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  1. I did exactly what you are condisering as the 17s are much easier to source. Machine out the 17 fronts, not the hubs, means you can switch back to originals. My main problem was finding somewhere that would/could machine them.

    Remember they are hub centric so need to be accurately machined - I did about 0.1mm oversize and that was perfect.

  2. Turns out there were two incidents. The yellow/red was in response to the Kobayashi overtake. This is an overtake on Vergne. I've seen it said the Red Bull told Vergne to stay more than 20 seconds behind Vettle in case there was an issue - which he didnt.

  3. We were in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. Not Sanford, but Alamo at Orlando International just tell you what lanes your category of car is in. Keys are in the doors and take which one you want. They had a couple of chargers in the end lane, but its all first come first served for cars in your class.

    While you're there I'd recomend the Richard Petty Nascar driving experience. I did the ride along at the Disney Speedway along with my kids. If you've got young ones, the Disney Speedway takes kids from about 6 years old - the only track that does.

    Also the Vehicle Assembly Building at the space centre is currently open for the first time in about 30 years. Atlantis is in there awaiting preperation for display.

  4. I phone up to cancel and take a new policy every year. They just ask why you are cancelling and when you tell them they say OK. The online discount is for new policies, not new customers. Aren't 0845 numbers free to dial from BT.

    There policies do state they are auto renewel so you do sign up to that.

  5. I've had sky multiroom with movies for a few years. I have just moved house and called to change address and then complained about my old non HD boxes and how I was considering and investigating the best HD options now i.e. sky or virgin.

    In the end I was given a 500GB HD+ box for staying (but had to pay £15 postage for it).

    I then took out an HD subscription and paid a one off £49 to get an additional 1TB HD+ box with free install (it was £149 with self install :huh:). They have also just changed the HD pricing so you only need 1 HD subscription now to get HD on all multiroom boxes - previously it was one HD subscription per box.

    I was then offered and accepted all sky sports channels for an additional ~£3 a month now I had multiroom, movies, and HD.

    So, depending on what you have already, sky sports may not be as expensive as you think. I definately wasnt wanting to pay £20 for it and had no intention of subscribing, but for £3 it was a no brainer. It could be worth giving them a call.

  6. Hi Colin,

    Tried to PM but I think your message box must be full.

    Feel free to PM me. I have just emptied mine.


  7. I have an 89 G plate Turbo SE I'm thinking of selling as I'm moving house and it doesnt get used much. About 26500 genuine miles, very good red paintwork, very good cream leather interior. Currently on GT3 rims (fronts bored out so original hubs meaning the original wheels I still have still fit). EPC front discs, green pads all round, braided brake lines, recirculating dump valve, currently running #3 chip using memcal adaptor board so memcal not butchered. Also currently using flat bottomed steering wheel although I still have the original so easy to get back to original. Sports exhaust and decat pipe, but I have the old cat as well.

    Let me know if you may be interested. I'm in Hampshire

  8. Cliff, is it a sky+ box. I had grief with mine locking up and turning off regularly some time ago. It had symptons like the reported power supply problems. I did a defrag on it from the hidden service menu and that fixed it. One way to tell if this needs doing is by looking at the blue bar and yellow position indicator on the bar. If on the last program in your planner the yellow bar doesnt move completetly to the end of the dark blue (used space) then it needs a defrag.

  9. I beleive most sport systems are based on arbitrage betting, which is where the odds from different bookies conflict allowing a win win situation regardless of outcome of the event. By betting calcalated amounts with each bookie on the different outcomes you can guarantee to make money.

    In theory it sounds good, and you wont get blacklisted for always winning as you will always loose on one of the bets. However, to make it work you need software to compare all online odds realtime to find anomilies and place bets of calculated ratios with each bookie before the odds change - which is where the system could easily fall down. You'd have to be brave to try it, and would need to bet big to capitalise on the what would normally be only small discrepencies in the odds.

  10. Good program but the guys making the kit seemed stuck in there ways and a bit clueless/reluctant to use anything other than there standard basic materials and construction methods. Its not rocket science to use glues that don't disolve polysterene, and why not construct ply box sections for wing spars instead of using great lengths of steal.

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