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  1. 70th Edition Exige

  2. 70th Edition Exige

  3. 70th Edition Exige

    Any more info about the EU price ?
  4. For the V6 DS4, it's false, there is no Toyota ou Lexus car which use it in EU. You find it only in an Hybrid version, not alone. In France, which is the main market for Lotus in EU (Before the Brexit, after, i don't know), in 2018, you have to pay an Eco Tax of 7073€ fo a new car (In 2017, 5340€), in 2019, you will have to pay as expensive as a Lotus V6, 10.500€, due to the WLTP cycle. The bracket is not 200g but 185g in 2018. (191 in 2017) and sure more less in 2019. The 4L with compressor is less enjoyable as the V6. I know both, There is no comparison. In a Toyota Camry, i've read that the V6 DS4 emission is 214g but the a Camry is more heavier than the Lotus. In fact, very rapidly, about the 4 cylinders compressor, you will to pay the same taxe than the V6 and putting compressor in a central rear-engined car is not also the best way to get reliability. May be Lotus can use the new Toyota Engine generation : "Dynamic Force Engine" but go on with the same range of engine will be a mistake. May be i'm wrong, i don't know, but for sure Lotus must do something about the engine before 2020. When you see below, you wonder why they do nothing (before beeing purchased by Geely). Last thing I don't undertstand : Why Lotus always sells cars (410//430) that are too noisy for the major part of tracks in EU ???
  5. Some years ago, i've read that this engine need a bespoke to be full compliance with the EU emissions régulations. But you have a new version for 2017, i don't know, may be you don't need a bespoke. Sure, it would be nice in a Lotus Exige. I drove all the Evora, from the 280 NA to the EVORA 400, and my best "souvenir" is the 280NA, very nice car to drive, the handling and the engine were very enjoyable for a street usage, for me the best Evora for playing on the B-road. Even an Exige with 280 NA V6 Engine would be nice, very light without an hard suspension. You could get a very light car with all this new "superb" carbon parts. Even if it should be more expensive, no competitor exists with this kind of features, adding the new gearbox shifting. I think about a new "Dino 246 GT". Lotus could do something new with old parts but in the way the world is living, looking for more Eco-friendly solutions. For sure, trust me, I would purchase this car,very light and compact.
  6. Global competitor yes but do they own a V6 ? No, do they want to make one in the next year ? No. Do they are able to give their own technology for the two next years, surely no. So yes, i beleive that Lotus can use the toyta technology. Some years ago nissan makes a deal with toyota to use their hybrid technologie on the US market. So, yes, it's possible.
  7. May be a new Exige 300 with the new Toyota engine V6 NA 300 Hp ? Why not ? It would be ligther and the V6 is more enjoyable to drive than a 4L Turbo. You put some carbon parts and you get 1050kg unladen. But don't dream JMG wants always more and more hp, which is stupid. This guy still does not understand in what world we are living in. Sometimes he reminds me Dany Bahar.
  8. @Bibs Do you know if there is one for the new Exige 430. Many Frenck tracks impose a noise limitation with an average of 95db. So an Exige 430 will not be able to run on track with the original exhaust.
  9. Evora GT430

    @French FrieYes, you're right for the article. But as I say, if you want to test a car, ask to TLA. I can't tell all the things on a public forum but as I drive many sport cars, I think the Evora should be the reference as pure joy toy. It's not the fastest car but surely the funnier to drive. I'm not an huge fan of the build quality, neither the stereo, a big joke but the rest is lovely. If you ask me which car i would choose between a 400 or a 570S for a week-end, I choose the 400, no doubt.
  10. Evora GT430

    A black duck ? May be because they never drove it. I'v drove all the Lotus. The Exige, The Elise (Supercharged or not) and the Evora 400. By far, the 400 is the best Lotus I've ever driven. And in France, Lotus owners are not able to buy a 400 because most of them have not the money. So, they say that's it's too heavy, it's not a Lotus ... It's bullshit. I was member of the Club Lotus France, I left, it's a look like a sect. So, trust me, if you want to buy a 400, do it. The build quality is may be crapy, but the joy to drive it is better than every supercar i drove the last years, even the last Ferrari, Mclaren and Lamborghini that I know very well. If i bought one, i would choose the 410, less gadget is better for the reliability. If you want to test the Evora 400, ask to the Saint-Etienne Dealer. They have one.
  11. 350 Sport Engine Issue ?

    They say : We supplied and installed a Komotec airbox in carbon. And they talk about an ECU remapping. The French text : Nous avons réalisé une préparation sur cette Lotus Exige S. C'est toujours un plaisir de voir ces petites anglaises chez nous, car nombre d'entre elles sont passées dans nos mains. Il s'agit de la dernière version, la 350 de 2016, toujours mue par le V6 Toyota 3.5 surmonté d'un compresseur. Nous avons fourni et posé une boite à air Komotec en carbone. Annoncée à 350 ch et 400 Nm de couple, nous l'avons mesurée à 283 ch et 363 Nm de couple. Après préparation, nous avons atteint 380 ch et 436 Nm de couple. La valeur mesurée d'origine est assez basse, la plupart des Exige V6 sortent aux alentours de 300-310 ch au banc pour 350 annoncés, la raison pour laquelle le gain est aussi élevé sans faire de grosses modifications est que la pression du compresseur est géré par une wastegate, ce qui est très rare sur des moteurs à compresseur. Et de plus, la gestion moteur de chez Lotus n'est pas bien paramétrée d'origine, surtout au niveau du rapport air/carburant, réglé beaucoup trop riche d'origine.
  12. 350 Sport Engine Issue ?

    Someone has an idea of what's happened ? Stunning ? We have made a preparation on this Lotus Exige S. It is always a pleasure to see these little English cars at home, as many of them have passed into our hands. This is the latest version, the 350 from 2016, still driven by the Toyota 3.5 V6 topped by a compressor. We supplied and installed a Komotec airbox in carbon. Announced at 350 hp and 400 Nm of torque, we measured it at 283 hp and 363 Nm of torque. After preparation, we reached 380 hp and 436 Nm of torque. The original measured value is quite low, most of the V6 Exige come out around 300-310 hp on the bench for 350 advertised, the reason why the gain is as high without making big changes is that the pressure of the compressor is Run by a wastegate, which is very rare on compressor engines. Moreover, Lotus's engine management is not well-established, especially in terms of the air / fuel ratio, regulated far too rich original.
  13. Evora GT430

    Is it the "Empire Green" paint ?
  14. Evora GT430

    @Julian73 You're right. Tell us if the factory is agreed