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  1. This 100%, I looked at quite a few JPS esprits before buying mine (I took a lotus expert along with me). Some looked great but a quick look underneath showed some serious issues. The buyers of these will need to part with serious dough at somepoint.
  2. What do people think a realistic acheivable price for a JPS is? I'd love it to be £64000, especially as I reckon mine is more original and better overall, but it seems high.
  3. Got mine thank you. Still boxed so can't comment on it.
  4. I sold my launch edition Evora, and a few years later bought the JPS. Makes me smile more.
  5. I had an Evora launch edition bought new in 2010. Lovely car, however it never made me smile like the Esprit does. I have an S2 and for all it's never let me down no way is it a daily driver.
  6. I'm thinking that way as well, my car as you know is pretty original. Shame as I really like the idea.
  7. Not standard ............ but cool.
  8. Its a triang Vanwall pedal car from the 60's. Repainted in the lotus colours. One off.
  9. I'm nearly committed ............. just a few other priorities at present but put me down as probably ......
  10. Hi, No it's a domestic market JPS, year1979 number 094
  11. I'd be interested, I have a JPS S2, so assume I'd need the above.
  12. Lovely but alas not on an S2
  13. Yes just looked at a nice suction one from Revo Racks, but my thoughts are first time you hit a pot hole the rack comes through the window, doublely bad as I don't use the engine cover. Daren't risk it.
  14. Hi, Firstly, was such a thing ever made? Secondly, does anyone know of any other vehicle luggage rack that can be adapted to fit an S2? Thanks, planning a road trip and a rack would help.
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