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  1. When I was looking for an Esprit I test drove an 89 Turbo with SS braided brake lines, but stock disks and pads. The car I bought, an 89 SE, currently has completely stock brakes, but I am sure the car with SS lines felt much better on the brakes. I am planning on getting SS lines fitted when it is serviced soon as I think this may make a noticeable difference (along with the turbo groove disks and pads that I have had in garage for a year but havent found the time to fit).

  2. I started to fit new doors handles aquired from SJ. I started with the drivers side. Its fairly easy to remove the old handle, but fitting the new handle definately was not. I found that the alignment of the linkage attachment on the new handle was slightly different to my old handle, and this meant all the rods would need adjusting. My late 89 SE rods look slightly different to Kato's, as his appears to have an adjustment in the linkage below the rotating arm which would have made life a whole lot easier. The handle works now but the internal door handle linkage is currently slightly wrong for internal unlocking. I found adjusting the rods very awkward.

    I am in no rush to attempt the other side now.

    Perhaps somebody can help me here - if you take the handle apart, can the position of the rotating arm (that the downward links attach to) be repositioned? Mine realy needs to be rotated slightly, and then I could get the linkages correct, and would make installation a whole lot easier. A small change here has a major effect on the linkages.


  3. It can happen. I've had a RAID 5 server go down recently. 2 out 3 disks failed together, hence not rebuildable without restoring from backup - and absolutly no warning. A few years ago I had a RAID 3? (mirrored disks) system go down. One drive got corrupt and copied the errors onto the good disk. Both different manufacturers.


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