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  1. Yes, I am looking at the electrical pump option, but the current issue is getting any potential blockage out of the cooler from the old impeller. Wondering what method people have used to back flush it...
  2. I cant imagine I am the first person to see this. Apparently the old mechanical Chargecooler pump in my 1990 Esprit SE broke up and pieces of the propeller broke away and made it through the coooler unit and I found these pieces lodged up against the exit fitting when I took the fitting off. I would imagine there are more pieces inside. I took it to an auto shop that flushes radiators and the look on the mechanics face and the 2 page waiver they wanted me to sign told me I prefer to do it myself... Anyone out there seen this before? Are there any pressure rating on the cooler? I am open to any feedback anyone has.. thanks
  3. Well, after checking around I booked a trip to Indianapolis to take the car to Gator Motorsport to have TJ look at the car. Have not found anything in the mid-west so after getting 7 hours away for the nearest dealerships, it made sense to just go the distance and send it to TJ.... My first call was to John Welch, but I did not hear back from him until today when he returned to town. He was booked out until September and he re-assured me I am in good hands with TJ... I am excited to get my Esprit back to life! I picked up a 1990 SE about 6 years ago and it has never ran right and after springing a fuel tank leak, its time to do a flush through on the car. It was bought at auction with a Salvage title so there is no history... I am sure I will be back on the forum again as the project progresses. <Much to do to the car even after TJ brings it back to mechanical life.... Chris
  4. Hi everyone, I am a long time member but have not been on here in years or posted. I own my second Esprit now (1990 SE) and it needs some good deep work done. Fuel tanks are leaking now, was running rich when I got it (still is) and I need a minimal tear down to the cam cover bases for a leaking gasket and leaking exhaust gasket by the turbo... only 58k, but it is in need of a possible engine removal and further diagnostics.. Anyone know of a good tech anywhere in Oklahoma or Kansas that would we able and willing to dive into such a project? I live in Wichita Kansas... Sorry to just jump in with a question. Chris
  5. Well, there is indeed a leak in the exhaust. I can see where it is and I can hear it (even in the cabin while driving).. Its right next to the turbocharger.. However, I did not realize that a leaking gasket would possible cause that much loss in boost?.. interesting.. I will get that fixed then to start...
  6. P.S. On a side note; one of my friends thinks that my lack of boost may be the cause of my "running rich" problem. Although it makes sense that my turbocharger not boosting would starve the intake of air (causing the car to run rich in fuel). However; I would think the MAP sensor would compensate?.. Unlike a newer EFI system where a Mass Air Meter is used, I would not think this would be relevant... hmmmmm,,,,, Just thinking out loud
  7. I have some deep running issues with my SE right now (running rich), but there is an obvious issue with my turbocharging. I am getting little to no boost at all. I had a 1989 turbo, and it had an obvious sound from the turbocharger and you could feel it kick in, but my 1990 SE is a turd and my gauge doesnt even read 0.25 of a bar (4-5 psi) when I get on it and run the RPM up... I realize its adjustable, but just wondering what the average SE out of the box is reading in the factory gauge so I have a bench mark.... thanks ...
  8. I like those red floor mats... I called SJ, and they did seem concerend about matching my carpet. I am considering a new carpet kit anyways, and Steve said that would be the ideal tim to match the floor mats... I may end up having to have some custom made... I like the Silver logos on them too... What are they asking for those mats? Any other places that anyone can think of besides SJ?
  9. I have been looking for a set of nice floor mats for almost a year to match the facotry carpet.. I have only found a couple kinds, and they have pretty much been some kind of universal mats that arent OE type fitment. Does anyone know a source that has nice Esprit mats that fit the 1988-92 style Esprits? Prefer to find some that have the Lotus logo, or "Esprit" script.. Any ideas or links? Chris
  10. I started poking around & noticed that.... I am going to skip it... Why in the world would I drive this car in the ice?!!?
  11. hmmm... Well I am going to take a wild guess that there should be a sensor on the end of the wire?.... Where does the sensor mount exactly? Was there a clip that was on the end of the wire at one time??.... I am guessing my AC will be dead without the sensor then (that is what the snow flake button is for, correct)? Actually, that snow flake on the console isnt even a button... Is that some kind of light that comes on if the temp of the outside air gets below freezing?. God I feel dumb... I am trying to get the front clip on just so i can drive the car to figure out what else is screwed up, and what all these little things do. It looks like the wire may go into a hole that is in the air duct below it, and the sensor may mount in the lower valance section? By the location of that hole, it looks like the wire probably goes through it and is lower on the car valance?
