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  1. Hi Matt. Thanks for the help. I think mine is a bit different from your picture. Mine appears to be a flat blade that is 44 mm long and 8 mm wide. The bumps for the key are cut into both sides of the blade but the outside profile of the key remains smooth. There is one groove cut in the edge of the key that is 23 mm long. it is very similar to this uncut one, save that the side groove is shorter than the 28 mm shown. Also, the end of the key is less rounded than this example. Mine has the number 296 on the blade, which I assume is the blade size. I understand this is called a "Sidewinder" style key by the trade. I have taken the lighted portion of my one functional key apart, and it requires a VARTA V625U 1.5 V button battery, which is apparently reasonably common for cameras and such (my local battery shop has them in stock). They are a replacement for a PX-625 battery, that is different chemistry; I can't imagine this is an issue for the little light bulb. I broke down and ordered two unlit key blanks from the dealer ($84 each!), which should arrive in a couple of weeks. The lit key blank is NLA from Lotus. Interestingly, another guy in the 'States has ordered a fully cut unlit key from his dealer (coming from the UK I guess, hasn't received yet) for $64 using his VIN, but unfortunately my dealer doesn't offer this service. Thanks again for the help. Looks like the key changed a bit by model year, so all a bit confusing.
  2. Can someone confirm this is the best available blank key for my 2000 Esprit V8? We don't have Vauxhall's and Opel's here in Canada any more, but I understand from archive posts this is the blank type used for the car? If it is the correct blank it is considerable less spendy than one from the Dealer. Ideally I could find one with the little light in it like my original, but if this is the correct blank it will do as a spare. I have found a guy locally that can cut it from my original, but he is not sure of the blank type for a Lotus. He is a mobile locksmith, so not easy for me to just compare to what he has on hand. Thanks Stu
  3. In Calgary Alberta Canada. I haven't seen Mark T-C mention this shop before, but they have done tons of great work on my Plus 2. In addition, I have seen lots of Elans, Lo Corts, Europa's & four cylinder Esprits in the shop over the years. Asked Malcolm about Esprit V8's, and not so much, although he has added several V8's to MG's. He aprenticed in the UK with Lotus years ago, and is a full service shop. Auto-Mann Malcolm Mann 4528 Manilla Road S.E Calgary AB T2G 4B7 Canada (403) 243-9556 Mon to Fri 8:30am and 5:00pm Often in on Saturday mornings.
  4. Welcome Russ. I took a quick look for Europa's for sale and they do seem to be thin on the ground right now. There were definitely some very nice looking TC's in NA over the last year though, so be patient. I was considering one, but recently opted for an Esprit to fit my Plus size! Were you looking for a project or a ready to go example?
  5. Thanks for the link John, I had not seen that excellent article and it fills in some blanks for me in my current quest to find a gearbox upgrade kit. If you can share any experience with the various upgrades it would be great; I have revived an older thread in the gearbox tech section. I am just wading through archive posts as I am new to the car. Gunter, the written article in the link is about six years old and authored by the chap that made up the kits in the States. It is from the Lotus Ltd club publication, Remarque. The video review is a different guy. His review of both cars sounded pretty complete to me.
  6. Thanks again Gunter. Just noticed your note about Mark T-C. Yes, I have been in touch with him (spoke with him before buying the car actually). He has installed a couple of the Holloway kits in the past. Unfortunately he is not working on other folks cars at this point, and does not have a kit available. He is about 2 1/2 hours from me, which is pretty much considered 'local' here. He is contacting a chap that has one to see if he will part with it, but at this point I am assuming he bought it to use it himself as he also has several performance upgrade parts which probably make the gearbox upgrade prudent. Still hoping to hear from GTO. Will try phoning tomorrow; I am too late today for time zones. Anyone have the GTO mod installed in their V8? Would be very interested in opinions, any issues with the install, and whether any machining of the MY 2000 V8 gearbox would be required to complete the install. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Gunter. Very helpful. Understand from Jeff at JAE our side of the pond the second gear synchro parts are presently difficult to source, so looking for alternate sources. Don't want to start the job without all parts available as I will be driving roughly 12 hours to my available specialist to get the work done, and my wife would be pretty ticked if i stayed out of town waiting on parts. I am getting some other work done at the same time, so all good. We need to replace front shocks, align the car, adjust the cam belts, and do a general service. Although I have done some wrenching on my other Lotus, I am not competent to repair this gearbox, clutch, linkage, etc. whether upgraded or just leaving stock and replacing the synchro, adjusting the linkage, etc. Due to the distance to my specialist we will be putting in new replacement parts for the clutch anyway. I didn't realize the trans-axle comes out with the engine in place; I figured it was pulled as a unit, so what do I know? I have not received my Workshop Manual yet, but expect it in a week or two. I have emailed GTO (a couple of times actually) like you suggested and hoping to hear back this week. Would also like to know if they offer completely built up modded gearboxes with the Quaife installed, as that might save a bunch of shop time and avoid being caught missing some required part. Pretty sure this is not the cheapest option, but it will be 20 degrees below zero Celsius here this week, so home wrenching has it's own challenges. Been reading up on the upgrades, and it looks like the revised ratio's in the Holloway and GTO kits are subtly different, which is kind of interesting. Any reports of experience with either one? <edit> Just got an email from Craig at Holloway Performance. He sold his last kit a few months ago to an Esprit owner right in my area! He is not planning making any more kits at this time as it took several years to sell out. Will be pursuing the GTO option I guess, unless I can find one of the kits locally. Cheers!
