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  1. Stuart,

    did you use OE or aftermarket head gaskets. 

    1. stugilmour


      I believe they were stock from JAE in CA, but I will definitely check. The shop sourced all the parts directly on the last service job. 

    2. Mjmech


      I don't like to talk on the forums. I rebuilt my V8, with aftermarket head gaskets. They failed after defore 100 miles. Changed to OE head gasket and it's been 1,500 miles now. I think the aftermarket head gaskets are junk.  The OE gaskets have a much thicker citron coating. But I'm not sure that there are any more available. According to Ralph at RS motor sports, I got the last set any where. I actually have a spare motor I would like to rebuild , but I'm waiting for this gasket situation to be figured out.

      also do the combustion check on the coolant system with the engine at temp and the Rpms over 2,500. That's the only time I would see the combustion gases . 


      Spell check changed a bunch of words. Gaskets are MLS with a Vitron coating.

    3. stugilmour


      Thanks and will do on combustion check. We have had rain here for like two week; hoping to get back to the car this week. 

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