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  1. Does anybody could tell me if the Exige V6 is fitted with the same intercooler, like the Elise S ?
  2. Diego, If I can give you one advice, do the same thing than me. You car will be safe. Exige Kit.
  3. In France, the Market is dead, Right now, for an new one, you pay an extra tax, 8000€ (£6800). Sadly, the same thing for the Lotus Exige V6S. The extra tax is a "green" malus. One of my Friend is a Lotus Dealer, for him it's impossible to sell and earn money with the Lotus Evora. With the new 2014 rate tax, the car is too expensive. Lotus needs to choose a new efficient engine.
  4. Yes, i'm referring to the blinking single round led on the middle of the dash.
  5. I've got it ! EA60 gearbox weighs 87kg ! (Information from Toyota)
  6. Very intersting, I am eager to know the first impressions.
  7. Thank you very much, it's very, very interesting
  8. Thanks for post ! "Street", I look forward to the results ! "Jaws", You wrote that IPS has some additionnal coolers, which kind of coolers ? More radiator, intercooler ?
  9. New version !! Better than ever
  10. In fact, you can have any software, IPS is a automatic transmissions include the use of torque converters which lock up beyond a certain speed. It will never be as fast as a dual clutch transmission or as clever than dual clutch transmission. I think that it's a mistake to use it as an sequential gearbox.
  11. Ok, I read it. So, may be I'm wrong, It's even certain but i beleive that it's solenoid valve problem. The SL2 valve to be precise or something like that. Maybe you drive your car very sporting ? The manual says that Third gear is fixed in neutral position until the vehicle speed reaches a certain speed that enables the transaxle to be shifted. Nonetheless it could be a SL2 valve issue ? The dealer need to use the CAN VIM for accessing diagnostic data.
  12. Have you the same problem "Drive" Mode selected ? (full automatic) You also can read this document, start at page CH-41
  13. A friend of mine had a issue on a Elise gearbox. A lotus engineer had to come over to France to analyze the matter. In fact, the Lotus engineer decided to change the Gearbox. In your case, I think you can not solve a problem of automatic gearbox without disassembly. The best to get information about the U660E gearbox, you post your question on an american Lexus/Toyota Forum. I'm sure you will find something interesting, a link example : http://www.clublexus...ssion-tsib.html I spend some times to study this gearbox, it's very modern but not as reliable as we can imagine ..... Could you give me the "Error" message ? Number references ?
  14. The Lotus engineer are working on the new Esprit Satellite Nagivation GPS. A real James Bond Toy .....
  15. Corsu

    MY12 Evora

    The MY2012 car sounds like a italian car .... a maranello italian car, what else ?
  16. The same video with few differences .... I love it !
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