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  1. Any oversteer can be dialled out with a decent geo - personally I've never experienced it in mine. Now with nearly 20,000 miles on the clock, and some 60 odd track days, there is generally very little that goes wrong. I've had a sensor fail which brought the rev limiter in too early as the car thought it was running hot, and it needed a new accelerator linkage which was done under warranty, as was the radiator which showed signs of seepage before the car was a year old. I've heard of one car with a slight oil leak from the supercharger. Mine had a slight leak from the Accusump filter which
  2. I know that car quite well - it's a really well looked after example - and we took the roundels off ours too - or rather Scott did it for us
  3. Never had the issue. My arb is always on the stiffest setting - where have you got yours?
  4. Hi Paul Wasn't me asking but I'm glad to hear it. Haven't seen you on track for ages - what have you been doing with it?
  5. Somewhat disappointed that Lotus have done an almost exact replica - I wonder if they asked Scotts premission, seeing as it was him that designed it.
  6. Just had a look through the consultation. What a poorly written and badly phrased piece of crap. Fwiw, I have completed it and stated my objections, but frankly it's probably pointless. It brings to mind Ken Livingstones so called referendum on the western congestion charge extension. He has already said it was going ahead regardless of the outcome - this smacks of the same to me.
  7. Washington Coachworks down in Washington funnily enough. Very nice people and high standards of work.
  8. Alan is completely aware so that puzzles me as we did him a link for his members. Will email you - thanks Bibs.
  9. No mention of the LOT track day on the Friday
  10. Port is located under the front bulkhead, roughy in the middle under the lights . There was a problem on some cars with malfunctioning throttle pedal assemblies - mine was replaced under warranty. How old is your car?
  11. Ta Bibs - I really need to learn to use the search function! Stirling - if you go the FAQ section on there is lots of advice on how to prep your car, what to expect on the day etc etc
  12. Hi Al No afraid not - while I don't use it I have had it painted and decaled to match the car, so should I ever sell the car I would sell it with it as a package, if you see what I mean. Sorry, jo
  13. We set this page up for TLF members earlier this year - there was a thread but I can't find it for the life of me
  14. Sorry to hear about your woes Hopefully you'll have it back before too long.
  15. Shame that no one from seloc were invited/attended? /edited for shockingly poor grammar
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