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  1. I’ll do a plastigage clearance check with the .010 bearings and see where we are at.
  2. Thanks Ian. JAE supplies Deves rings which I know Garry is not a fan off. Once I know which piston/liner combination I’ll be using I think I will get the rings from him.
  3. @Chillidoggy i just looked at the id numbers on the liners JAE set me and they appear to Westwood liners. That assumes that no other manufacture is using the same Part# LT1932, which is on the spigot. Ian, I have read your rebuild thread but can’t remember if you reused your Mahle pistons?
  4. Hello Steve, appreciate your thoughts. Things are progressing ‘slowly’. I was hoping to have the car back on the road by now but unfortunately it’s been a bit of the old one step forward, three steps back. I hate to say it but the engines been out for 18 months now. Almost there with the components assembled ready for the build. Liner and piston choice is really my last pieces of the puzzle.
  5. What is the benefit in switching to iron liners? With my engine apart, now would be the time to make the switch to iron but if the Nikisal liners are still ok it seems silly not to reuse them. I did order a set from JAE but having googled around I’m finding that Nikasil is better than iron. Been reading the Porsche and the Ferrari forums. I really want to do my engine build with the right components, so if switching to iron is preferred over reusing in spec Nikisal liners I will. This also opens the door to reusing the in spec Mahle pistons. If you go for the iron liners should you also change to CP Carrillo pistons to? Which is the piston manufacture that JAE sells.
  6. Appreciate your input Michael. Maybe @CHANGES also.
  7. Oversized, +.020. Or as the parts manual reads -.020 My crank was ground by the previous owner but the machine shop went too far. They over cut it by .0013. So under the advice of my machine shop they are going take off .008 to get me to the .020 spec. I hate to do it but they are worried about low oil pressure with a +.010 bearing and a +.0113 journal. Both sets of bearings are engraved .020 on the back surface, the none holed has a manufactures icon whereas the holed ones just has what could be a serial number. They also have different color finishes, one being dark grey and the other being much lighter. Not sure if the different finishes is a factor as I see PNM offers bearing sets with different color finished bearings.
  8. I received a set of main bearings from one of the US vendors. The bearings with the holes are from one manufacture, whilst the none holed bearings are from another. Shouldn’t bearing sets be from the same manufacturer to insure proper alignment?
  9. Yes, out of the 1988 manual. The range is large and the manual doesn’t differentiate between N.A. and turbo engines. I would follow the manual but the Deves rings appear nothing like the Lotus rings. So rate of expansion is probably totally different. Deves list two recommended ranges: min 0.010-0.018 & max 0.010-0.028, these are generic and not specific to Lotus and nor do they differentiate between N.A. or Turbo application. My machine shop / builder is advising to use the larger range because of the extra heat generated by the turbo. I’ll call Deves later today and ask.
  10. New Deves rings on Mahle HC pistons, Nikasil liners, 910 HC Turbo. Anyone know if the gap is the same as the Lotus rings per the manual, .010 - .023. If so, is it better to go far a wider gap with an HC Turbo to allow for greater expansion?. Recommendations on gap size?. Thanks.
  11. I just looked at my packaging and there is no ARP part# visible. I purchased the kit from JAE. It wasn’t that expensive, so suggest you give them a call.
  12. Thanks Derek. I was thinking the same.
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