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  1. Peter, I agree. I will try to push the issue of having him take back the vehicle back but I am worried about having to get a lawyer involved and what that cost would be in comparison to what the fix would be. I feel that I can prove that it was not at all what he claimed the car was. My next step is to call the credit company and try to get them to try and help me. I put the down payment on my AMEX so getting that back should not be a issue. Thanks for you support Peter. Regards, Dave
  2. It all happened so fast but here is what I know: 1. The oil light and check engine came on at the same time the car died. i cam only assume that the pressure was fine when the car over heated. 2. I was cruising at about 70 MPH - don't know what that relates to via RPM but assuming 2000 3. boost was low only about .25 4. I can say that right before the car shut down I tried to apply some gas and it started shaking violently. 5. The dealer is an exotic dealer and not associated with Lotus. The warranty is an after market warranty and they will see it as a preexisting condition and will not cover. Any idea if we could buy a rebuilt motor or almost new. I am at the mercy of this so called reputable dealer and I don't want a shade tree mechanic who has never seen a Lotus try and fix it. I really don't know what to do. Not to mention i am 32K out the window.
  3. All, I am new to the forum and looking for some help. I purchased a 1997 Esprit with 16,800 mies from a dealer in Chicago. The dealer claimed that the car just had the 15k service done and a new clutch and flywheel installed. After a two week wait the car was delivered to me in Louisiana. After 10 miles down the HWY the check oil light and check engine light came on. At that time the car temp flew to over 120 degrees and died. I pulled over and checked the usual suspects but was unable to find a problem or get the car restarted. I know she boiled all the coolant out of her so I assume a major problem had happened. I towed the car home and started to diagnose the problem. The car threw tow codes - P0116 and P0117. Both of which I found to be related to the overheating. I proceeded to pull the plugs and found that all the boots had rust on them and all the plugs were completely rusted through. I pulled a compression test on the motor and found one cylinder had 60 pounds two cylinders had 30 pound and the rest were dead. The oil does not appear to be contaminated. the dealer said they will put a warranty into effect but I would have to wait two week before I can put a claim on it. the dealers mechanic said there is no way the rings could have collapsed but instead the head gasket would have had to fail first. This is my first esprit and I am very concerned. Can any one shed some light on what could be happening. Dave
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