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  1. Keep an eye on ebay Jonathan.

    A lot of pricey phone contracts gave away PS3's with Singstars and mics, and there have been lots of these up for auction recently. I was lucky and managed get an 80Gb with Singstars and mics in factory sealed box for

  2. I did mine without removing anything, and without jacking. The pipes can be fed through from below as Peter says.

    The only problem I encountered was removing the old silencer. Having the car raised would have made cutting the corroded bolts a lot easier and quicker. The cat came off easy, but the silencer bolts were corroded solid. At the time I did not have any new mounting blocks so had to preserve what was there, but these were later made available very cheaply at the first parts sale. If you have new mounts to hand cutting straight through the old rubber to cut the bolt would be a lot easier, as there isnt much room for cutting the bolts without damaging the mounts. Replacing the mounts should not be too difficult with the silencer out the way.

  3. Looking through the model specs on LEW, the GT3 says 1229 Kerb and the S4 1339 ( S4 1320 unladen and the S4s says 1325 unladen - no kerb weight is given for S4s). SE is 1305 and 1320 for the high wing. I assume these figures came from the sales literarture, and to be honest make more sense to me than the figure being quoted now for the S4. If somebody could get there S4 weighed, that would put this to bed once and for all.

  4. I recon it was raining pretty hard. Look at the start. Some shots didn't realy pick up the rain, but others looked like bucket fulls coming down, and see how quickly the track got wet - but only in parts. Its quite possible the track conditions did change quite dramatically between the last 2 laps. Also, given the Toyota teams need for points to justufy there budget, I can't see them wanting to give a fourth position away for anything. They gambled on tyres to try to gain points.

    Regardless, Lewis should have had the title 2 weeks ago if it wasnt for some rather bizare rule making, so this was a bit of justice at last!

  5. Do you not think Ferrari, err I mean the FIA, would be looking for any excuse possible to change the result if they beleived it was a fix. Given how Trulli was struggling in the wet earlier, and the fact both Toyotas were very slow on the last lap, its a quite plausable result. With the little they showed of Glock in the final stages its impossible to say how his car was handling. All I recall was seeing him running slow and wide when he was overtaken.

  6. I bought a Sony DVD camcorder - probably about 2 years ago. If you want something simple its very good - my wife doesnt get on with computers which is why I bought it. All you have to do is finalise the disk on the camcorder and then you can play it on any DVD player.

    It was a top end camera at the time with widescreen touch senstive display with 2Meg CMOS recording and 4Meg still capability to disk or card whilst recording. The quality is excellent despite not being HD, better in fact than a few supposedly professional DVDs we have bought of my daughter in some shows, when comparing what we produced to what we bought side by side.

  7. I'm doing a brick laying evening course for a laugh. A mate of mine wanted to do it so I went along as well. It's great fun. Much better than I expected. We get taught general building methods for about 30minutes then get about an hour and a half to build something. At the end you nock it down and go home. I'm a computer software engineer so makes a change from sitting in front of a computer all day.

  8. I remember a few years ago, Argos I think it was made a big c*ck up on Tv prices, and after that I beleive the law was clarified, that an internet order is only binding when the seller agrees to accept the order. The act of ordering does not force the seller to proceed with the sale. I think buyng on the internet is covered by different law to buying elsewhere.

  9. Whats even more confusing (or not surprising) is why was Lewis questioned by Ferrari lawyers at the hearing, which I thought was supposed to be Mclaren against the FIA, and now Mclaren have to pay costs to both Ferrari and the FIA of up to $1m. OK he overtook a Ferrari, but Ferrari shouldnt have any influence as to wether that is an offence or not. Thats up to the FIA.

    Also, as quoted by past drivers, the fact current drivers say the penalty was fair is sour grapes, they want nothing more than to see fellow drivers put down.

  10. Unbeleivable. I didn't think they could possibly make any more public there Fezza bias until then.

    Lewis followed the rules to the book. He slowed, proven by telemetry, and then passed behind Kimi to the other side of the track, what more should he do (apart from parking up and waiting for Massa to also pass apparantly). I wasn't aware of a rule that says you aren't allowed to race again after that. He was faster than Kimi at that stage in the race, and outbreaked him at the next corner coming from behind.

    I thought the previous race deffered decision on Massa until the race was finished was against the rules, as the incident was not in the last few laps. I can't help think that if a Mclaren did that in the pits they would have got a stop and go. And Kimis exhaust flying off in a previous race was surely dangerous and should have been penalised especially as it could have been removed in a scheduled pit stop. Ferrari actually said they didnt chop the Lamba sensor wire holding it on in the pit stop because that would have wasted time.

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