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  1. Thanks for posting Dave. I will forward the link to Richard. Did you contact him regarding any issues? Glad to here you like the ratio change and shift action. Getting the car out of storage next week and install set for later in May. thx Stu
  2. Thanks for the cool link Matt. That land parcel is way larger than I thought from a drive-by. 8 km's from the house beats 980 km's to Vancouver!
  3. Assume this is the Lotus five speed (with Austin Maxi internals) that was also used in the Elan Plus 2S/5 with slight differences? If so, the UK based Elan guys speak very highly of Graham Boulton for gearbox service and parts. Unfortunately I don't have contact info or location available for you. Might be the same chap folks are thinking of? No direct experience, just seen the name several times on our Elan forum. Might be an option. Stu Edit to add this from an older 2008 post on our Elan forum. Sounds promising.. I have had gearboxes rebuilt by both Graham Boulton in Dereham, Norfolk, 01362 694367, and Alan Voigts, Wallasey, Merseyside, 0510 630 3575. Alan Voigts also does the Sierra T9 conversion for the Elan and Plus 2. I can highly recommend them both. Sean Murray
  4. Bad news Dave, Thanks for posting. My specialist will be installing the GTO kit May 20th to 25th (into my V8). Any items to watch for greatly appreciated. My understanding is the bespoke bearings supplied with the kit should fit the stock casing without issue, but I have read some folks having to mod things a bit. Based on my recent experience and your time line, get on the parts order quickly and specify fast delivery. I expect the supplier is a pretty small outfit, so getting the order underway took a bit of time. Not complaining, just the way it works for shipping overseas from a busy shop. Curious, do you think you will renew the clutch parts? Best of luck with the mod and will stay tuned.
  5. Great question Mike. Going to do a similar install this spring as well. Just curious; are you using an Alpine camera? I found an Alpine license plate frame that looks like an easy way to mount the camera, but not sure if there is an easy way to get the wire into the boot. How were you thinking of mounting? There is a suggested wire routing in this thread that looked pretty good. I find the detail pic's a bit confusing, particularly the first pic in the grouping of four pics. i think it is showing the engine bay on the right side of the car, but not sure. Anyway, the seat belt area looks like a good spot. Figured once I get into the job it will be come clearer. Assuming you need to get the wire up to the head unit. Figured I could tuck it under the centre console from behind the right seat area. HTH Stu
  6. Oh wow, that clears up a lot of the mystery! Gotta have the boot floor out to take a decent pic! I'll compare to what I have. There is a guy our side of the pond breaking a V8 that may have the various carpet sections available. Thanks very much for the help. PS I see in your profile you have upgraded your transmission. I (or more correctly a skilled specialist) is installing the GTO Racing kit in my car this spring. Is that what you used? Any Tips & Tricks appreciated, particularly if you had any issues with the install? Stu
  7. Thanks for the pic's Steve. Very helpful. Bit of a pain right now with the car in winter storage off-site. I checked the car again the other day, and it looks like the only missing carpet section is the floor piece. I think I have all of the side wall pieces intact. Not quite sure of the rear transom as there is an aftermarket Alpine amp attached to the plastic transom and some thick power wires to deal with, but I am going to call it OK for now. I traced out the shape of the luggage compartment floor and have ordered up a fitted Cocomat in black with yellow dots to match the car colour. I may have a line on a replacement black carpet piece as well. From your photo it looks like I did the floor template correctly on the front corners. I made the template slightly wider than the floor panel on the right side so it should follow the edge of the battery and fit tightly with no movement. I have also traced out the interior floor mats and getting Cocomats made up. The supplier had templates for the Esprit interior already, although I have trimmed their templates slightly on the upper corners for a tight and flat fit. Will post some pic's when I get the mats in about a month or so. Stu
  8. It will be located in the SW. IIRC he said Blackfoot Trail & Heritage Drive, but having trouble visualizing a suitable location there. Wondering if he meant Deerfoot Trail & Heritage Drive, by the Auto Circle? Perhaps along the row with Lexus, MB, BMW? Or maybe in the Auto Circle in one of the existing buildings with one of the existing brands moving to 'Luxury Row? I checked and they don't have info up on their web site yet. Anyway, a year to wait isn't bad. I would sure use them for routine service items and parts. Stu
  9. Was at The Calgary new car show today. At the Weissach display they had a sign up announcing they will be opening a new dealership in Calgary in the Spring of 2014. I believe it will carry some of their other lines like Lambo, etc.; not sure about Porsche. The architectural rendering of the building looked substantial, with a very prominent Lotus sign. Their display was pretty good, with a couple of Lambo's, Bugatti, and two Evora's. They mentioned it has been in the works for several years, but they were having difficulty finding a suitable location that they could get zoned for a dealership. In order to support Lotus in our area they have been bringing in their tech team to a local independent every six months or so. A full service dealership will be an excellent development. They are also hopeful one of the proposals for a new track in the Calgary area work out. Hoping to be able to book Track Days similar to their Lower Mainland activities. Stu .
