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  1. Yes, i'm referring to the blinking single round led on the middle of the dash.
  2. I've got it ! EA60 gearbox weighs 87kg ! (Information from Toyota)
  3. Very intersting, I am eager to know the first impressions.
  4. Thank you very much, it's very, very interesting
  5. Thanks for post ! "Street", I look forward to the results ! "Jaws", You wrote that IPS has some additionnal coolers, which kind of coolers ? More radiator, intercooler ?
  6. New version !! Better than ever
  7. In fact, you can have any software, IPS is a automatic transmissions include the use of torque converters which lock up beyond a certain speed. It will never be as fast as a dual clutch transmission or as clever than dual clutch transmission. I think that it's a mistake to use it as an sequential gearbox.
  8. Ok, I read it. So, may be I'm wrong, It's even certain but i beleive that it's solenoid valve problem. The SL2 valve to be precise or something like that. Maybe you drive your car very sporting ? The manual says that Third gear is fixed in neutral position until the vehicle speed reaches a certain speed that enables the transaxle to be shifted. Nonetheless it could be a SL2 valve issue ? The dealer need to use the CAN VIM for accessing diagnostic data.
  9. Have you the same problem "Drive" Mode selected ? (full automatic) You also can read this document, start at page CH-41
  10. A friend of mine had a issue on a Elise gearbox. A lotus engineer had to come over to France to analyze the matter. In fact, the Lotus engineer decided to change the Gearbox. In your case, I think you can not solve a problem of automatic gearbox without disassembly. The best to get information about the U660E gearbox, you post your question on an american Lexus/Toyota Forum. I'm sure you will find something interesting, a link example : http://www.clublexus...ssion-tsib.html I spend some times to study this gearbox, it's very modern but not as reliable as we can imagine ..... Could you give me the "Error" message ? Number references ?
  11. The Lotus engineer are working on the new Esprit Satellite Nagivation GPS. A real James Bond Toy .....
  12. Corsu

    MY12 Evora

    The MY2012 car sounds like a italian car .... a maranello italian car, what else ?
  13. The same video with few differences .... I love it !
  14. Hi, I'm looking for the EA60 gearbox weight. Why ? That's a good question. In fact, I don't understand the weight difference between EVORA and EVORA Supercharged. Officialy, EVORA IPS weighs 1436 kg, the same than EVORA S. EVORA weighs 1382 kg. So, a 54 kg huge difference ! More strange, the difference between EVORA IPS and EVORA S IPS is 6 kg, 1436 kg versus 1442 kg, a little bit strange, no ? More strange, if you read this EVORA S road test, you can discover that the journalists have weighed 1421 kg with a full tank, 15-16kg less than the official weigh ! So, two questions : - Does anybody know the EA60 gearbox weight ? - Do you think that Lotus increases the EVORA S weight to equalize the EVORA IPS Weight. Sales argument ? I hope you will understand what i mean U660E weigh 94.4 kg.
  15. Hi EveryBody Since many years, I'm reading the forum every day . It's a great pleasure ! I have owned a Lotus Elise R, I sold it, may be, one day, I could buy a Lotus EVORA or another English sport car. I like the EVORA but I need to improve my knowledge In fact, I have always thought that only English people are able to build sport cars like Lotus, Caterham, Noble, Morgan, etc ... it's also a fact. Last thing, I'm member of the French Club Lotus. Don't be afraid by my english, I do my best Long life to the Lotus Forums.
  16. Enjoy, Evora Transhumance .....
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