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  1. nice.. very nice..! so how much rpms can u rev those babies up to?
  2. How much is an Essex going for now of days? Is there any Essex in the states?
  3. I am currently a student at Lakeland College majoring in computer science. My profession is drinking beer and chugging it as fast I can. Also to study reallly hard and blow some veins in my brain. Also, watch soriety girls get naked and cheer them on. hopefully my education will get me an Esprit soon. What computer language do you write your software in? Where are based, in the States or UK?
  4. yeah i can see buying an esprit around 20 something if you have a job but if your unemployed like me then that dream seems far away. unless get job then grad school.. my options are open to work first or grad first. whatever comes first.
  5. I think my ideal job in life would have to be a Systems Analysis and Design ... basically I do very little and get paid 6 figures. Tell the IS (Information System) what to build and how to build it( good part is that I dont do any coding).
  6. I use the left foot braking quite often actually since my Honda is a FF. I use it alot on tight turns or when I am going 50+ on a turn, quite useful to control understear. Another thing I also use a lot is double clutching when I am at fast speeds slowing down for a corner or else when my RPMs drop because of braking in a straight away. Heel and toe is very effective on tight turns however I somtimes shift up because i need to the speed out of the corner (flooring it). Does anyone here ever shift down to slow the car down? I know if you shift the car down without double clutching the car slows down because of the Speed the gear can go up to (relationship with RPM line)
  7. 23 and a 00 esprit.. what kind of job do you have. Just think about this ... > 22 going for my masters.. one class for masters = $1200 * 2 class = $2400 + books = $3000 a semester * 2 semesters = $6000 * roughly 2.5 yrs = $15000 BY the WAY .. there is no scholarships for Masters.. All loans or $15K for S1-S3 is a good deal.. but then again.. $15000 for my Masters of Software Engineering is a good deal too (Private School).
  8. Toua

    New Arrival

    When i was born in the mountains of thailand in a hut. I didn't have any clothes until i was like 2yrs old. We were to poor. lol. good old days.. communist bastards.
  9. the best episode of south park has to be when the two handicap kids fight!
  10. Toua

    New Arrival

    congradulations.. now since u have another passenger.. u gonna sell your esprit?
  11. I dont see the big deal about this topic.. i use all time in the snow.. very handy when my civic understeers at fast speed in the snow.. who cares about wear and tear.. its about not hitting the curb or going off the road.. what is better... wear and tear on brakes and tire or f#cking up your axles on the curb
  12. 1. Lotus Essex 2. Sport 350 3. Sport 300 4. Zonda 5. EB110
  13. Since the Detriot Show has started.. may you please ask your dad how the show went Kimbers? Thank you.
  14. Y cant he understand that in the US, the cars can only go straight.. not like the rest of Eastern Hemispher cars.. which actually have "performance" .. ur right.. he should of bought a lotus to make the turn. Or else he should of keep pressing on the gas for tracting and drift into the turn and counter-steer out of it .. instead of locking the brakes.. and going off the cliff.
  15. anyone ever remember Gumby? the green little clay character?
  16. Yeah i played it.. and OMG the esprit handles like a dream! They even have the interiors just like the Esprit.. There is also the Elise GT1 car in there too.. I just prefer my black Esprit.. !
  17. Great.. London sounds great... yeah right! I dont know why my gf wants to move there.. .. hmm.. let me see.. basicly the impression that I am getting is that EVERY SHIT IS EXPENSIVE.
  18. saab will be bad ass because the have the impreza engine except.. i wish they made them awd..(the station wagon is awd) but not the coupe or sedan.
  19. I was watching rally.. and some of the cars were like bang bang.. constantly .. is that because of ASL? can anyone explain how that system works?
  20. Hoff is calling quits after some 18yrs of marriage!
  22. We are taking a break from each other.. until I am done with school!
  23. I cant put my picture in.. All i have is a link.. How do i fix that?
  24. I cant believe I wrote funny when i read it again
  25. WEll I learned a lot from college actually. Learn how to program in different computer languages and how to use that in the real world. I am planning to take my Masters next year.. so I better study for the Masters Exam. College isn't all that bad. I mean sure its one hell of a long time but still it is educational. How can u forget all the drunk american girls getting naked for you and drinking beer bongs, and shotguns! See college isnt all that bad (except finals week!)
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