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  1. Mine was wobbly when I got the car and then eventually broke off. I got a replacement from SJ, who said they all tend to break after about 13-14 years.

    I managed to replace it by just lowering the front of the roof trim after unding the screws under the sun visors. This gave just enough access to be able to get to the nuts from the front. No need to touch the sun roof seals.

  2. Cheers guys,

    I have just heard that they have found his bag and he has just got it back, but in somewhat worse condition than when he last saw it, and with broken contents. He is now trying for compensation. So far I dont beleive they have compensated anything, not even the

  3. I had a week in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. Bit of rain, bit of wind, but great surf. Get a board and a wetsuit and you won't care what the weathers like. Great fun.

  4. I was helping a relative set up a Netgear router last christmas. Having reset the router as nothing would work initially, I tried the wizard. This just did not work. I then configured it using IE. This may work initially, but occasionally, and always after powering down, I had to go back into the configuration and just select Save without changing any settings. This would make it work. Searching the web I found this is a common problem with that particular model (can't remeber model number) and possibly others. Personnaly, I would not recommend there equipment.

  5. On the ground the A380 didnt look execssively big, but I suppose that was beacuse it wasn't parked near anything to get a good size comparison, but taking off and in the air it looked enormous. It did some impressive low level turns and fly pasts, and due to its size looked to be flying far too slow to stay in the air at times. Very impressive, but being an unlaiden and apparantly unequiped prototype it must have had a very unrealistic power to weight ratio for the display.

  6. Cant vectored thrust be used in a dogfight to climb rapidly so a chasing plane/missile flies straight underneath? Didn't they achieve this effect with F14/F15 using air brakes.

    Havent seen an F22 unfortunately, but I saw the Typhoon at the show yesterday, and to be honest, wasn't overly impressed by its display. Being a delta wing it looked very draggy when pulling out of a dive. What did surprisingly impress me was the A380 display.

  7. I should be going Sunday, but according to the preliminary online flying programme the F22 was only there for the first trade day which was Monday :devil:

    It was due to fly at Fairford last weekend but that show was cancelled, so the only glimmer of hope of seeing it would be if they decided to stay at Farnborough as compensation for not being able to display last weekend. Not very likely I'm sure.

  8. Where does the 2 year life for a belt actually come from? I assume its based on the 6 month ABAC service, but these are also 6K mile services, so that makes the belt at 24K miles. Obvioulsy an old belt is not good, but most cars are based on mileage for the belt, or if on age, the age is much greater then 2 years. Mine is overdue based on 2 years, but way underdue based on 24K miles, like its done about 5K. Based on my dry stored/dry weather use, like Mike I am working around the 4 year life for a belt.

    As for selling a car, it must be advisable to do it before sale due to the amount of scare mongering about the belts.

  9. I always thought a Cat D was worth at most 75% of normal value, so a Cat C in todays buyers market cannot be worth a huge amount. There may well be nothing wrong with the car, but the rating is somethimg that will never go away.

    I should imagine somebody like Kimbers would be able to give you the best market value percentage wise on Cat C.

  10. Hi Kimbers,

    Like Karl says, the worst case for your PC should be a format and reinstall.

    Have tried Safe mode - keep pressing F8 as soon as you power up. Safe mode runs it in minimal configuration mode and if you are lucky may let you in so you can sort things.

  11. Kids love it. When I come home in the Esprit it's not uncommon for me to have to go out for 2 more drives to give them both a ride. Mine are 5 and almost 7 now and use booster seats, but have been going out for rides in it since I got the car a few years ago. I normally just put a towel on the seat first to protect the leather.

  12. There is an existing thread on here somewhere, where I posted as to why somebody was having a problem using something like com16 with Freescan. Bibs then posted a link to an article about port number assignment and how to change it.

    First step is to find that thread and Bibs link and take it from there. That link is tried and tested, and probably more comprehensible than some blurb I would end up writing.

    Just done a quick search, I am not sure how to add a link to a topic, but it is titled

    'Freescan Programe, Freescan Crashes'.

  13. Thats a com port error. Invalid handle means the com port did not open. Freescan does not do proper error checking when opening a port, and as a result has tried to use a port that is not open.

    You need to find the port number that the USB cable has been assigned. If that is above com8, then the port number assigned will need re-mappeding as Freescan also will not work with port numbers above 8.

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