  10. Thanks for the reply Alex. I will start or re-activate a thread in the correct section when i get closer to doing the work. Stu
  11. Thanks Alex. I hear you on the speakers. More curiosity than anything else to know the available clearance. Just new to the car, but I see earlier models had some sort of speaker installation in this area, but not sure of the size & details. Idea would be bass drivers rather than additional mid or tweeters. Thanks again. Fuel tank work looks great.
  12. Not so sure on that one Gunter. Keep in mind we haven't had a Vauxhall or Opel in the Great White North since my grandmother's was junked about 40 years ago. Sometimes the dealer is simpler. All the blanks I saw on eBay did not have the two 27 mm long x 3 mm wide x 1 mm deep grooves cut in the blank. Perhaps the idea is the locksmith simply cuts these in, but with the difficulty in finding someone to cut the key locally... Looking on Google at some Silca catalogs, it looks like either the Silca YM27P or Silca YM27T2 have the correct profile but different heads. The similar Silca HU blanks called up for Opel & Vauxhall appear to have a second groove on the other side. I suppose they might work, but who knows. I'll see how it goes with getting them cut next month. Anyway, hopefully the info here will help someone else in the future. Cheers! Thanks again for all the help.
  13. Great info Alex and Steve. Thanks for taking the extra time to post, particularly all the photo's. Alex, are you doing the job with the engine in place? Do you guys have a clearance dimension from the front of the tank to the cabin bulkhead/firewall? I am curious about available room for some speakers in this area. Would installing speakers make tank servicing more difficult or impossible? Anxiously waiting for Chapter 2 Starboard side. Essentially the same deal? Great job!
  14. Note these are for a 2000 Esprit V8; I understand the earlier cars use a different key blank that is cut differently with the key bumps on the outside of the blade both sides. The 'V8 key' (I have no idea when the key blank style changed) is called a 'Sidewinder' by the trade, and is cut on the blade but remains straight on the blade sides. The replacement blank does not have the little light in the grip. Markings on the plastic grip are SILCA Italy YM 27P Lotus Part Number for my blanks is ALCUX0005YC. Cost is CDN$ 84 each through my closest Lotus dealer. Dimensions: 43 mm long end of blade to grip. There is no shoulder on the end of the blade. 7 mm wide blade 2 mm grove on side of blade 27 mm long grove 3 mm total thickness blade 1 mm grove depth Key blank is NOT magnetic! The stock key with the little light does have a magnetic blade. I am hopeful I may be able to get these cut locally now! Stu
  15. John, these might be possibilities. I believe these products were developed for the Elise, and not sure if they are compatible with your key blank? My car is a 2000 Esprit V8 and uses a 'Sidewinder' key blank style that is different from the 'Double Key' shown for these products. The NuKey is apparently a further development of the UniKey and UniKey2, which I understand was sold by Blackwatch Racing but was no longer available. Not sure on present availability, as The UniKey2 appears to be on their web site. Is your key blank a 'Sidewinder' flat blade style or a 'Double Key' style as shown? Note I have no experience with any of these products. I just found them on the interweb when I was researching key blanks and replacement fobs for my car. I have not contacted either vendor to check on availability or compatibility with the Esprit. I would be interested in something like this, but have recently ordered a spare stock immobilizer fob, a new immobilizer fob case, and two new key blanks (that hopefully I can get cut locally) to get me sorted for my new car. This link shows 'Other Solutions' that might float your boat. Randy Chase NuKey Link Blackwatch Racing UniKey Link Here is a thread link that provides some background on Randy developing the NuKey. Note the picture about half way down page 1 of the two types of Ilco key blanks used for the Elise. This is where I temporarily shelved the idea for my Esprit V8 because I have a different key blank. Not sure if your Esprit (or other Esprit models) use either of these two key blanks? HTH Stu
