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  1. Sorted, ............... lesson 1, never trust a lotus fuel gauge................. embarassed............. at least I never started to dtip the fuel line down.
  2. As soon as I turn on the ignition the fuel pump ticks very loud non stop, like a mini kango drill underneath. Any ideas please. New ownership so as much help as possible appreciated. Its an SU fuel pump.
  3. Wouldn't it be better having a stainless steel one made up.
  4. Single catch in the centre, thanks chaps, someone has sent me an image of their car, perfect.
  5. I recently bought an S2, JPS. The rear boot won't lock properly, the release mechanism works fine, I tink it's a bodge on the sprung pop up stopping it from locking. Could someone show me an image of the sprung part please.
  6. Senior

    New owner

    Stocks sold it (in bits) to the guy who did it up in 2014. I'll have to look up where it was stored before then. I got the car from the South coast, hence Alex had a look prior to buying.
  7. Senior

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    Arrived today, Number 094. Full mechanical restoration, interior needs a bit of attention but not in to bad a condition. Been off the road since 96 I believe.
  8. Senior

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    sneaky one [/img]
  9. Senior

    New owner

    Hi, My S2 arrives tomorrow, first esprit ownership. I think it's a bit special, took me 2 years of looking to find it. Final step was getting Alex and Maddy from the forum to veiw it and give me the thumbs up. Pics to follow. Sleeping forum member, had a launch Evora but sold in 2015. Regards Bob
  10. New tyres for me at just under 5000 miles, PO rosso for me
  11. I reckon when it is available Lotus will want the best part of £8-£9k for SC
  12. Water just assisted it falling out, mine has come loose twice without any assistance.
  13. 12800 in the current mode, current mode being an Evora replacement whilst mine is back at the fixers 4500 in ours.
  14. I managed to fit mine in, bit of a squeeze. On the way back they fitted no problems at all, lot easier when they are all snapped in two and the woods have been hurled into the middle of the lake.
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