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  1. you can also download DIVX player.. to play the video... p.s. I hate Microsoft!
  2. if you dont tell them about your mod.. how would they know?
  3. slade - Ill take your offer on that speedo, but lets get Purza to join us first!
  4. I went to the website and try to buy the book .. but it wont let me out at the checkout!
  5. does the "styled by giugiaro" come standard
  6. Purza - what's your daytime job? just curious?
  7. My point exactly..I have no clue to fixing Esprits or anything like that! All I know is that I love them for their wicked looks and awesome handling (word of mouth not experience) .. for buying one.. kind low on cash right now!
  8. your wife reminds me of my gf (5'5). If you yell at her she drives off the road to the ditch (literally) because she losses concentration.. when she does drive the car.. it disappears for hours then comes back empty on gas. Shoes...well lets just say that she has more shoes then my wardrobe! The most annoying thing is that she spends all my money and ask for a full tank of gas the next day! p.s. to save money.. stay away from the purses! lesson learned! they are expen$ive
  9. I think its only fair if you get to see speedos.. how about some camel toe?
  10. i went to school today, and look and behold a yellow boxter!
  11. yes, a little pinch of Wayne and add some Travis.. and whoala! sweet disaster!
  12. where.. I'll buy it right now!
  13. the 928 and 944.. they dont have the boxer engines do they?
  14. I vote for the G! ggggggggggg..G-UNIT! I just love the classic styling of the Esprit!
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