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  1. I read 160 gm/kg for the new 911 with PDK Gearbox, 370cv. 4.4 secs (0-100km/h) and more torque. In France, the prize with the PDK gearbox is the same than the 400 with IPS. Anyway, But there is something more disturbing for the 400, you have to pay a tax, 8000€, due to the C02. You haven't with the Porsche. So the 400 is much more expensive. And Every year you have to pay a tax with the 400, not with the Porsche due to the C02. I don't know how works the English regulations but in France, you can trust me, the 400 is not the right car at the right time. In fact, you have to pay for the 400, even the Exige, the same taxes than a Lamborghini Aventador !!!!
  2. As many people who never come on this forum, I think that the EVOR400 is over-priced, over-designed and over-dated (too much CO2) . Maybe the Roadster will be a success but for the "Coupé", Lotus failed. Yon can multiply the dealers and ask them to buy cars, it works one year, may be two but not three. I hope to be wrong but, in France, when I talk to some Evora Owners, no one want to buy it. Sad. May be Chris Harris is right ... I'm sure it's a good car nontheless you can't ask so much money for in fact the same car as the old one.
  3. Bibs, do you have any pics of the silver forged wheel ? We can see many cars fitted with Black Forged Wheel but not Silver. As say CocoPops, it would be fine to see a "No black Pack" car.
  4. At Kumschick Sports Cars AG, Switzerland, right next to the first one, we can see a second one.
  5. The #71, Dealership, Link. (Kumschick Sports Cars AG, Switzerland)
  6. The #68 : "Sold By DealerShip".
  7. Thanks ! I've never heard this news in France.
  8. You can't buy the NA ??? Since when ?
  9. 41 : Jochen Rindt Victory : Hockenheim 1970 / Müchen Dealer. 51 : Ronnie Peterson Victory / 1973 Castellet . Owned by a French Member of the Club Lotus France (From Marcassus Dealer)
  10. In France, #2 Stirling Moss, USA GP 1960. (Toulouse Marcassus Dealer)
  11. In France, not sold, #17 Jim Clark, #77 Ayrton Senna. (Chassay Dealer)
  12. Bibs, you wrote : "they'd announce redundancies to the dealer network (separate companies)". What do you mean by "redundancies to the dealer network" ?
  13. I've heard, from someone, from somewhere, that a new interior and a small facelift for the Evora will come, no idea when but soon. For sure, It's not a joke. May be it would come with a new Euro 6 compliance engine. About that, Lotus must be ready for september 2015. It's not a secret !
  14. Because they both use the same Engine, as I believed before seeing the amazing drawing displayed by Bibs.
  15. Do you mean that the rear frame is not the same as the EVORA one ? I've always read that the rear exige frame was the same.
  16. Thanks a lot, very interesting, I have never read such details.
  17. Thank you very much
  18. I wonder if the frame of the Exige, for the middle part, is the same as the Elise. At the front and the rear it seems to be the same as the Evora. Is there someone able to confirm it ? Three days ago, i got in the Exige V6 S Roadster. Very very very nice car but i'm find nothing about the frame. Only this picture from speedmonkey. I want to know more. Thanks for helping me
  19. Does anybody could tell me if the Exige V6 is fitted with the same intercooler, like the Elise S ?
  20. Diego, If I can give you one advice, do the same thing than me. You car will be safe. Exige Kit.
  21. In France, the Market is dead, Right now, for an new one, you pay an extra tax, 8000€ (£6800). Sadly, the same thing for the Lotus Exige V6S. The extra tax is a "green" malus. One of my Friend is a Lotus Dealer, for him it's impossible to sell and earn money with the Lotus Evora. With the new 2014 rate tax, the car is too expensive. Lotus needs to choose a new efficient engine.
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