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  1. There are two screws located on the bottom lip at the front of part 5. They may thread in to two captive speed nuts attached to part 14; memory a bit vague. I am not remembering if they are an Allen hex type head or a Phillips, so take a close look prior to trying to unfasten them. My bet is a hex socket of about six mm? Once the two screws are out he piece easily removes by pulling forward. HTH Stu
  2. Bringing this old topic forward. I have exactly the same question for my 2000. Can the lift switch be pried out from the from the front? Stu
  3. stugilmour


  4. Thanks Mike. Excellent to have the info in one place. Stu
  5. Excellent guys. Thanks. A few years ago I provided an electronic copy of the service manual to the shop, so hopefully all good. The torque settings and procedures Mike and Derek provided are as per my Service Manual, page ED-36. Reason I asked for confirmation is at one point my tech mentioned a revised torque spec. I may have missunderstood; he may have meant the torque spec used for another highly modified Esprit V8 that was using ARP studs. At any rate, as we are using stock gaskets and screws, I would want the Lotus recommended torque spec to be used. Will check with the shop to
  6. Here is a picture of one of my failed gaskets.Coating is badly damaged, but not sure if this was subsequent over heating or a root cause of failure. Witness marks seem to show failure in the coolant galeries close to the liners. Failure mode of the cooling system was sudden loss of coolant, apparently from presurization of cooling system from combustion chamber. Did several combustion gas checks that were negative, final test done by my very experienced independent shop was positive. Only seemed to occur under load at reasonable rpm (say 4000 or more with some boost). No obvious cro
  7. Stu,

    i just ordered a OE set from SJ Motorsport . At first they told me only aftermarket gaskets were available , then I got an email from Steve a couple days later saying Lotus still had a few left. Part # A918E0029F, they were 600.00 GB. About $900.US. I placed the order, haven't received them yet. 

    1. stugilmour


      Thanks very much. Will phone Steve next week; too late today.  Monday is a holiday in both Canada and the U.K.  

      Was the ~ $900 US for both gaskets? I assume Steve can put a kit together pretty easily with all the other gaskets included; but I expect that would be more than $900?


    2. Mjmech



      my email is [email protected] 

      $900+\- for the two. I think aftermarket HG's are only $200. Haven't had a problem with the other aftermarket gaskets. 

      Good luck, also make sure the two mating surfaces are as clean and smooth as possible. From what I read, that's very important when using MLS gaskets.

  8. Mitch, just got contacted privately by another forum member who mentioned he had an issue with the JAE supplied head gaskets as well. We assume now we got aftermarket ones from JAE last winter as we are having identical issues to the other car. He also solved the issues with OEM gaskets.

    I cannot source the OEM gaskets locally as our dealer does not stock or source any parts for the older cars. If you get a lead on a gasket set for sure let me know. 

    I actually recovered two pieces about 1/4" diameter of what looks like head gasket material from the coolant header bottle. 

    Real pain. May have to re do the head gaskets. 


  9. Stuart,

    did you use OE or aftermarket head gaskets. 

    1. stugilmour


      I believe they were stock from JAE in CA, but I will definitely check. The shop sourced all the parts directly on the last service job. 

    2. Mjmech


      I don't like to talk on the forums. I rebuilt my V8, with aftermarket head gaskets. They failed after defore 100 miles. Changed to OE head gasket and it's been 1,500 miles now. I think the aftermarket head gaskets are junk.  The OE gaskets have a much thicker citron coating. But I'm not sure that there are any more available. According to Ralph at RS motor sports, I got the last set any where. I actually have a spare motor I would like to rebuild , but I'm waiting for this gasket situation to be figured out.

      also do the combustion check on the coolant system with the engine at temp and the Rpms over 2,500. That's the only time I would see the combustion gases . 


      Spell check changed a bunch of words. Gaskets are MLS with a Vitron coating.

    3. stugilmour


      Thanks and will do on combustion check. We have had rain here for like two week; hoping to get back to the car this week. 

  10. Thanks for that Mike. Those readings (except for boost) are what I am seeing. A bit concerned with the potential over boost; believe the previous owner mentioned something was changed in the regard but not sure of details. This was before change to Hi-Torque flash; assume the car had the stock MY 2000 NA flash when I bought the car. I have the North American spec Hi-Torque reflash performed by Lotus USA about two years ago. I also have a spare ECU (in for service right now). Have not settled on the flash it will get, but believe the tech is using a North American version of the Red
  11. Although I have not removed the panel myself, I understand it is simply held in place by double sided tape and needs to be carefully pried off. I also understand it is sufficient to remove the facia panel to replace the switches, and the whole plastic bit does not need to come out. You will need to remove the head unit and sleave though. This post will help a ton.... I have posted a bunch of other V8 heater info and pictures here in this other post that might also help.
  12. You may be right Mike. At any rate we got it installed. Does assist with warm up time particularly with heavy weight oil, which is what I was hoping for. I live at about 4300 feet next to the Canadian Rockys. Overnight temperatures are very cool, even in August. Wanted to run heavy multi grade oil for track use, but was concerned with lack of lubrication during warm up, particularly on a cool morning. What would you consider typical oil temp and pressure for the V8? I installed an oil temperature, pressure, and boost gauges for this season. Don't have a feel for what would be
  13. Barry and Wayne If you still have issues with the Cobra, Sir Lotus on the Lotus Talk forum is an excellent resource. I bought new remotes and custom remote cases from him. Very helpful. He has links to the cobra manuals in a sticky thread, and has additional information in the electrical section. As mentioned above, if you don't have the touch key the unit has to be sent to him (or someone else with the specialized knowledge and equipment) for programming. Problem; No available Touch KeySolution; Alarm ECU needs to be sent to me for programming the inclusion of Touch Key which
  14. Jon, I would also recommend checking out getting your stock rad pack re-cored, depending on what you find for issues after removal. I think they typically re-core to four row rather than the stock three row. I tried with two different alloy aftermarket rads and had issues with cracking. If you do opt for an aluminium unit, pay particular attention to how you mount it. My understanding is they must be mounted in some sort of flexible rubber mounts to prevent body flex causing them to crack. YMMV. Just my experience. Both of mine were from North American suppliers; no direct experience w
  15. Has anyone installed a PUK oil thermostat in a V8? The unit I bought is the second one down on this page. It is different than the sandwich plate type used on the four cylinder. supplied hoses look overly long to comfortably fit and attach to the hoses running to the front of the car. Pulling the long hoses forward might work but looks very awkward. Thinking of getting shorter hoses made up, but still looks like a strange fit. Wondering if anyone else has installed one of these? Are we missing something?
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