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  1. Troy My car is a 1983 Turbo. I will crawl in there today and see if I can locate it. Thank you.
  2. I am desperately looking for the indicator relay. The relay for the hazard warning lights (seperate from the indicators) is on the passenger side (RHD car) under the dash, but i can't locate the relay for the indicators. Could somebody assist me please?
  3. dr fish Yes, my porker is in the driveway. B) It is not as hardcore as the Esprit or an Elise, but it is great fun to drive. The big plus is that I will get to my destination. I am of the opinion that in the South African market you will lose quite a bit of money on depreciation on a Elise. Porsche in our local market keeps their value better although it will never be an investment. I looked and sat in an Elise at the local dealer (no demo available for test drives), and the sales service was shocking and that was while I was still a prospective customer. The total opposite was
  4. Hi guys! I am certainly guilty. I have finally thrown the towel in and decided that I wanted to drive my pride and joy once in a while. The answer: Buy a Porsche Boxster S that is still under driveplan and give up on Lotus ownership. This is a great forum and I will return often to see what is happening with Lotus. The forum is probably the only reason I kept the Esprit for so long. I will miss all the personalities on the forum and would like to thank Bibs and all the guys for their hard work keeping this site rolling.
  5. Jussi I will take some and post them when my car comes back from the workshop. Mark That foto of your car is stunning!
  6. Jussi The "scoop thing" is placed there to direct air onto my air to air intercooler that I fitted in the rear deck. The guys going for originality will shoot me, but I bought the car for performance and the lack of an intercooler limits the boost you can run dramaticly. Doesn't look bad at all actually. Mark Yes I am back at last. The move meant I was off line and very busy for the last month. I will call you so we can organize a run soon. Duncan
  7. Hi guys. I also fitted a set of Goodyear F1 tyres. Front 205/55/15 (I know it is slightly wider than standard) Rear 225/60/15 I haven't had a chance to get the car on the track, but they are great on the road. On the looks department they don't look narrower than the 235's Duncan
  8. A picture at a motorcycle show. (I am on the right) and for the guys that are more interested in the models:
  9. Nigel I couldn't get oil pressure after a engine rebuild. It turned out to be a non-return valve that was stuck in a open position. The valve is (apparently) located in the housing by the oil filter. (Could check with my mechanic) If this happened your oil would have run down into the sump and the pump will not pick it up without being packed in petrolium jelly and primed. Maybe this helps. Good luck. I know how frustrating it is to pin point the problem. Duncan
  10. Hi guys. I can't really give advise on bike prices or insurance. I run a Honda Dealership in Durban, South Africa so I really don't know the UK market or insurance details. As far as a upgrade goes on the ZX6. I would have to say the new Yamaha R6 looks like a awesome machine. In the used market a Honda CBR 600 RR (the later model with the upside down forks) is good value for money and a bulletproof bike. Interesting to see how many bike riders we have in the Esprit community. It must run in the blood. Duncan
  11. Hi Charlie. Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about basic questions. We all learn something new every day. My car is 23 years old and as far as I can tell it is the original manifold. So no, they don't crack at the first sign of rain. Like any metal making it red hot and then throwing cold water over it, it doesn't like it. They actually last very well (in my opinion) for the abuse they withstand. Esprits and slippery surfaces don't go well together. It is a light car with a lot of power that comes in suddenly when the turbo spools up. No traction control and a mid engine gives litt
  12. Hi Love superbikes! That's why I sell them. A CBR 600 RR is more than enough for a start. Only a few riders I know (me excluded) will be faster around a track on a 1000cc. At 165 mph things happen fast. When you can handle that you can move up to a 185 mph CBR 1000 RR that will spit you off when you lose respect for one second. Some of my stock:
  13. Hi Timothy Welcome on the forum. Very nice looking car. Haven't seen a brown Lotus before but I must say it looks great in that colour. Hope you have a lot of trouble free miles with her. Duncan
