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  1. Thanks Bibs - would be good to know what the last chassis number is. Guess we will have to wait until Christmas when you unwrap your present from Hethel (you are still expecting a gift wrapped 2-11 aren't you?)
  2. Really depends upon which fuse you are tapping from! I would suggest that a suitably rated in-line fuse would definitely be a good idea - that way if you have a problem with the DL1 it will only blow the in-line fuse rather than take out the one in the fuse box (and whatever other services were on that fuse). Also my personal choice would be to install a seperate switch for the DL1 otherwise you will have no way of turning it off when the master switch is on. Remember that most track day organisers don't allow timing and may therefore take a dim view of an active data logger (with lap and sector timing capability). D
  3. You could but then you would have no way off turning off the DL1 and your battery would go flat within 2-3 days - suggest fitting an inline switch or using an (ignition) switched 12v feed.
  4. Ah yes seems like the Evora IPS is a different model (and only 280PS). Oh well, looks like I will need to find a different manufacturer if I want a paddle shift with more than 300PS, and certainly less interested if the IPS is a slushmatic with some whizzo electronics (press downshift button, wait 2 seconds, gear engages, now just got to build up RPM, ...and accelerate). 2+0 option is heading the right way though!
  5. The information in the press release says that the Evora S will be availabe in manual and optionally with IPS. Just need them to rip out those pointless rear seats now!
  6. Interesting - where did this information come from, could I ask? As the Evora would be a replacement road car (plan on keeping the 2-11 for the track), the extra few hundred revs at the top end would be less important to me although it is a little disappoining.
  7. Getting all excited about the Evora S but can't seem to find anything about the IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option. Is this a clutchless auto box (like the BMW step-tronic) or a electronically controlled manual box (like the BMW DSG system)? Is it a preselect system? What are the upshift and downshift times? Does it autoblip on downshifts? Basically does anybody know anything about it or able to point me to where I might find the information? Thanks in anticipation
  8. Ding for Shell Helix which is, IIRC, 5-30W
  9. Welcome Sorry but I don't have any real experience of a Caterham - tried one before buying the Lotus and found I didn't fit! Don't know where you are located but I'm sure a local 2-eleven owner will be happy to give you a pax ride and possibly even a drive on track. Del
  10. I have the Lotus race wsing as well as the road legal one. With the race wing, I find I can noticably change the balance (and the top speed) by changing the angle. Being an animal on thre controls, I prefer the greater rear grip provided by more downforce. Of course, being an SVA vehicle, I never use the race wing on the road It is held on to the uprights by 4 allen bolts with nyloc nuts, so a matter of a few moments to change angle or swap wings entirely. The front splitter is, of course, more difficult to change but does add more downforce also. Didn't stop me losing the back end in the wet though so maybe I need an elephant to sit on the back end!
  11. Yes - I thought it may have been something I had said
  12. Sorry, mine's a track slag and doesn't get cleaned or polished! I do occassionaly remove the grass from the oil coolers though
  13. A picture might help identify it? Is it hanging out of the instrument binnacle, the light switches or underneath the bulkhead? Is it a single wire or a bundle? How many pins? What pin layout? Have you tried asking whoever supplied your 2-11?
  14. Apologies for delay responding Tam, missed your post somehow. I have got an RC07 reversing camera system (wired) which works very well. Has infrared illuminators for night use and colour for daytime. The control box fits snugly under the passenger seat and I only deploy the 7" monitor when the trailer is attached. Comes with long cable and a plug and socket about midway along so easy to arrange for that to be at front of trailer. Connector has waterproof housing as well so all very simple to fit. I got mine from ( ) but you may find a more convenient supplier
  15. How big is the telly? What type of beer?
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