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  1. *lol*
  2. there is no IPS option for the S, the CR gearbox will be standard for the S. the S will be available as 2+0 or 2+2 sources: well... can't possibly comment on that
  3. "Please note that due to gearbox limitation, the max rev limit on Evora fitted with Lotus IPS is 6500 rpm. The additional rev limit usually available by pressing the Sport button is therefore cancelled in order to preserve the car." still want further infos ?
  4. Hey guys, if you are looking for the genuine printed manuals, I do have some of the old ones for sale. - Parts List Elite/Eclat (075) - Parts List Esprit MY93 onwards - Parts List Elan Turbo - Parts List Esprit V8 MY96 onwards - Parts List Esprit V8/GT3 MY96-04 - Service Notes Esprit (079) - Service Notes Elite/Eclat (075) CBA to put them onto Ebay, if you are interested, drop me a PN.
  5. finally a voice of reason. However, they won't qualify at all for the TG scoreboard
  6. 11 yrs old Pakistanis are not allowed to drive the car ( )
  7. well, this "available in any colour" will only sprout some gay idiots asking for one in pink, gold or flip-flop colours. However, in this price range you might need to offer full free choice. It might have been a smarter move to offer lets say 10 in JPS, 10 in Camel livery, 10 in Gold Leaf etc. (ooops, too many, they'll only build 25 + 2 replacement chassis for Jay Leno when he crashes the first one).
  8. as the car has a dry weight of 650, they haven't managed to get it above 1000 bhp/t *booo* building just 25 of them doesn't sound like a healthy profit, however it might keep Danyboy from hiring two or three more ex-Ferrari chaps. more info and pics over at
  9. a FXX-alike program could well be planned, since they've registered EXOS for Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; land vehicles and parts and fittings therefor included in Class 12. Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement; rental of motor racing cars; arrangement of vehicle rental; arranging of vehicle hire; arranging of racing vehicle hire; booking seats for transportation by motor vehicles; charter of land vehicles; charter of motor racing vehicles; leasing of vehicles; leasing of motor racing vehicles; recovery services for vehicles; services for the garaging of vehicles; storage of parts for motor vehicles; transport of motor vehicles; vehicle contract hire. Education; providing of training; entertainment; on-line entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; lottery services; electronic games services provided by means of the Internet; the provision of on-line electronic publications; organisation and conducting of exhibitions, shows and conferences regarding automobiles, motor racing and vehicle engineering; organising and conducting events relating to automobiles and motor sport; motor racing; advanced driving instruction for drivers of motor cars; entertainment services provided at a motor racing circuit; organising of motor racing events; organisation of competitions relating to motor vehicles; provision of information relating to motor racing; provision of information relating to motor sports; training for automobile competitions; driving training services; driver tuition; vehicle handling instruction; education and instruction regarding vehicles and driving of vehicles; providing information regarding vehicles and the driving and handling of vehicles; filming services, videotaping services; organising and running of a motor racing team; organisation of automobile races; instructional services relating to the maintenance and repair of vehicles; providing an on-line computer game relating to engineering or to vehicles or to parts and fittings of vehicles; providing an on-line entertainment experience to test drive virtual vehicles; the provision of the foregoing services via the internet, a computer database, via telecommunications or via any other communications.
  10. the issue is that you'll have to look through various trademark registers - UK *or* EU *or* US or *WPO*, there are so many ways to register something these days.
  11. from the looks of it, there might be a fitment issue for some
  12. So... the trademark registration for "Exos" (CTM 009299223, received yesterday) is "under examination"...
  13. AFAIK you cannot do that if there is a dealer attributed to your territory. The only direct sales I've seen so far were a batch order for RSR Nurburg, two 2-Elevens for Richard Eisenberg in Costa Rica and a car to Griffin TaxFree (supplying UK forces etc.).
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