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  1. I enjoyed the evening, loved seeing the Evora's again. Phil:- nice early example, hope I didn't upset you with my tails of ownership, think I just got a dodgy one. So maybe somepoint we shoiuld have the barbeque and get the cars lined up in the garden, summer next year?
  2. So when I look at the stalk it all seems to be working as it should, prong in a neutral (not connected poition) pull forward and it connects for flash on a sprung mechanism, release and the flash stops, push (click forward) and the connection is made for full beam, pull back and tha connection is broken and should be dipped but nothing. Could it be a short somewhere in the stick.
  3. Right I'm stuck chaps. I have an S2 JPS, The sidelights work, the lights pop up, full beam works but dipped headlights don't. Replaced relays one at a time with new ones, no difference. Bought a new switch, not that, wiring to switch seems fine, no loose wires. wiring to stalk seems fine, contact on stalk works. Any ideas
  4. We'll see how it goes, before hosting an event, I may not like any of you................
  5. This will be my ride, otherwise I'm on a push bike [/img]
  6. Ohhh, it's a yes for me, even the JPS can make it 1 mile down the road, someone may have to push me home.
  7. The airbox on my S2 is sound but looks terrible due to the covering being badly cracked, any idea where I could get a similar covering from. I could remove and use old covering as a template and refurb with a bit of luck.
  8. Cool, I'm near Bishops Stortford, so anything around Cambridge is good for me.
  9. I've only had it since Christmas, done a lot of tinkering with it but it's now with someone off this forum doing all the difficult stuff, I should be collecting it this weekend and driving it back 90 miles. It's had a full body off restoration and is mint underneath, so no going out in the rain. Bad timing, maybe next year!
  10. Would love to join you as it's my neck of the woods but at present my record distance travelled is 3.5 miles.............................
  11. Newbie question, where is the temperature sender on a 1979 S2, buggered if I can find it, I thought it was near the termostat.
  12. Ok thanks, I'll give it a go, and yes fuel gauge is dodgy
  13. How very dare you
  14. The pipe is vertical. It's an S2 JPS
  15. This is driving me nuts. Radiator fans not kicking in. Found the relay, put new 15a fuse in. Fans run if I short out across the otter switch plug. So thought it must be the otter switch, got new one. Before fitting I plugged it in and held a lighter underneath, fans come on, go off after cooling, come back on when heat applied. Fitted it in situ, quick pull out, push new one in, top up fluid. Fans still don't kick in, temp gets past the 90 marker then past the next marker (120 ish guestimate) and then up towards 140 at which poit I bottle it and swith her off. Could it be an airlock, the fluid seems to be circulating, coolant pipes at front of the car are hot. Please any advice is welcome.
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