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  1. you can also download DIVX player.. to play the video... p.s. I hate Microsoft!
  2. if you dont tell them about your mod.. how would they know?
  3. slade - Ill take your offer on that speedo, but lets get Purza to join us first!
  4. I went to the website and try to buy the book .. but it wont let me out at the checkout!
  5. does the "styled by giugiaro" come standard
  6. Purza - what's your daytime job? just curious?
  7. My point exactly..I have no clue to fixing Esprits or anything like that! All I know is that I love them for their wicked looks and awesome handling (word of mouth not experience) .. for buying one.. kind low on cash right now!
  8. your wife reminds me of my gf (5'5). If you yell at her she drives off the road to the ditch (literally) because she losses concentration.. when she does drive the car.. it disappears for hours then comes back empty on gas. Shoes...well lets just say that she has more shoes then my wardrobe! The most annoying thing is that she spends all my money and ask for a full tank of gas the next day! p.s. to save money.. stay away from the purses! lesson learned! they are expen$ive
  9. I think its only fair if you get to see speedos.. how about some camel toe?
  10. i went to school today, and look and behold a yellow boxter!
  11. yes, a little pinch of Wayne and add some Travis.. and whoala! sweet disaster!
  12. where.. I'll buy it right now!
  13. the 928 and 944.. they dont have the boxer engines do they?
  14. I vote for the G! ggggggggggg..G-UNIT! I just love the classic styling of the Esprit!
  15. Travis - On a note to your previous post about looking good in a Esprit, I did have a little fantasy about picking up Hookers like Julia Roberts (it would be great if I did pick her up) in L.A. However, looking at the S-cars has made me realise that it looks fat. So if I think like a woman, being fat is bad. Having curves like the G-cars will attract the ladies with nice bodly curves. (in theory..wait.. I think Wayne already proved that.. ) The only thing that will probably..probably attract me about later Esprit is buying a v8 and doing a GT1 replica like Mike's..If I had his car, pussy every day in college!.. Civics really dont pick up chicks unless you pimp it out with big wings and flashy bodykits! Not my style!
  16. slade - is it just me or that pic of MJK (if thats him) looks like the Hoff
  17. that monster truck D looks so freaking cool.. I would to race that against them subies and evo's .. ill just run them over!
  18. OMG.. I'm 5'9.. will I have trouble in a G-car.. if I do, then I better start drinking more milk
  19. looks great.. i would love to buy it.. wait a minute .. $400 f**king dollars.!
  20. Can the elise out take the Esprit?
  21. yeah, but sometimes I just think that those cars are just to much Hype.. you know.. example.. for the Skyline.. so many rice racers craves for Skyline.. I dont see whats the big deal.. they are fast and all but I just dont see the big picture.. they are heavy as hell. I like the supra just dropped a few inches.. but not with the big ass bodykits.. I really dont like body kits on cars personally.. just drop the sucker 2-4 inches.. and your car looks nice..! everytime i play a racing game, there is always a skyline or supra.. but to be honest I just pick another car... to be really honest again.. I prefer the NSX over the Skyline and Supra.. on the other hand.. if you flare out your the GT1.. thats tight!
  22. o wow.. is that a brit word .. i never heard that before..
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