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  1. The Excel was sold on ebay a few months back, i tried to buy it but was too late(or high enough bid) can remember which. should have bid higher DOH!
  2. Had a panic attack when I saw the red Excel on the Top Gear site , as my red Excel is reg no E112ONG, she's still there, the car they used is E113ONG, panic over mk1
  3. Hi, inner spacer on mine was rusted on to the shaft, screw the nut on to protect threads and be brave with a hard tap from a mallet, regards mk1
  4. Hi Guys, I just successfully o/h my translator, needed to be done, as I was struggling to get reverse and sometimes 2nd. Parts cost
  5. Hi, I've just fixed my code 26, on my 1990 SE, it was the sencondary injector resistor vibrating loose in the red connector block, i used 2 cable ties to keep it in there tight and cripped up the connectors in the red connector block. regards mk1
  6. Hi, I've got a couple of SE engines that i use for parts, i must have one in the sopares box, let have your details and i'll post a couple. regards mk1
  7. Thanks Guys, i will check the fuses and wiring this morning. i have a S4 repair manual CD, do you know if the wiring loom diagrams are the same for the engine management so i can check the wiring for breaks/ bad connections. Regards Mk1
  8. Hi Guys, Any help or ideas gratefully received I went out for a spin in the Esprit SE to the farm last night, 18 miles , put all the stock to bed, when I got back in the car and started the engine, the check warning light would not go out. I drove the car home, it seemed to run as normal, but would only boost to .5 bar. I left the car to stand overnight and then this morning I bridged the ALDL connector and got code 24 and 26 flashing (wheel sensor and quad control), I also noticed that when I bridged the connector the cooling fans came on, after switching off the ignition and removin
  9. Hi Peter, This sounds great, count me in, do you have an idea on the "raise some cash" venue or do you need a hand ringing round some possible sites. Regards Mark
  10. Hi Guy's It was great to meet you all on Sunday, and I will be along to more. you have some really nice cars and I will try to post some photos tonight. Regards Mark
  11. Red Esprit at Kingsbridge junction, we were the idiots in the black fiesta, car looked great regards mk1
  12. Yes it was hard, but for the best, i will be taking it easy for a few days, still the esprit got some much needed attention, all those little thing you put off cos it a nice day got done + a full valet and service. See you all out there
  13. Great news from the hospital, i can drive again from tuesday morning, mir scan went well and the effects of the stroke on my right eye and right arm have now completly gone, i will be taking my son to 6th form tuesday morning traveling from torquay to newton abbot so watch out for the black 1990 se with s4 wheels. mk1
  14. Mk1

    Black 'S' car

    Hi, That was my dad "MK1", taking the car in for MOT, it passed, but later on at 6.00pm he suffered a small stroke so he was taken to torbay hospital and is doing really well but this means he cant drive for a while. he asked me to say he can't make the SW group meet on saturday. Regards Neon Knights
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