  16. An Update... I received a phone call from the dealer and my key blanks are in stock now from Lotus UK. He is going to pop them in the mail to me. I understand they are as expected without the little light in them. I also contacted Chris Brown at Lotus After Sales (ASO) in the UK. (Thanks again Bibs). Very helpful reply. He tells me Lotus does not offer cut keys, only blanks. He was unaware of an issue getting the steel key blanks cut, and wants me to update him if there is an issue. The parts rep at Weissach Lotus (also very helpful) contacted his regular locksmith, and he will no longer cut the steel keys either. He was able to find another locksmith locally, so I think it will all work out. Plan is to get the keys cut in Vancouver when I am down in May. HTH someone in the future, and will update when I have working keys. Stu
  17. Welcome Bill. Agree it doesn't sound like the immobilizer. Hope you get it sorted. Advice above sounds like a good start. Sure sounds like low fuel pressure to me, but not overly familiar with the car yet. You can look at the Cobra manual here if you need for future reference. Unfortunately they are not in a down-loadable format though. Michael 'SirLotus' really knows the Cobra systems and can supply parts, reprogramming, touch keys, key fobs, etc. our side of the pond. To check if the stock immobilizer module is present in your car, look under the passenger side dash area below the airbag hatch. Should be a rectangular box there. See part 9 in pic. HTH
  18. Thanks guys. Can anyone provide a few pics looking towars the sides and the transom so I can duplicate correctly? thx Stu
  19. Can someone post some photo's of the finished luggage compartment? I have found several pretty good pictures looking forward toward the engine bay, but nothing clearly showing the interior sides or the rear transom panel. I think some of the trunk trim panels are missing from the car, but not sure how it is set up. I have looked over the parts book picture for the luggage compartment carpet, but not sure if the carpet pieces are just attached directly to the exterior body panels of if secondary panels line the luggage compartment? Is the battery always visible or does a panel cover it up? On the left side of the car I think I may be missing carpet and/or a panel. Spoke with the previous owner today and he understands the missing pieces were removed (before he owned the car) to accommodate a custom made sub-woofer assembly of some kind. Hoping I can figure out what is missing and find salvage pieces or make something up that is at least approximately correct. Any ideas on if the trunk panel are the same between model years would also be helpful. Sorry, I can't post a picture of what my car looks like now as the car is in storage. I have attached a few pics from the 'net though. Basically missing the compartment sides, but not sure what they are made of or how they fit? Thanks in advance. Any help appreciated.
  20. Thanks Bibs. I added the review and all good now. I see it is mapping correctly as well. Stu
  21. Map looks great! Added a review for my regular shop. Sweet! I added another shop with the create button at the start of this thread. Not my shop, have just had work done there and thought it should be on the list and give it a good review. Won't let me leave a review now though as it says it is my listing. Did I screw up when I created it? Would you prefer we send you the info rather than create, even if we don't own the shop? Shop not coming up on the big map yet, but is in the listings and mapping in the little window correctly. It's this one... Richmond Auto Clinic Thought you should know. thx Great feature. Stu
  22. Thank you Gary. Looking forward to getting down your way in the spring. Perhaps we could arrange an informal get together with Mark et al.
  23. The blanks I am buying are from the Lotus dealer, hence extra cost I guess. Spoke with the locksmith again, and he says he has picked to locks before using a Ford pick. He is thinking he can figure something out with his available blanks (presumably brass). Once I receive the Lotus supplied blanks and have the car out of storage I will give it a shot. Hoping that the dealer supplying the blanks has a locksmith local to him that can cut the steel keys, but I guess we will see in May when I am in his area. I contacted a second Lotus dealer (we only have three for all of Canada!). He said the same thing, that only blanks are supplied by Lotus dealers and I have to get them cut locally. This seems at variance to others experience, who can get pre-cut keys from Lotus UK from the VIN & proof of ownership. I don't have the original key code or 'key number' referred to in the owner's manual, which I understand allows the dealer (or locksmiths?) to cut a new key to the correct profile. Interestingly, neither dealer asked for the key code, so not sure that would help out too much. Anyway, all a bit mysterious, but should get sorted out in a couple of months. Key fob is in the mail, so should be sorted shortly. Stu
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