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  1. I just looked at my packaging and there is no ARP part# visible. I purchased the kit from JAE. It wasn’t that expensive, so suggest you give them a call.
  2. Thanks Derek. I was thinking the same.
  3. Does anyone know the torque setting for the bolt that holds the Camshaft Thrust Washer in place?, is it the same as the sprocket - 25 ft/lbs?
  4. The head looks fine. Nothing to indicate contact.
  5. Whilst decarbonizing this piston I discovered two nicks in the valve recess. Does this render the piston unserviceable?. The piston is from a replacement engine that I have not seen or heard run. I checked the valves in the head that came with the engine and there is no evidence of piston valve contact. The scuff marks and scratches are also a mystery. I used a blue shop towel and carb cleaner to remove the carbon, so there not from me. Thanks.
  6. I’ll confirm what Atwell said...G fuel tanks will fit an 88 Bosch CIS injection Esprit.
  7. Tim Engle’s response when asked the question.... I wouldn't be adverse to re-using the bolts that have been re-torqued twice... "IF" I was confident that they were properly torqued previously. Re-using the rod bolts is all about having confidence that they weren't previously abused. If Lotus was the last one in there, I have no problem re-using the rod bolts. If the engine had previously been rebuilt, did that mechanic know what he was doing? If he screwed-up something else, I might have concerns about what he did to the rod bolts, main bearing studs, and head studs... ie, the critical fasteners. Keep balance in mind. That end of the connecting rod is going through some wild gyrations at 7000 rpm, and any change of mass (different bolts) can have significant balance consequences. The stock rods were reasonably well balanced. If you were building a race engine, you might want to be a little more fussy; but as a stock street engine, the 910 was well built. But when you make changes, like replacing one rod out of a set, or replacing rod bolts, it would be good to have a shop check the balance. Talk to your shop. The bottom of the rod caps have twin, parallel ribs running around them. There is no separate sacrificial pad or boss from which material is ground off to lighten it during balancing, so some shops simply grind the bottom of the ribs. NO!! The ribs are structural, and you don't just cut away at them. **************** I actually have two sets of rod bolts. One set from the engine with the failed thrust washer and one set from the replacement engine. The replacement engine bolts have been torqued twice. The original bolts have only been torqued once by Lotus but have been used in an engine that had excessive crank float.
  8. Now you all have me thinking. I did get the ARP ones BUT perhaps reusing the originals is a better plan.
  9. Came across this on YouTube and thought it would be worth posting for those wondering what the internals of the oil pump look like.
  10. Thank you Gents. ARP replacements on the way!
  11. My thoughts are to replace but didn’t want to spend unnecessarily.
  12. I have a rod bolt set that has been torqued just once. Are they still good or should you upgrade to the ARP ones?.
  13. Just normal people, living normal lives. Coming from all walks of life. They were not maniacs looking to start a riot.
  14. Hardly!!! I have travelled the country with the campaign and have seen the regular ‘Joe’ from the ‘Regular Suburban Neighborhood’ come out to the rallies.
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