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  1. Hi Josh Take a deep breath, open a beer and relax, DON'T GIVE UP!! You have a very rare and valuable car, in the UK there are currently 3 or 4 S1s for sale, ranging from £50,000 ($66,991) up to £100,000 ($133,982) and i know of one that sold recently for over that. As im currently restoring a 1980 S2.2 i speak from experience, No matter how well things are going, something will always go wrong,
  2. A beautiful red i believe V8 past me yesterday, and then a few hours later i think the same car was on a low loader?
  3. I would of thought it would be harder trying to take the engine out from underneath?! Especially if you can't get the car high enough to clear the engine once its out? Splitting the gearbox from the engine would make it easier, im about to put my engine back in from above using an engine crane. paul
  4. Love the colour and Great work so far. Although it wouldn't be original and by the sound of it you want to keep it original, have you thought of converting it to right hand drive? I would of thought it would be relatively easy with the body off? paul
  5. Thanks Kev, I shall post a few pictures of what it was like when i first bought it. paul
  6. Its been a long long time since i last posted an update, where does the time go?! so i thought its time to update you guys where i am today and whats planned. So pretty much everything i need to finish the car has been bought and is either on the car or in my spare bedroom! Although i didn't work on the car as much as i wanted to last year, i wanted to get everything together for the big push,. That doesn't mean nothing has been done, in fact quite alot has been done, two of the big jobs that were done was the gearbox and engine rebuilds. Now for the purest this is not going to ea
  7. Hi Rolland, What basic upgrades have you gone for? If you have gone for one of Mikes manifolds then thats £1200, then i would of thought a carb rebuild is around £500 plus VAT. I was lucky enough to go out in his Excel not so long ago, Wow just Wow! Amazing, fast, very fast, it pushes you in the seat fast, it has all the upgrades including the 2.5 modification and an ecu for the timing. I had my engine and gearbox rebuilt by Mike and in a couple of weeks they go back in, very excited.
  8. Thanks guys for the advise, i shall give it another go, im going to do an up date shortly in the restro section, very exciting times next month as the engine goes back in and fingers crossed, the car will be finished in March.
  9. Can anyone tell me if the window felt goes all the way down the frame? Im rebuilding the doors and have the window felt all the way down the frame but the window just jams when i try to go up and down. paul
  10. Hi Daniel, well worth having a word with mike at Lotusbits, hes just rebuilt mine, he really knows what hes doing. For a standard rebuild i think he charges about £3500, i had a few tweaks done on mine so it came to a bit more. paul
  11. Hi Giorgio, Im putting my S2.2 back together and i don't recognize those parts? I know i didn't take anything like them off my car? paul
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