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  1. Mine has black leather SE seats, SE wing and just half an hour ago an engine management light that has come on I am told it is a Peugeot colour it just seems strange they painted one 98 car then 2 years later painted another
  2. Hi Can anyone shed some light on how many Sahara gold V8 GT'S were built? I have been told 3 but find it hard to believe they would paint so few. So far I have found the original press car and heard of just one other.
  3. 1. 2003 V8 (bingoking) 2. 1985 Turbo Esprit (Alan Head) 3. 1986 Turbo Esprit (Stephen Whyte) 4. 1982 Esprit S3 (Scott Gibb) 5. 2000 V8 (Tom Blackwood)
  4. Hi Dan I'm 5' 11'' but you could be right it is a long seat. All my other cars have had more supportive seats so it spoils an otherwise great car.
  5. Hi Tom from Ayrshire here I would be very interested in a run out with a few other Esprit owners. I have a 2000 V8 GT and love any chance to use it.
  6. Ok thanks for info I will search around and see what I can get.
  7. Ha I think I may need fat ass seats. I take it then aftermarket seats ie recaros cant be made to fit then? I seem to always find myself sliding forward as if the front of the seat needs lifted up a bit.
  8. Thanks I hate the thought of changing anything my car as its so original but I hope to take it across europe this summer and I dont think my spine could take it
  9. I have a 2000 V8 GT with SE seats. Can I get any aftermarket seats to fit? I use my car loads but it kills my back
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