  8. Thanks Travis. I have managed to find the Quaife LSD locally. The specialist doing the work has one in stock. Want the upgrade because right now the box is diabolical to shift. Basically because it is so expensive to remove the box and service the clutch that would like to do the upgrade at the same time. Looking things over on the 'net I think the upgrade has merit; tightens the first / second ratios reducing strain in the synchro and strengthens the box. No first hand experience with it mind you, and nothing readily available locally to compare. Maybe will hear from others that have made the change? Other part that is turning out to be difficult to source is the second gear synchro. Can anyone confirm the upgrade kits do not include the synchro, and that it is the same stock part even with the ratio changes? Last thing we want is to get the whole deal apart and be missing stuff.
  9. Realize this is an old thread. This is exactly the same issue I am having with my 2000 Esprit V8, although not quite as bad as the OP. New to the car and the topic, so adding some current info and trying to find suppliers in NA / Canada. Any help appreciated. Contacted Jeff at JAE today. They do not stock the upgrade, but he provided contact info for a US supplier Holloway Performance. I have got in touch with them and waiting to hear back on availability; their web site info is presently a year or two old. I appears their upgrade is slightly different from the GTO upgrade as it uses stock bearing sizes and does not require machining of the case. It uses stock clutch assembly. In my email I have asked about the Quaife LS, but it is not listed in the kit brochure. Jeff also provided contact info for the Quaife distributor for the US. Unfortunately JAE no longer stock the LS due to the change to an exclusive Quaife distributor in the US. It appears the US distributor is wholesale only, so trying to find a supplier with an account set up that will ship to Canada. Any help appreciated; might be easier to get from the UK? Again, I am completely new to this issue so any help appreciated. Have also contacted GTO by email. Not sure on present supply availability; waiting to here back. Looks like (from their web site and FastZilla's post above) that they can provide a complete trans-axle c/w the 2nd gear upgrade and the Quaife LS, which I must say would be great to find our side of the pond. Thanks for any help on this one. I would like to get stuff lined up in the next few weeks so I can get the work done in April or May. Having read some of the excellent cautionary posts on this, I really can`t see doing a Track Day with the shifting as poor as it is now.
  10. Yes it was Mike. I purchased it at our local Porsche store; the PO had traded it in before Christmas. I found it listed on the Autotrader web site. The distinctive CF wrap was only done a few months before the PO sold the car. Although pretty much stock, it has an amazing stereo system in it. The car was originally sold in the US and brought up to the Calgary area two owners and about four years ago. Don't know for other Canadian V8's, but this one has odometer & outer speedo scale in mph. Also does not have DTRL's. Thanks for the welcome & complements. I should explain the slightly shabby appearance of the Plus 2. That's the phone pic I took immediately after returning from LOG32 in Orlando, which was close to 6,900 miles round trip as we came back through Texas and Colorado to avoid Sandy. Figure the Esprit will be a better highway car. :-) Hope to be down your way this summer. Should have mentioned I really enjoyed the dinner last year the BC Lotus Club and Evergreen Club from WA arranged after the ABFM.
  11. Did a bit of an intro here: Stu Calgary AB '69 Plus 2 '00 Esprit V8
  12. Have picked up my new (to me) 2000 Esprit V8 in the last week. Love the car! Although I am new to the Esprit, I have owned a 1969 Plus 2 for about five years. I met a good part of the local Esprit community about four years ago on a run to Banff (organized by Mark T-C) when I was still restoring the Plus 2. I have been more active on the Elan forum than here. Was very attracted to the Esprit, but the thought of two Loti seemed overwhelming. I have since driven the Plus 2 to two LOG's (in Las Vegas and Orlando), and two VanDusen All British Field Meets in Vancouver. I am pretty poor with names and faces, but enjoyed meeting many of the Esprit folks at all these events. Future plans for this year include the VanDusen ABFM and the West Coast Lotus Meet. Unfortunately LOG33 at the Glen won't fit this year. Hoping to get a few items sorted on the Esprit, with an eye toward the Track day at Kent. The new car presents very well, just needing a bit of attention; sure I will have a few specific questions going forward. I chatted with the previous owner this morning and he was extremely helpful, filling in info on recent maintenance, a few bits to pick up, etc. Look forward to seeing you folks down the road and participating in the forum.
  13. Mark, car looks great. Sent you a message with contact info if you have a minute.. Stu
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