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  1. Any oversteer can be dialled out with a decent geo - personally I've never experienced it in mine. Now with nearly 20,000 miles on the clock, and some 60 odd track days, there is generally very little that goes wrong. I've had a sensor fail which brought the rev limiter in too early as the car thought it was running hot, and it needed a new accelerator linkage which was done under warranty, as was the radiator which showed signs of seepage before the car was a year old. I've heard of one car with a slight oil leak from the supercharger. Mine had a slight leak from the Accusump filter which I believe was a recall issue and sorted on all cars.

    The cars don't really have service intervals as they are rarely used as road cars. Instead they have regular track checks. Mine gets looked over after every day, checked properly at the dealer after every three days including twice yearlyclutch/brake fluid changes, sometimes more frequent if I do a lot of days, oil changes after every 3 or 4 days dependent on how hard I drove and the circuit, gearbox oil changed annually. The book says the shocks should be serviced every 2yrs or 10k miles iirc - I had mine completely rebuilt at 3yrs, though they weren't leaking or anything. If you have a search through you'll find other points people say to look out for. I also had a Moroso sump fitted and uprated the engine mounts with polyeurathane (sp?) inserts, plus a Letsla linkage to improve the gear change. Make sure it's had the ECU reflash too.

    Great cars.

  2. Just had a look through the consultation. What a poorly written and badly phrased piece of crap. Fwiw, I have completed it and stated my objections, but frankly it's probably pointless. It brings to mind Ken Livingstones so called referendum on the western congestion charge extension. He has already said it was going ahead regardless of the outcome - this smacks of the same to me.

  3. 211s are being discontinued once the current supply of engines runs out. There was talk of a 311 but I believe that was based on the Evora chassis, but it was all smoke and mirrors and difficult to get anything definite.

    Essentially the factory have a few engines left over and once they're gone, that's it. Options wise, depends on your budget really. I would say the supercharged version is a necessity, plus the two way Ohlins. The upgraded brakes imo aren't needed - the car has plenty stopping power, and even Nick Adams who designed the car will tell you upgrading the brakes is overkill. Variable traction control is a nice toy and the car wouldn't sell well without it if you were to move it on. Not sure if it's an option or not. Get the leather seats not the cloth ones as they dry out better when you get wet. Essentially, if you ordered what they called the Launch Edition spec you'd have a car that comes with everything.

    Dealers wise - no idea in Ireland, but if you want a UK based Murrays are well thought of as mentioned already, but personally I deal with B&C in Surrey who have sold more 211s than any other UK dealer I believe - ask for Jamie if you call them. They've also exported plenty so will know their way around that side of things.

    Depending on how tall you are you might want to also order the higher screen, its only an extra inch or so but makes a bit of difference to buffeting I'm told. You will also need the standard one though as it won't pass the sva or an MOT with the higher one. Make sure you also buy the shower cape for the car, it's an excellent design and has kept mine dry when parked in monsoon like conditions. Get the lightweight five spoke wheels too - much the easiest to keep clean. And if you're a tart (like me) get the calipers painted yellow.

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