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  1. I was 35 when I bought my 90SE,37 now and it is sold.Realistically,will probably never be able to buy another.Harley rider/marriage coming/kids...
  2. What is it?Is it a car,a s.u.v?It looks kinda tall...
  3. I love the name of the car, "MID-LIFE CRISIS"
  4. I think if you come across a Esprit with a salvage title,no drivetrain,on its deathbed then why not!!! But yea,the paint sucks........
  5. Another factor that benefits you is the fact that with that reputation,the value has gone down(although I think it hit bottom and wont go any lower)which means the Esprit ended up in many wrong hands,you know the people who said "wow an exotic for under 40 grand" and dont really have the knowledge,funds,or even common sense to really take care of the car and it ultimately turns into a pile of problems,and that person tells people that its a bad car?Theres the reputation you are reffering to.....
  6. Hey ROOSTERJUICER,find a well sorted S4S with paperwork and a fair amount of miles on it and you will be pleasantly surprised!To get another car that matches the performance/styling/rareness/reliability,you will spend so much more $$$.Even then the reliability isnt all that great.One of my friends has a F355,another with a Gallardo and they both spend more time in the shop than my 1900 Esprit SE.The S4S is the pinnacle of the Esprit when it comes to reliability(sorry V8 guys).My 90 has 41K on the clock and is driven pretty hard with no "GEARBOX ISSUES".So get yourself a Esprit,join this great family,be the talk of the town(its so exotic,nobody knows what the heck it is),and be ready for many smiles!!!
  7. We are a front plate state as well.That plate is actually the metal screw on type,ive been lucky so far! Thanks...
  8. Thanks Jason.Thats a 63 or 64 Porsche 904 GTS.Its a nice car,we had a little run when we got to the freeway!That car is wicked fast.Yes the event is awesome and its every Saturday about 20 min. drive for me.Ive seen Veyrons,Enzos,all years of other Ferraris,Lambos,at times 4 or 5 Esprits,alot of Elise/Exige and tons of other high end cars like custom hot rods and classics!Jay Lenos been out,Chip Foose,and other celebs and athletes.By the way,im still workin on getting some Boze wheels possibly.They are also in my area.Thanks,Tim
  9. is my 1990 SE leaving a cars and coffee event in Irvine Ca.In front of a beautiful Porsche. Make sure you click the "WATCH IN HD" link!!! And pump up the volume!!!!!!
  10. Nice video Bibs! I actually found that video the other day before reading further in this post.I was the first to comment on youtube asking for a outside shot of the car.I knew that was you,good work!!!
  11. Do you see many body kits for Lambo,Ferrari or Lotus?No not really and there is a reason,they are special cars.Save the kits for the,they are the cars that aspire to be special, we already are!!!
  12. Paul,the biggest thing to look out for is a lighter,more agile 4cyl passing you by!!! Just kidding,its hard,for me at least to make such a big purchase without seeing and testing the vehicle.I hope you find a great car! Good luck!
  13. Serge,yes the lid will fit 88-04 is basically the same body,Lotus only changed the bumpers and side skirts and a few other minor things.Gracias,via con dios!!!
  14. My only advice,take pictures-lots of pictures!!!!!!!!
  15. Thats alot of people! I hope the new gov. can fix what was left behind...
  16. Nice! Its good to see some international folk knowing and understanding this awesome/complex sport!
  17. The STEELERS entered the season against the toughest schedule in the league,now they are headed to Tampa Bay Florida for Superbowl XLIII...This will be the 7th Superbowl appearance for the Steelers,and if they win it will be the 6th time,more than any other team in the league!!! Go Steelers ,STEELER NATION WORLDWIDE!!!!!
  18. WOW,alot of great reading.I did not know so many changes were made from my 90SE to the 92 high wing! I still prefer my glass deck lid,but @ 6-2,I could use the extra interior space!
  19. Great choice in white!!!!They look so much faster without a glass top,more streamline.
  20. EVERYONE KNOWS WHITE IS THE GREATEST ESPRIT COLOR OF ALL TIME!!! Honestly the car would not work in a exotic color without some nice aftermarket wheels like the ones in the picture.The car looks good but there are so many other color choices,that candy orange would look real good and would go with those wheels great! Im in the market for wheels,could you give me some info on them. Please,do not go with the mid wing,it looks decent from the rear view but looks terrible from the side(sorry s4 owners who like it).I love customizing the car to make it my own,please keep us in the loop with storys and photos.....
  21. Not biased at all Waynef,the Esprit deffinitely has that special something,time will tell if the Evora can match that?I dont think so,like I stated in another post,that wont happen until Lotus taps into the supercar market with a all new Esprit....Long live the Esprit
  22. If I decided to buy from Lotus in the U.S.,who do I contact? I was unaware they had some.
  23. Good idea,I might add the arches,maybe even add a 1/4 inch spacer to cheat the gap a little more.
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