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  1. Completely forgot about this post. Car has been off the road since I split the cats as I managed to screw the engine at the same time. Only getting around to fixing it now. Has anyone else has problems with Larini cats ? I've yet to see how my modified units work, but I'll find out in a couple of months when I get the car back on the road. I've uploaded the images anyway....
  2. Mike, Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Very helpful. I have a UK source looking into JE Pistons so I will see what they come up with and compare with JAE. I have also spoken to Omega who can make some up, but the minimum order is 12 but I suppose I can sell the additional 4. Have you heard of them ? I will be ordering a piston/liner set from SJ Sportscars so quite happy to offload the pistons if you want. Regards, Craig.
  3. I need to replace all the pistons and liners in my V8 engine and thought I would be better to replace the stock units with forged ones. Does anyone have any recommendations and have any idea of cost ? Regards, Craig.
  4. SCCDA0824YHC10085 2000 V8-GT Essex, UK.
  5. I have emailed David @ Larini the link to this forum. I thought they might like the opportunity to comment.
  6. For anyone that is interested I have ordered the following injectors from Five-O-Motorsport. They are the C302 Ford Racing injectors which have a flow rate of 220cc @ 43.5 PSI, which once in the Esprit V8 will run at 235cc @ 50 PSI. Total cost was $ 329.50 for a set of 8 and $ 45 shipping to the UK. Total cost in GBP was
  7. As far as I can tell the problem is down to the strength of the welds. As I said Larini are working on them now and I hope to have them back next week.
  8. I've added enough mods. This will be the last thing I do, except to upgrade the brakes and perhaps change the flywheel to get rid of the terrible clutch judder.
  9. I'll take some pics once Larini get them back to me and will upload them here.
  10. Thanks, I will check with Bruce @ Five-O to see what he comes up with. If the price is 1/2 that of the RC's then I'll probably go for it.
  11. Thanks for your repsonse and sorry to hear about your accident. Where did it happen ? I am originally from Grangemouth and used to work in Kirkcaldy several years ago so know the are well.
  12. Mike, Glad you chipped in as I was under the impression that the primaries were of the Peak & Hold type. Found SL2-240s here for $70.88 each or $ 567.04 for 8 which is about
  13. Has anyone else had an issue with Larini's cats ? I managed to split one in two last week when taking my Esprit for a test drive after having dump valves fitted. Luckily Larini have a lifetime warranty and sent a courier to pick them up. The problem would seem to be that the engine jumps around a lot and there is no give. David at Larini is building in a flexi section to allow for this movement. I'll see what they are like once I get them fitted. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  14. That is what I am not sure about. Marcus is selling RC Injectors for both 4 cyl and V8 here but there is no mention of flow rates or if there is any difference between them.
  15. I found some pics of the secondary injectors here => Clicking on the pic enlarges it and from there you can pick up the part no. D3764BA. A quick google on this takes you to a BMW M5 forum where it is confirmed this is the SL4-270. Maybe someone can comment if injectors with a 270cc flow rate are ok, or if 240cc should be used ????
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