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  1. spotted today around 10.30ish A27 eastbound at shoreham flyover, any one on here?
  2. spotted again matt, had to be yours, spitting some oil out the back?, if you ever need a hand give me a shout, regards jim.
  3. just across the road from you simon walton close off stone lane
  4. thanks simon, bit of a shock to see first thing this morning while still half a sleep!
  5. black esprit poss v8 @ broadwater worthing 7am today, anybody
  6. hi everybody, my problem is i have a split rear flexi brake hose ( caliper to radius arm ) its on an early 94 s4 with the standard calipers not brembo, the flexi hose has different ends, a course thread into the caliper and the other end looks to be standard m10, sj's have supplied 2 new hoses that are too short and have m10 fittings both ends which they say are correct, does anybody know the thread size into the caliper or have any suggestions, many thanks.
  7. will be my 1st time out so look forward to meeting you all, jim. 1: Cliff (GGHC87) 2: Simon (tinywillyuk) 3. Chris (red vtec) 4: Gary (sparky) 5: Trevsked (Trevor) 6: Chris (esprit22) 7: Matt (caulkhead68) 8: Andrew (obione) 9: cj (wookie) 10: jim (jim1471)
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