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  1. Following the instructions I was able to remove the binnacle cover enough to gain access to the switches. I swapped the connections between the parking lights and the headlights as the wired pins looked identical. Assuming this is a valid test, both worked as expected with exception to the pod lift. When I disconnect the battery and reconnect it, the pods would normally raise for a second and then lower. This no longer occurs either. Maybe an additional hint. This week I'll pick up additional relays to try out. I'm not a member of Lotus LTD, but I'll check out the site and consider joining. Sad that I've been a Lotus owner ('79 S2 & 95 S4s) for over 10 years now and have not once attended a meet or anything. Sounds like it would be beneficial and fun to get involved with. If you can supply me with that replacement part # I'd appreciate it. Once again, I really appreciate the input
  2. Flipping my highs on, or pulling the lever gives me the brights, but no pod movement. I've connected my multimeter to the leads that connect to the lift motors. When I press the headlight switch I get a quick reading of around 13, then it's immediately back to 0. When I press the switch off, I get another quick burst of around 13, then back to 0. Strangely, sometimes I see burst readings of 4 and 6... the left and right side perform in the same fasion. Relay 21 is for the dipped beam and 22 is for the main beam. I've tested both to ensure my normal and high beams fail to operate with the corresponding relays removed. Looks ok. Relay 29 is for the headlamp pod delay module. I've connected my multimeter and get a reading of around 14 from the socket. The 29 relay "clicks" when I insert it back into the socket. I'm afraid this is beyond my ability and I don't have the proper tools. I can't get the switch out and I'm afraid to force it, even if I wanted to test out another switch. Switch, relay... or do you think it could be the headlamp pod lift module: Is it possible this is fried? I get a reading from the 5-pin (female) connector of around 14 with the multimeter and nothing from the 4-pin (female) connector. It looks like a pass-through, since when it is disconnected I get 0 reads from the pod motor connectors when pressing the light switch. I can't get a clear shot at the 4 male pins to see if I'm getting juice with the 5-pin lead connected. I think it's time to make some calls. Hopefully I can get the Lotus tech at the dealership to have a look. I'll report back with how it turns out. I appreciate everyones input and I even learned a bit
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the handbook. Does this look like it (RHD vs. LHD): This is from the PDF I referenced above. I wonder if it's the same thing - it's 63MB and named "93 manual.pdf". Ebay special heh. If not, I'm on broadband. My email is luggal AT gmail DOT com Many thanks for helping me out! The only Lotus dealer here in Connecticut doesn't like to work on cars that weren't purchased from them. They will do the basics for me (oil changes, coolant flushes), but they turned down a break job, windshield replacement and a few other things
  4. Thanks for the quick replies I can manually raise and lower the pods and after disconnecting the pusharms I was able to clear out the ecosystem that was blocking up the drain holes. Living in the sticks, I need to keep an eye on that more often. Starting with the headlamp motor relay: can someone point out its exact location? I'm working off of the ebay'ed service notes PDF and I don't see anything like it. I only see the A10 and A11 fuses related to the lift motors and the beam relays mentioned previously. I'm in the US (LHD). Next, if I were to disconnect the lead(s) to the headlamp motor(s) and hook them up to my multimeter, what should I see when I press the headlight switch: About what should the voltage be? Will it be steady power when I press the headlight switch, or a short on-then-off? Thanks!
  5. I've just run into a problem with the headlamp pods on my '95 S4s. When I press the switch, both lamps illuminate, but both of the pods stay down. I thought it might be a fuse. After a bit of searching here I saw that it could be fuses A10 and A11. I checked both and they look good. Someone also mentioned, though unlikely, to check a few of the relays for the dip beam, main beam and pod delay. They all appear ok. Following another suggestion, I also lightly tapped on both pod motors with the blunt end of a screwdriver... nada. I noticed after the last few washes that a lot of water collects in the pod recesses. Maybe they've rusted up? It's just odd that they would both stop working at the same time. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi, It's time to replace the tires on my S4s. The Michelin Pilot's have died and I'm looking for some alternative brands. On the old forum I remember seeing something about the Dunlop Sport 9000's, but I figure I'd put the question out again as that was a while back and a search here has turned up goose eggs. I'd be replacing 285/35-ZR18's on the rear and 235/40-ZR17's on the front on HRE Wheels. Thanks!
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