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  1. Good advice there Toby. My license is clean at the moment so to be honest, rather than be 'flagged' it is probably best just to accept it. I sent my license off to get an address change a couple of days before, so am waiting for that back before replying to save any wheres your license problems. It says I have 28 days to respond.

    Good luck with your case Gary.

    The only other time I got points was a few years ago. I was driving along a quiet A road about midnight through the country and it was a pitch black night. I wasn't going that fast, around 60, so not even breaking the limit. A car came flying up behind me, tailgated me, and all I could see was his headlights. I reacted and sped up, and then he put his flashers on. He told me he chased me because he thought I was driving too fast along a dangrous road. I was 25 and driving a year old calibra 4x4 turbo at the time. He then accused me of nicking it, then of drinking and tried to make me say I had been, a number of times. He then breathalised me which proved him wrong, so then did me for 75 when he was tailgating me.

    Sounds stupid to speed up, but it was such a dark night it was impossible to tell it was a cop car. He must have been doing well over a ton to catch me up so quickly and for no reason. I was not happy.

  2. Did your NIP include the photo? I've just got my first NIP in years through the post. Camera van was parked way down a straight wide road that is a 30 pointing at the exit to a rundabout off a 40. I saw the van and did about 25 down most the road. The van must have been a few hundred meters away. It says I was doing 45 so all I can asumme is it must have got me coming off the roundabout before I slowed. It was 8:20am on a saturday morning and the roads were empty. It says they have photo or film evidence. There is no option on the form for me to request the evidence. The options are 1) confirm I was driving 2) name who was driving 3) it was a company/rental vehical. That was in a zafira.

  3. Thats why I was suggesting comparing the sky with freeview as a way to test the quality of the TV. If the freeview is better, then potentially there may be a conectivity problem with the sky. If they are both bad, there probably isnt a lot you can do apart from trying to optimise the menu settings.

    There is a huge difference between the quality of different LCD TV's. I chose mine by comparing fast moving detailed pictures from the same source, and the difference in smoothness, contrast, and detail is vast. I agree that some sky channels are not good (but the bad channels are not available on HD anyway), but in general the quality of picture I get on my 40" from my sky+ box means I am in no hurry to get an HD box.

    All the sky channels that are available on HD are are all very sharp and smooth with no blurring on fast moving pictures including sport with my standard sky+ setup anyway. I do have an HDMI connected PS3 for dvds etc so I do know what HD can provide on my TV, and yes it does provide slightly better contrast on blacks, but is not hugely better to make me want to give sky more money. Basically, Sky HD and HDMI will not fix a TV that blurs moving images due to slow refresh rates, scanning frequencies, and low contrast ratios.

  4. I had a very pleasant surprise dealing my local Vauxhall service department. I recently bought a zafira sri privately, and during the period of the money being transfered, the car developed an engine fault and the seller took it to my local dealer. I was notified and went to the dealer to get the facts first hand. They said they had done a compression test and looked into the engine and found scoring so were replacing the engine under warranty.

    They suggested I went ahead and signed the paperwork when the money had transfered as they would sort the car, and for the price I was paying I shouldnt let it go. I did this, and went back to them to show that ownership had been transfered.

    The engine was going to be about 3 weeks as it was on back order, so I asked if a courtesy car was possible. They said it was not standard practice for warranty work after the first year but they would check with Vauxhall. They called me back and said Vauxhall said no, but they had a car I could collect the following day. I then had a brand new corsa design for 3 weeks before collecting the zafira with a brand new engine fitted, a new stamp in the service book and a litre of mobil 1 for top up. Thats what I call service :)

  5. By works perfectly do you mean as before with bad picture?

    If you still have a bad picture you should remove the surround sound from the system in order to isolate the problem. With just the sky+ box connected to the TV via scart, and nothing else, is the picture still bad? You could even remove the arial lead from the TV if connected so its only input source is the single scart.

    If it is bad, does the TV have freeview? If it does compare the freeview picture with the sky picture. They should be similar quality, sky possibly better on premium channels. If they are similar, then the problem points towards the TV. It may be that adjustment of picture settings could improve things.