  14. Jeff / Nigel Sorry for the long delay. Been a madhouse at work. The tanks are now fitted snugly in place on the Esprit. From a size point if view they fitted exactly. They copied the the shape and roundings of the original tanks very closely. I am in Durban, South Africa. One of my suppliers made the tanks up for me. Both tanks worked out to approx 600 pounds (converted from rand) Don't know if the Stevens tanks are exactly the same. (probably is) If anybody would like a set made up I will arrainge it. A stainless set will outlast the car. (I was worried about coatings coming
  15. Jef Had rusted tanks in my '83 Turbo. Took them out 2 weeks ago and had stainless ones made. Two shiny new stainless tanks are standing in the garage ready to go in this weekend. Had the same problem with the left tank's balance pipe and followed the same hacksaw route. The new tank has a bolt-off balance pipe. I am going to use the same spunge (top and bottom) as stainless doesn't rust. Good luck with yours. My tanks had evidence that they were out before, obviously by one of the previous owners. Stainless ones in 0.9 mm is not heavier and will last forever. Pity he didn't do
  16. Simon We often have motorcycle rims repaired, and we have never had a problem afterwards. Have it fixed and don't even think of it again. A reputable shop will do a back-to-new job. Good luck Duncan
  17. I got divorced. Sold the house, paid the lawyers and the ex, and found myself with a bit of cash, single (divorced ) and a week from my 30th birthday. I did what any man in the same position would do. Buy a red sports car! Opened the Auto Trader. Saw my car advertised at a dealer. Drove over there, took a test drive and paid a deposit. Same day. Turned out I had a lot of money to spend on the car. Full engine rebuild ext. Regret it? Never. I don't regret decisions you can't change. I like the car, and after driving a Ferrari 308 the other day, I like it even more
  18. Hi. I am the sales manager for a Honda motorcycle dealership. My day consists of screaming at salesman for not selling enough bikes. Evaluating trade-ins and in general taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong in my department. Riding the bike of my choice whenever I feel like it on the plus side. Duncan
  19. mchlrodrigues I was looking for Loctite 504 as recommended. The local agent informed me that it was not available in S.A. I got the contact number of the technical guy of Locktite and he said that the 518 product (available in a 50ml tube) will do the job on the cam carriers. This product does not harden if two metal surfaces is not pressed together. Therefor it can not block oil channels and would wipe off on the outside. The excess on the inside would be "washed" away by the oil. (and won't clog the oil filter) So Locktite 518 seems to be the right product. (As you pointed out)
  20. Dom No, the firewall does not come out. Would hate to venture there! There is a metal brace that runs just under the window (from the left door lock to the right) on the engine side of the firewall. This brace has to come out for the tanks to come out. The brace is fastened by about a dosen 10mm screws that comes through the firewall from the cabin side. The tanks come out through the engine bay. Teigan I used two lead lights at night. Started at 6 o'clock after work and had them out by 11. I am giving my old tanks to markt (Mark Tate) (in about a month) and he is goi
  21. Wayne I had the tanks "repaired" when I had the engine out. They didn't look bad at all but had them done anyway. Joke was on me! They cleaned the tanks and coated the outside, but the inside was left because: "the coating always comes off" The car stood for another 6 months with empty tanks. They say the tanks must be fitted and filled soon after. The result: Rusted tanks! I was 600km away and couldn't see this mess coming. Only after running the car with constant fuel problems I got to the bottom. New stainless tanks are being manufactured and will last to th
  22. Hi all. I finally got the courage together to tackle the removal of the fuel tanks on my '83 Turbo. Read a lot about it and the time it will take and was dreading the job. I took them out with the engine in place. the car is standing flat on my garage floor at home and I have only the basic tools available. It took me only 5 hours. Keep in mind that I had them out when I rebuilt my engine recently so all the bolts were easy to remove. Both tanks are out and ready to go in to have new ones made. The only snag was the passenger side tank (R/hand drive car) that can not
  23. Roger Congrats! Wishing you a lot of happy motoring. Sure with the help of Bibs you are getting a great car. Duncan
  24. Blackripley Congrats on your new baby. (she is bound to give you some sleepless nights ) Like the colour very much. Welcome to the forum. Sure you will find the guys here very knowledgeble and helpfull. Nice having a awesome car in the garage, isn't it? Duncan
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