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  1. LOL, Yup, they don't understand much about cars and our point of view on them! I can't imagine your situation with 3 of them! Esprit's that is! Not wives! I look forward to seeing you when you get back. Serge
  2. Hi Andrew, Sounds like you've got a hell of a project going with these kids. When you back to Edmonton? Serge
  3. Hello, Greetings from Alberta. There are several Esprits in Alberta ( I know of at least 7 or 8 of them), my girlfriend and I have 2 of them. We should all plan a little get together somewhere that works for all of us for a weekend get together. Cheers, Serge 88 & 2003 Esprits
  4. Hey Mark! Good to see you back on the forum! Where the heck is all the other Canadians that used to be on here? 27 days and counting!, you know what I mean Mark! Serge
  5. Hello Chris, Serge here with the White Esprit from Euroquake 09 this summer. If your looking for a nice Esprit, the yellow 2002 at Euroquake is up for sale. It is a nice one in fantastic shape. I can put you in contact with the owner if your intersted. Its a V8 twin turbo model. Cheers, Serge
  6. And a great weekend it was! Thanks Chris.
  7. Anybody have a complete set, front and back, of lowering / adjusting shocks / dampners that they want to get rid off?
  8. Welcome to the Canadian side of the forum. Nice Esprit! Serge
  9. The hotel burned me down for a more expensive rate, but I will be there Saturday morning.
  10. Well I know a couple of guys in Edmonton now with Esprits, so I'm in anytime. Scott, I have yet to meet you and your Esprit yet. Lets get something going, snow will be falling again soon........damn it. Serge Edmonton
  11. Sent you an email, please have a look for. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, I appreciate that. SJ has a full set for 280 GBP, problem is when I convert that to Canadian dollars, thats about 500 Canadian, then shipping makes these about 900 - 1000 Canadian. Ouch. I was just hoping somebody had a set lieing around that they wouldnt mind getting rid off for cheaper to help a fellow Esprit owner out.
  13. Still looking if anybody has a set that makes sense economically.
  14. Anybody have a full set of wheel arches for front and back that will fit an 88 Esprit turbo that you wouldnt mind selling to me in Canada? Thanks, Serge 88 Esprit Canada
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