    If freeview is noticeably better then problem must lie with the scart lead or sky box. If you have 2 scart leads, swap the lead with the other and try that. If the TV has multiple scart inputs, try the other inputs just in case.

    If still no improvement than I would start to suspect the sky box output.

  6. The fact of the matter though is that the staff are agency, which often comes with its own benefits when times are good, but are the first out when times are bad. Pros and cons. Harsh but true. I dont know about the car industry, but cirtainly in engineering contractors exist because the awards are high, but the jobs are not secure.

    In this case surley it must be due to a reduced demand of minis, as cutting weekend shifts means they will be producing less cars. If they could sell those extra cars, surely they would make them and keep those shifts working.

  7. Colourwise, the most noticeable difference between an HDMI and SCART picture on an LCD TV is when viewing black. HDMI produces better dark contrast (as well as sharpness). However, as said before, HDMI is a digital signal, SCART is analogue. LCD TVs are digital, so require no Analogue to Digital signal conversion to view an HDMI picture (Sky broadcast is also digital, so the Sky+ box will loose resolution by converting this to an analogue scart output). A standard Sky+ box does not have HDMI output however, so you cannot do a lot to improve the picture provided you have good SCART Leads.

    I dont beleive in spending a fortune on leads, but do make sure they are well screaned which does rule out a lot of the bargain basement cables (and plugged in fully home - sounds obvious but a loose connection can make a big difference). I have a 40" 1080p Samsung and the SCART picture is excellent, but it does depend on the source. Remember some Sky channels are broadcast in much higher resolution than other channels. Compare movies premiere with gold for instance, the picture quality is dependant on what channel you are viewing.

    What I would do in your situation is unplug the scart from the sound and put it straight into the TV as a test. If this improves the picture, the sound system is degrading the signal and you need to re-think the connectivity.

    If this has no effect, then its not the sound system. It may be that particular lead however, so swap the lead with another and try again. Also, if you havent done so already, it could be worth searching the web for optimum settings for your TV. When I was deciding what to buy, I found many web discussions about poor default picture quality on many sets, and links to settings to improve them.

  8. I was out snowballing with the kids at 7 this morning. Very rare to get this amount of snow around here. There school is about the only one open in our area, but pulling them to school on a sledge got the thumbs up, even more so than when I have taken them in the Esprit. Think I'll leave work early today and make the most of it.

  9. Hi Peter, hopefully it's not too bad. Teath and gums can recover amazing well I have found out to my own misfortune. I know how he must feel and its not good.

    I bought my kids a junior set of golf clubs each last summer as they fancied a go. I am no great golfer but know the basics, so was helping my 7 year old daughter in the garden with her swing using the light plastic balls. I was standing behind her, and my wife called me from the other side of the garden. I stood up, my daughter took a swing, and the last I remember is having a big chunk of metal in my mouth. One of my front teath was bent right back into my mouth, and the next tooth snapped in half. Amazingly the front tooth which I was sure I would loose has almost corrected itself, and is now quite firm.

    Hope all goes well today.

  10. There are some bargains around, but to me it seems not quite as many now as before christmas. Ive just bought an 06 plate zafira sri to replace an old Wplate zafira 1.6 base model that was far from its best. Getting a few hundred quid for that left me with

  11. Am I right in thinking that is the first airliner to stay intact after ditching in water. I thought it was considered virtually impossible as the engines should rip the wings off and break the plane up. It would be good to see footage of how he did it. There couldnt have been much forward momentum. I would imagine he must have virtually stalled it in at a high angle of attack.

  12. I've got a wide remote controlled roller door with very little head room as we have a bedroom above the garage, and the roller fits easily within the garage. I would recommend them anyday in prefference to an up and over door.

    My wifes parents also had one installed a while ago in a garage with a very low ceiling, but they ended up with the roll on the outside of the garage enclosed in a rectangular box. Not as clean, but less obtrusive than you would think when enlcosed.

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