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  1. If the race was deemed to be worth only half the points, shouldn't the fans get half their money back. I cant see that happening some how.
  2. True they have been caught a number of times, but at the same time it cannot be denied they seem to get the highest penalties. I was always a Ferrari fan to be honest, but the number of things that Ferrari seem to get away with, which other teams get big penalties for cirtainly sways there support. The Ferrai spy scandal is still by no means one sided. The information wasn't stolen in as much as Mclaren didnt go into Ferrari and take it. It was given to them by a Ferrari employer. What Mclaren did with it was wrong, and they were in posetion of stolen material, but at the same time Ferrari needs to get there house in order so employees dont go giving away there secrets. Have you seen that the Mclaren sporting director has been given the boot. Seems he instegated a plan and told Hamilton to not tell all the facts at the meeting - Madness.
  3. It's supposed to have yellow wheels also.
  4. I dont think anybody is disagreeing that rules are broken and penalties should be given, but its the inconsistancy of the penalties. Are other sports so inconsistant? They dont care about what happened on track now in this case. Its just what was and wasnt said in a meeting. There is no official transcript of what was said in the meeting (so no one can argue either way about that), only what was said on the radio and that showed a lot of confusion and the team asking for clarification and not getting it. The FIA are very good at blaming, but useless at giving any meaningful direction when requested during a race, and won't stand by any answers they may happen to give. They make the rules up as they go along. Last year a 25 second penalty could not be revoked regardless of any appeal. Now it seems they can (which is sensible) as they gave 3rd place back which was taken away by a 25 second penalty. Mclaren disagree with the misleading information allegation, but the penalty is being accepted - a no brainer given past history. The last time Mclaren appealed (the Ferrari pass) it cost them millions in court fees (and that time they did get clarification during the race and were told the pass was OK).
  5. They say they made a mistake of not going through the radio conversation at the hearing. That is it. They arent accepting blame for anything else, and they know they have to accept whatever is thrown at them as appeals never go in their favour. It is said that car telemetry shows Hamilton did not slow to let Trulli pass. If thats the case, then if anything Trulli's statement is questionable. Although the team told Hamilton to let him pass, it seams Trulli passed when Hamilton was disagreeing with the team about the need to let him through. It would be interesting to see if any video footage comes to light of the actual pass to see what did happen. Taking a step back, this was all triggered by Trullis mistake in the first place, and it was the stewards who promoted Hamiton to 3rd, and it is the FIA who has decided to look into it despite Toyota withdrawing there appeal. Mclaren didnt ask to be this situation.
  6. Heres a link to the ITV F1 Website that contains a Mclaren statement. ITV F1 I guess Mclaren arent going to appeal this as historically that always landed them in more trouble.
  7. I have been reading a load of news sites pointed by NewsNow F1. It looks like its not what was said, but what was not said at the meeting they are making a fuss about. However, what was not said was some of the information on the recordings, but Hamilton and Mclaren assumed this information was common knowledge as you would expect the FIA/stewards to have reviewed evidence that is in there own possesion.
  8. Mclaren werent hiding anything. All radio conversations are recorded and Mclaren not surprisingly thought the stewards and the FIA would have listened to them before going to a hearing. This is an FIA mistake for not reviewing all available evidence. How can Mclaren be accused of covering up evidence when its on recordings owned by the FIA. You could even say the recordings should go in Mclarens favour as they show Mclaren tried a few times to get clarification from race control what to do and were told they were too busy to give an answer each time as to what the race order should be. The correct order is Hamilton in front of Trulli it appears as, Trulli lost it on the final bend just as the safety was being deployed, but the confusion was becuse the teams didnt see this, so thought the overtake was under the safety car when it wasnt.
  9. Well I gues they said the new rules should produce more overtaking. The're weren't wrong. So far Hamilton has overtaken Trulli, half the field then overtook Trulli, Hamilton went out, Trulli overtook half the field again, and they weren't even racing at the time. And we still have the prospect of the Brawns, Toyotas and Williams going out. I dont know why they bother with any more races. The first race could last all season at this rate.
