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  1. Sorry chaps, I'm dropping out, sad family issues. Hopefully make the next one.
  2. I'll have a tootle out subject to weather. Once we open up properly, I'd be happy to host a meeting at my place in little hadham.
  3. That's a big price, highest I've heard of.
  4. My gauge sits about there, it's the gauge rather than running hot.
  5. I'd be amazed if it got that, I have a JPS, not perfect but not far off and more original than the one on offer. I'd have a serious think at £60k.
  6. About £52-£53k all in I'll be following this one next week.
  7. I'll try my best, are we expected to talk to people, I'm out of practice.
  8. I have a brand new boxed RM610, was going to fit it in my JPS but decided to keep it standard. Really should put it on ebay.
  9. The speedo being 6.4% out ............... that issue would be way down my list to the point it would be ignored. I still run NCT's ............... I know I shouldn't.
  10. I shall be laying in wait to join the convoy, maybe on the A120 in Bishops stortford, or at Hadham hall. I can only stay about an hour as I have another date later with 20 English setters in our dog field later
  11. What number is it, domestic, federal or ROW?
  12. I'm in little Hadham, which you will go through after puckerage, may try and join the convoy.
  13. I'm in as well, try to turn up on the right day this time, I've only been to one of these, however I'd like to offer my gaff for a meet at somepoint, I'm in little Hadham, Nr Bishops stortford and can park up plenty of cars, also provide breakfast, so Chris lets have a chat at the sept meet.
  14. Well I just had a lovely 25 min run out to Essondon and wondered where people were, then it dawned on me "one day early" never mind but I can't make tomorrow, sorry chaps have fun, lovely location
  15. l'll try and pop over as well. If I can get it back together ....................
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