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  1. I think I can make this, I may come in my other car if it's sorted, if not I'll just come back to it from the future
  2. Hi, Anyone interested in an official lotus car cover. I bought it for my launch edition 2010 car, back in 2010 direct from Lotus. Had it in the garage since selling it in 2015. It's green with yellow. Felty sort of material but for outside as well as inside use. Comes in a green canvas bag. PM me if your interested, I'll get some pics of it when I get a chance. Probably at the weekend. Price wise I'll have a think if any ones interested. I'm near Bishops stortford if someone wants to have a look at it.
  3. £57500 for a ropey old example is pretty good. Whoever bought it needs to spend a lot on it to get it to a good example. Also the car has some hidden history, I believe it had a fire in the past, not mentioned in the blurb.
  4. I’d say the JPS was ropey, £63000 was a fair price for what it was.
  5. Me neither, needs toppy prices like £140k essex, £120k sport 300, £80k JPS, £75k Sport 350, £55k for s4s, £45k for GT. All figures I have never seen for any of those, the Essex, JPS and sport may do well but can't see the others fetching records. If the JPS goes for over £80k mine is for sale for £90k if anyone is interested
  6. FFS, I won't be able to sleep now....................
  7. The sport 300 chassis is shocking, but the JPS is not good either. Hardly an exceptional example Here is mine and i've seen better
  8. I own a JPS, If that one makes £75k I shall be delighted. I think it needs a lot of work to get it to a decent level.
  9. so far 2 out of the 6 not what they seem!! Not great is it.
  10. Seems fairly cheap to me, considering what recent S1's and JPS's have gone for.
  11. If you want an investment then I'm not convinced an s3 is the right car. They may go up but not as quickly as some other models.
  12. Sorry chaps, I'm dropping out, sad family issues. Hopefully make the next one.
  13. I'll have a tootle out subject to weather. Once we open up properly, I'd be happy to host a meeting at my place in little hadham.
  14. That's a big price, highest I've heard of.
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