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  1. @rallyesax Yes it is, but rigth now at Lotus Lyon
  2. Our lead story this week is the exclusive news that Lotus has plans to launch a £2 million-plus electric hypercar with Bugatti Chiron-beating performance. Other models in the pipeline at the Norfolk-based manufacturer include the first Lotus SUV, and a replacement for the Evora sports car.
  3. @Wilbert Camshaft About the Exige 410, is it a controlled weight ? (1139kg). We should see the same vidéo in a few weeks about the 410 ....
  4. After the Exige 410 Sport, the Evora GT 410 Sport ...... ???
  5. Corsu


    @CocoPops Is your car fitted with A/C ? Sound insulation pack ?
  6. Forged Wheels + High Performance Brake.
  7. Elise Sport 220 NightFallBlue, very rare.
  8. Found : Ultra-efficient and lightweight two-piece brake discs save a further 4 kg
  9. I would like to know if the two piece high performance brake discs from Lotus (option) are lighter than the standard one ? Is it the 'J-hook' brakes ?
  10. I see that is the same thing in England than in France
  11. Probably, in six months or maybe at the latest at the beginning of next year, the Exige 350 will be replaced by the Exige 400 with the engine of the EVORA 400. Without all the options of the 410, it will probably cost little more than the 350 but hardly more.
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