reurn to the States. I love the Evora but dealers in the US can not survive on one car. 2. I hate to say this but Lotus needs a sports coupe to survive. People want sporks. (thats a utensil that combines a fork and spoon) Thats aCars that do everything for them. Eventually Lotus will need a SUV too. That is the only was to keep money flowing and continue making the great cars with personality.
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