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  1. Came across this on YouTube and thought it would be worth posting for those wondering what the internals of the oil pump look like.
  2. Thank you Gents. ARP replacements on the way!
  3. My thoughts are to replace but didn’t want to spend unnecessarily.
  4. I have a rod bolt set that has been torqued just once. Are they still good or should you upgrade to the ARP ones?.
  5. Just normal people, living normal lives. Coming from all walks of life. They were not maniacs looking to start a riot.
  6. Hardly!!! I have travelled the country with the campaign and have seen the regular ‘Joe’ from the ‘Regular Suburban Neighborhood’ come out to the rallies.
  7. I have chosen to make America my home and it has been for 20+ years. I was appalled at what I saw yesterday. I have been involved in many Trump rallies, working for the White House. I will say that the people I witnessed attending theses rallies were not the violent mob that attacked the Capital building.
  8. The breach of the Capital building was no different that of the breach of the Benghazi compound in 2012, and should of been met with the appropriate force. In many ways the authorities were very lenient. The death of the 35 year old women was unfortunate, but the simple fact is she would be alive if she had not chosen to follow the mob into the building. We have the right to peaceful protest but not to cross the line.
  9. These are not witness marks. Just debris from the gasket being sat on the bench.
  10. Thank you Gents. Appreciate the replies. Barry, well spotted. Thoughts on what could have caused those marks? I’ll check the top of the liners and the bottom of the head for any tell tell signs of something going on, also going to measure the nip. Is spraying the gasket with copper a good idea? Not seen anyone else do this.
  11. Evaluating my engine. It’s a replacement engine. Not had it running and is currently stripped down. After removing the head and examining the head gasket there is clear evidence of of grey/whitish paste around the water ports. It’s also present around the base the of the liners and is gritty. Haven’t pulled the water pump yet but looking in the ports there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of it there. When I drained the oil and dropped the sump there was no sign of any coolant contamination. Any ideas what it could be?
  12. Need a little help interpreting the wear on these bearing. The engine was ‘refreshed’ approximately 3000 miles ago. Crank ground to .010 under. The journals on the crank appear to be ok. Could this wear result from oil starvation at the initial start up after the refresh and/or dirt contamination trapped between the surfaces during reassembly?.
  13. Anybody have max and min measurements for the flange? Or just be able to measure the flange on a good crank. Need to find out how knackered mine is and how much material the shop needs to add to bring it back to spec. thanks in advance.
  14. What are people’s thoughts on this? I am being told the thrust flange on my 910 crank, once ground smooth again, will be too thin to be serviceable. It can be sent to a specialist to have material added then ground back to spec. The crack is ‘pinned’ during the process to avoid warping. Good idea or not?. Thanks in advance.
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