  10. Disqualification for not likeing an answer to a question that was asked days after the race seems mad. Mclaren didnt even ask for 3rd place. They were given it. They were happy with 4th, and now have been disqualified having been given 3rd and questioned about it by the FIA. Trulli however has had an non reversable penalty reveresed. I gues when they ban the diffusers after the next race and change all the race results again, it would have made Hamilton the Australian winner and would have put him too far in front of Ferrari for there likeing.
  11. Nothings changed this year by the looks of things. Hamilton has been disqualified from the Australian GP over the 'Trulli overtaking him under the safety car incident', and Trulli has been given 3rd place back. Trulli was given a 25 second penalty, like Hamilton was last year after overtaking Kimi which could not be overruled after the race so the Mclarens appeal was thrown out. That rule only applies to Mclaren it seems.
  12. A properly designed diffuser will not just reduce lift, it will create downforce. It will speed up the air exiting from under the car. If the mass of air is constant, but the velocity is higher, the result is less pressure, hence downforce.
  13. Those arent SE bumpers - no oil coolers in the front, and I dont recognise the rear bumber. An SE has wire mesh running all the way across the centre section , and then smaller wire mesh sections where the exhaust tip exits and a matching mesh on the other side. That looks more like an NA bumper, but it isnt. I guess this is one of the US Stevens transition cars, so it may have the citroen gearbox.
  14. Thats not an SE. If unsure, checking the engine for a chargecooler is one obvious way of checking, but that car just does not look like an SE. As well as the extra grills on the bumpers and angular sills, the SE also has a slightly revised interior. Note the strips running accross on the centre console between the seats, SE have a flat leather panel here. SE's date from 1989.
  15. Looks like the FIA has scheduled a hearing for some time after the second race of the season if the teams continue to appeal now all the cars have passed scrutineering. This means the first 2 races are a farce.
  16. I tend to watch the races these days to see what stupid decisions are made, and it looks like the farce is starting all over again even before the first race. Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull and BMW are disputing the diffusers on the Brawn, Toyota and Williams, saying they are illegal under the new rules. FIA inspections at pre season testing said they were OK, but the FIA had supposedly told Renault and Red Bull they couldn't use something similar when those teams asked for design clarification months ago. The FIA actually told these teams to lodge a protest at the first GP, meaning the race is going to be run under appeal making it a total farce. Why wait to the first race to decide if the cars legal. They could have sorted this weeks/months ago.
  17. Also remember panels need to be kept clean. Try another test Jonathan. Blank out a small area, and you will probably see a similar lack of efficiency regardless of orientation.
  18. You could also try Malwarebytes - free version. It is very good at finding and removing things others cant.
  19. Most Truvelos I've seen look like they use 2 induction 'lines' close together. They are not terribly far in front of the cameras, a similar sort of distance to the calibrated markings you see after a Gatso.
  20. Mine is still the original manifold with around 26K miles on it, but I have a receipt for a repair weld quite a few years ago, hence I voted Replaced / Fixed <16-20 yrs old.
  21. It looks like Ross Brawn has completed a management buyout. It's not officially anounced but it looks like they are getting ready to go testing. Various reports on here:
  22. The Vauxhall dealers around my way are pretty good. There's 3 Picadors and and a Hartwells all within a few miles of each other. I gues a bit of competition may help. My local Picador could not have been more helpful. I have just had a new engine fitted to an 06 zafira sri under warranty. I wasnt even the legal owner when they took the car in (engine went bad during money transfer period on a private sale) but they encouraged me to go through with the purchase and gave me a coutesy car for about 3 weeks while they got the engine. Regarding prices, prices seem very regional at the moment. Not many bargains to be had down South I found.
  23. Exactly. A drunk could be doing 25 swerving all over the road, but an unmaned camera would let him go. I am not saying speeding is Ok, but this form of catching drivers can easily let the most dangerous drivers through.
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