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  1. There's no harm in informing the dealer if he stated things that were incorrect. You have nothing to loose, and if you're lucky you may be able to negotiate something back. Cars looks in great condition, which is far more important than the age.
  2. If they are annoying me I normally slow down, then accelerate to open a gap. They will floor it and as they do ease off a bit so they can catch fast. When they are close a quick dab of left foot brake to get the lights on normally scares them off. If it doesnt repeat the process. They soon get the hint.
  3. I'm not surprised given history. Renault were let off for having Mclaren car designs on there servers as well. Mclaren got the $100m fine, and just after that Renault were found to have Mclaren data on there servers but were let off without charge because it couldnt be proved they used it to any benefit.
  4. It a joke. Act of 'unparalleled severity' and then as good as let off. 2 year suspended disqualification should they do something similar again. A voluntery contribution to the FIA saftey scheme was accpeted - isnt that a bribe!
  5. Apart from Ferrari no F1 team has a great deal to do with there brand name any more, so why should a Lotus branded team be any different. All these teams get some cash from there namesake, but in real terms the F1 team have virtually nothing to do with the car makers except advertising.
  6. Briatorie and Symonds going is no great surprise. Reading the 'leaks' over the last few days, Symonds wouldn't answer incremenating questions and said he wouldnt lie but was holding back, but he did refer to the pre race meetings with Piquet and Briatorie. Briatorie however just denied absolutly everything including the meetings, so blatently lied.
  7. Yes, bolt patterns are identical. It's only the front hub size that changed.
  8. If putting S4/GT3 or V8 wheels on an SE, the fronts will need machining out from 58 to 60mm if keeping the SE hubs. The rears wil fit straight on without modication.
  9. Central driver and 2 passenger seats like the F1. It would make the car so much more useable.
  10. Brunel Univeristy, London - of Proffesor Heinz Wolff fame if anybody remembers him.
  11. I bought 2 newish cars, 06 and 08 plates, in January this year as prices were rock bottom. I'm not sure if its always a good time but it certainly was this year. Prices are a fair bit higher now than they were in January.
  12. Forgetting about sustained boost etc just the added driveability the extra low down torque gives you I beleive makes chipping worth while. A stock S4s chip is far better than stock SE, but the #3 is a vast improvement on this making the car a lot easier to drive everywhere, not just on the open road foot to the floor. The difference in driveability is much greater than you would expect. How mechanically sympathetic it is is largely down to your right foot and what chip you choose. If you've got the offer to try a chip in your GT3 you realy should give it a go just to experience it. Theory is great, but no substitute for a real life test.
  13. On Pistonheads theres a yellow S4s thats been advertised by said dealer for ages. In the last few weeks a second add for the same car has also appeared on Pistonheads (at the same time) for
  14. I got myS4s Memcal from John Welsh a few years ago also. I am pretty sure he was the only source of new memcals, but I think he sold out quite some time ago now. Glad the rightup was of use Carl. I always wondered how the board would fit in reality, so took some pictures as I am sure others may have been wondering also.
  15. Its not just Ferrari making noises about quiting. Its all bar about 3 teams now. None of the manufacturers want any part of it with the new rules.
  16. I saw the first launch of Challenger, STS6 if I remember correctly.
  17. I could be wrong, but I dont think they are allowed to measure speed across traffic travelling in the opposite direction, hence cameras, vans, mobiles etc are always placed on the side of the road being tracked.
  18. MOT shouldn't be a problem. Mine gets through fine. Difficult to say how much difference a decat makes on its own as like most I changed the whole exhaust. You will definately get the odd pop and bang without it.
  19. TomTom are very good but they dont (or didnt used to anyway) supply a mains charger as standard. I have a TomTom XL and if it's not fully charged it will not always turn on without a reset. Give it a full charge and its fine. I would still recommend it though.
  20. I mentioned it because the advert only says its been repaired. That won't necessarily effect its value, but being CAT D will.
  21. That particular car appeared on Pistonheads a few days ago Jonathan. On that advert it mentions its a CAT D. They seem to have forgotton to mention that on ebay.
  22. There's a big crash and then they put in speed cameras.
  23. This car is on Pistonheads as a CAT D. A repair is mentioned on ebay but not that it is on the register.
  24. Along similar lines there was a story some time ago that the government consider the cost in lost fuel revenue when deciding whether to upgrade/build new roads to ease congestion.
  25. As some of you are obvioulsy watch experts, what is your opinion on Tissot watches, in particuler the t-touch: T33.7.888.92 or perhaps the: T013.420.44.202 Obvioulsy a different type of watch altogether to the Breitling, but would you consider these good watches worth considering or expensive short term gimmicks? I know nothing about Tissot to be honest, but they caught my eye when looking for a watch. Opinions appreciated.
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