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  1. Can't believe its been 3 years since i've been to college.. graduating early? do you remember how good that feels like to finally finish school!
  2. Can someone please explain what mis-firing is to me, this noob. I heard it has an advantage of going into the corner very fast like N/A cars and has the fast acceleration of Turbo cars that are coming out of the turns in the corners. So it has both worlds..? anyone has an explanation? thanks!
  3. I was thinking about how the Esprit GT1 has huge wide tires compare to most standard tires. The point is this. Do wider tires have bigger turning radius or smaller? and why?
  4. this is old news... dont be suprise if we see dragons and unicorns prancing around
  5. If they made the G cars new again, would you buy it! with all the fancy technology upgrade and whatnot standards
  6. well i surely enjoyed my time with the spirits!
  7. who is Hoff? post a pic of him please
  8. or you can just send the telli tubiies after them..
  9. whats the difference in GT1 and GT2?
  10. now i read my post.. its so funny.. no wonder i cant remember anything!
  11. im drunk ok.. 21 and legel but the thing twhy im posting this is becuase i know you poeope lout thereir oare drunk also and that you are problably reading the post as me.. and the the woreds are going very fast tfor you to read olike me..1 sure you can delte this post but hell its ture! .. just want peop.e to tel their christmas eve adveanure.. went to my familyies party thene friends and got f uped ok! yeah lots of cars and yelling but it ewas fun for a while! yeah baby.. Merry XDmas!
  12. you should buy it and take it to one of the LOG and see what ppl say!
  13. It needs LSD for sure! Another thing I think it should have is some form of Variable Valve Timing. NO ABS (cant stand it)!
  14. rightly so.. just keep producing cars like the Esprit..
  15. well dog has this certain stink.. like have u ever cook lamb or goat but no matter what u can still smell lamb or goat.. i mean in a bad way. if u ever killed pigs before its like the stentch never leaves your hands...
  16. dog taste like lamb or goat.. its hard like that and stinks!
  17. That's pretty cool. I got some questions.. does your dad mind if I record him answering some of my questions. I can post the video on this forum.
  18. OMG if i was a NSX owner i would be so embarassed! how can you do that to your beautiful car.. what a shame.. people like that should get shot. Just think about that uglier Esprit in that fake Ferrari emblem.
  19. come on guys.. its not that bad.. it looks ok. if you dont like it.. then draw up one and post it.. back up what you say! so we can all critize your idea!
  20. call up a chinese restuarant.. what did you think the special meat in General Tso chicken was? certainly not chicken!
  21. Well how about this. Stick a B18c5 aka Type R engine (190hp) in my little honda civic hatch and i got low 13 secs 1/4 mile. Thats comparable to your esprits already. the only thing I dont have is the looks.. but it's one hell of sleeper.
  22. wow this is so funny. people are like badgering the newer esprits after Mr. Chapman pasted away. Isn't the Esprit still an Esprit. It has history behind it no matter how old or new I think. Well either way I still like the new Esprit and the old. I am jealous of all you gentlemens that have one.
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