  12. I am installing a front bumper & valance assembly this weekend on a car that never had one... This wire (see picture) is hanging down from the fiberglass shell. It runs into the spare tire compartment and up into a hrness bundle the crosses over to each headlamp lift motor... It is a single black wire, and it appears it was "cut" at the end... Any idea what is goes to, or what kind of connector was on the end of it? Mystery.... Chris
  13. I am looking for a 1990 SE Fog lamp,,,, If anyone has one, let me know,,, thanks, Chris
  14. Hey Jim!!.. How are you?!.. You are thinking "god, he is STILL fighting this Gremlin!?" haha It is a stock ECM with a stock chip. It does not appear to have the factory seal broken on the unit. No, the O2 Sensor is not a "Stock Lotus" O2 Sensor,,, It is a Bosch unit that was recommended off of the X-Refrence list from the Esprit Fact File (I THINK the Part Number was: 0 258 003 022...It is a 4 wire sensor.. I cant find the number on the sensor, and the box is long gone), The orginal O2 Sensor was suspect, but wasnt sure. this was one of three parts I "Threw at the problem" to see if I might have gotten lucky (The other was the TPS, and a set of coils).. I did not get any changes in the cars running condition when installing the new O2 Sensor. I do not have access to an ECM with a stock Lotus chip installed (I own the only one in town that I am aware of), but I could pick one up from eBay that is the direct replacement for the Pontiac Gran Prix 2.3L unit (other than the chip, I am understanding they are the same?) Chris P.S. Just rolled the car off the trailer and the paint looks GOOD!... Cant wait to get it together!
  15. Wanted to get some thoughts from you guys. I bought this 1990SE a year & a half ago. When I got the car, the battery would not stay charged. I am going to get a new battery this weekend, but that leads me to my thoughts I wanted to bounce off you guys. The car runs really rich, and wants to fall on its face when you first hit the gas. I have been through everything I can think of on the car. I wont get into all the details, but thorough checks I have run & verified are in good working order are as follows, and not limited to: Plugs, Wires, MAP Sensor, Baro, Coils, TPS, Fuel Pressure, Fule Filter, Injectors, Fuel Rail, Vacuum Lines, O2 Sensor etc). I am wondering if maybe the fuel map just isnt getting set properly. The battery dies every 2-3 days, and each time I work on the car I am recharging a dead battery. I have never just taken the car on the road (since the bumber was needing replaced), and just driven it like a daily driver. The car was in a wreck, so I am assuming it was running good when it hit whatever it was that messed the front end, but now I am getting the front clip back on this weekend, and installing a new Red Top Optima Batttery in the car & just "drive it".. Just some advanced feedback on this?... Could a default fuel map cause a rich running problem & stumbling/hesitation when accelerating the engine from idle circuit? Should have it on the raod in a few days... thanks... Chris
  16. What cranking amps is the battery you picked up for your car?
  17. I bought a 1990 SE with an Energizer battery, and it is obviously ot the original battery. Plus it is totally shot... Can anyone tell me the factory battery specifications for a 1990 SE??.. I want to put a factory spec battery back in the car.
  18. Has anyone ever hooked up an SE to a Snap on Modis computer? We were trying to hook up tonight & read the ECM using the 1990 Pontaic 2.3L PFI software, but we cant get the Modis to connect... Has anyone ever pinned up to one?... This car is driving me batty!... 10 months & counting....
  19. Very interesting... That makes sense. We were WAY off... We got the following readings (but we need to get more. We had 5 minutes to look tonight): Ignition On (not running) - Meter readings taken at the sensors Map Sensor Freescan - 0.840 reading Meter - 2.24 volts Barometer Freescan - 0.790 reading Meter - 4.4 volts Ignition on (car running at idle) Map Sensor Freescan - 0.57 - 0.60 reading Meter - 1.67 - 1.69 volts Barometer Same readings as above (with engine NOT running, and ignition on) What do you mean "what are my values in Freescan log"? We will get the idle readings & rev reading next time we hook up... hopefully tomorrow night.
  20. That is the plan tonight (to check the wires at the ECU).... If we get the same readings at the ECU that we get at the sensors, then I was looking for some additional feedback on what the thoughts were that it would be the ECU. The readings from Freescan are different than the Multi Meter when tested in the same manor... That throws a big red flag up for me.. thoughts?
  21. On both sensors, reference voltage was tested to chassis ground. The harness ground was verified by ohms, then signal voltage was measured between it and harness ground with harness plugged into sensor.
  22. We found something interesting the other night, and I am hoping I can get some feedback. I am wondering if I may have uncovered the possbile mystery of my running problem. The voltage on the Map Sensor with the key on & the engine off is suppsed to be 2.45 volts at sea level. We hooked a DVOM Multi Meter to the actual wires at the Map Sensor, and we are reading 2.21 volts (but Freescan gives us a 0.8 volt reading)... The Barometer is giving us a 4.4 volt reading at the wire next to the sensor when using the Multi Meter, but Freescan is giving us a 0.7 volt reading... Wondering if maybe the ECM is giving false reasing & that is what is causing my car to run rich, and stumble & missfire... Any feedback?
  23. I am still working on my running problem, and we are looking at the MAP sensor.. I wanted to verify a few things, and hoping someone has some general answers or feedback. What should the voltage be on the MAP Sensor when the car is at idle? What should the voltage be when the ignition is on, and the car is NOT running? What kind of voltage range should I see over an accelleration range? Should I see an INCREASE in voltage when accelerating, or a DECREASE? Oh.. This is a 1990 SE...
  24. Guys, I have installed this on my XP machine from work, and STILL cant get it connected... It worked fine on my old laptop with XP, but this pap top (almost the identical model with XP) is not running data... I have clicked "force data" and "interact"... Tried it a dozen times & nothing... It also says the driver is not installed in the system manger.. Is there a driver somewhere I can download? I dont see one in the file on Anyy Whitakers page.
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