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  1. Stu,

    i just ordered a OE set from SJ Motorsport . At first they told me only aftermarket gaskets were available , then I got an email from Steve a couple days later saying Lotus still had a few left. Part # A918E0029F, they were 600.00 GB. About $900.US. I placed the order, haven't received them yet. 

    1. stugilmour


      Thanks very much. Will phone Steve next week; too late today.  Monday is a holiday in both Canada and the U.K.  

      Was the ~ $900 US for both gaskets? I assume Steve can put a kit together pretty easily with all the other gaskets included; but I expect that would be more than $900?


    2. Mjmech



      my email is 

      $900+\- for the two. I think aftermarket HG's are only $200. Haven't had a problem with the other aftermarket gaskets. 

      Good luck, also make sure the two mating surfaces are as clean and smooth as possible. From what I read, that's very important when using MLS gaskets.

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