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  1. hi Bibs, yes that was me. On my was out fro a Christmasy weekend in Bruges and then Ghent with the better half. I did have to have a pop at her when she was clearly not interested in us playing and i could see how your better half was much more enthusiastic. Did you have a good weekend?
  2. can't believe I am just seeing this after replacing both front mudflap brackets. Doh!
  3. I went from an M3 CSL to an Evora S, I didn't think i lost much in the way of speed. at the top end the M3 was faster but day to day you'll not notice the difference. What you will notice is quality in the cabin. I've had a few German cars now and the Lotus doesn't stack up here. One final point though, the Evora is a stunning car, better steering, handling and better looking and you are less likely to see another than an M3 (although the CSL is a rarer sight). Those pesky headlights though, not sure how many times I've had them re-done oh and i really need to get round to replacing the infota
  4. Hi Jonny, It was customer services at Lotus Cars both Andy F and Neil T said the 400 flywheel will cause engine management issues (due to it's weight being lighter) but then they both said there was not a problem with 3rd and 4th gear in the short ratio box too. I would just like to know if i can fit the 400 set up on my S. You say the linkages are different is this going to cause me an issue?
  5. yes - Evora S 2011, 21k miles. Interesting poll. Good to see most have lasted but from speaking to the amount of people i have to try and remedy the issues i have i can tell you the feeling is this is a little too common. I have also been told a 24cm clutch is never going to be man enough for the torque the supercharged engines put out.
  6. I have a question for all those Evora S and possibly N/A owners. Has any of you changed the flywheel and clutch for anything other than the standard item? If you have what did you fit. I am not after a super aggressive lightweight flywheel, i just want one that'll last long than 15-20k miles. I am looking at the kit at the Elise Shop or possibly putting the 400 clutch and flywheel on. However Lotus say the flywheel whilst fitting will cause me engine management issues something about the weight being lighter and i suspect the fly at the elise shop is this flywheel with a different cl
  7. Hello all, been a long time. I wanted to ask a few questions on this fault in my 2011 Evora S. I originally lost 4th gear and then 3rd started to crunch slightly. I have had the car stripped down and the gearbox sent off for inspection. The original report suggested a repair bill of about £2500+vat. However today they have come back to me suggesting they quoted on the long ratio and they can see this is a short ratio box but they can't source the gears. A bit of phoning around and they came back again to say that Lotus now do not make the replacement parts and if i want to replace 3rd an
  8. thanks, that makes a lot of sense. It's booked in with a specialist now.
  9. Hi I've got an ODB dongle with wifi and dashCommand for the iphone but this won't read my ABS fault code or reset the airbag light I've had on since the battery was replaced. What am i doing wrong? Do I need another app? I sent my car down to a garage recently with a snapon odb reader and even he couldn't help. No local dealer anymore - which isn't very helpful so I'm a bit stuck.
  10. Hi, I've got an abs warning light on that I suspect is a wheel sensor. How can I diagnose which one it is? many thanks
  11. i had this, changed under warranty - just. I had no idea how much they cost. LEDs going all the time, the headlamp was replaced but i am about to splash out on a n/s rear and possibly fog too!
  12. Thanks Gav you know what, I remember remarking to the dealer ages ago that i was surprised to see corrosion on the steering arm. I will start with that. Hope it is as that'd be simples, think the windscreen looks like it needs the clam off - or am i wrong? oh now wait if the steering arm is corroded the arm will be above the point at which it enters the bulkhead so that won't be the reason it's rusty, still it's worth a go. Eric
  13. I need to get this sorted out but my local dealer has lost the Lotus franchise (Maidstone) they say they do service work but to be honest I've been disappointed at best with their quality of work form things like water ingress was on the list when i took it to them under warranty but this clearly hasn't been fixed to simple things like not getting the engine cover put back in place properly. So I'd like to either do it myself or find a dealer familiar with the problem that can rectify these issues without it costing the earth to track and trace where the water is coming from. I have most of th
  14. I'm having the same issue, mostly drivers footwell, haven't checked the rears yet, passenger one was a bit wet but nothing like the drivers. The car is out of warranty does anybody know what the costs are involved with getting this sorted? I did take the car back when it was under warranty to get the boot sorted and I had water ingress on the passenger side, you'd think they'd do the lot but clearly not. I'm currently washing the carpets and then drying them, I'll clean the footwell out and maybe get in the car while somebody jet washes it to see where it's coming in from. Does anybody know ho
  15. I can't make this either, real shame. Hope you all have a good time
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